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Without Proper On-Page SEO, Your Contents And Site Would Never Rank High On Search Engine Result Pages.

FREE On-Page SEO Audit

​Do you need a little help with your On-Page SEO?

  • ​Complete on page SEO analysis
  • ​Optimization of a website’s technical details
  • ​Experienced in handling on page SEO

​I can work with you to improve your search rankings and get the visitors flooding in. Get FREE On-Page SEO Audit Now!

On-Page SEO Audit

​The goal is to identify weak points in your campaign that are hurting your performance. This process will give you a list of action items that you need to fix.

​On-Page SEO Definition in a Single Image

On-Page SEO Definition in a Single Image

​On-Page SEO​ Services List​

  • Domain Characteristics: Review the main parameters of your website
  • ​Title and Meta: ​We will re-write meta tags and meta descriptions
  • check
    Page's URL structure: ​We will make SEO-friendly URL
  • ​Index Status: Check if and how Search Engine "knows" about your page existence
  • check
    ​Image Optimization: ​We'll create alt text that accurately and succinctly describe your images
  • check
    Content Analysis: Discover whether your content is SEO-friendly and keywords optimized
  • check
    Link Analysis: Analyze all external and internal links on your web page
  • check
    Header Tags: Get clear view on whether your h1-h6 tags are optimized for your query
  • check
    Page load optimization: ​​We will reduce your website page speed.
  • check
    Keyword density: Find the most common words and phrases on a page
  • check
    Popularity in Social Media: Discover how many social signals your landing page has up to date
  • check
    ​Schema ​Markup: We will manually place Schema markup
  • check
    ​Robots TXT and X​ML Sitemap: We'll help you create your robot's text file and the xml site map
  • check
    Error Page: ​The 404 error page is customized and your webpage is safe and ready to go

​Hey, I'm Professional SEO Specialist, ​Team Leader of RegentSEO, a ​Trusted SEO Agency with over 7 years industry experience. I understand what it takes to get your website #1.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! Let me help you build and strengthen your online presence. Skype: anik998 (chat only) | Read More About Me | Find Me on Facebook, Twitter

Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

​Tangeer Mehedi [Anik]

​SEO Specialist


​I was spending $1,800/month on Google AdWords, because my website was never higher than page 10 organically. RegentSEO was the first company who knew what I needed. Mehedi  knew more about Google Search and Keyword Ranking than any other company that I interviewed. We had immediate results, and after the first 5 months of working with RegentSEO, we were on page 1 - ranking in the 1, 2, and 3rd position. We have seen 700% increase in conversion on the website.

​​Patrick  //  ​HAVC Service

​Amazing! We needed help with our SEO and so glad we found anik555. You get so much for your money and the guidance Sam gave went above and beyond what was expected. Set our website SEO up perfectly which saved us the worry and hassle. Will use again as we add more pages. Highly recommended and a big thanks!!!

​Richard  //  ​Real Estate Consultant


​We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all at RegentSEO,  for your hard work and determination in getting outstanding results with our website. Taking us from the 50th page on Google to the 2nd is no small achievement.


​Bill​ Ford

​Amazon ​Affiliate ​


​I could already see people flocking to my site after working. I was impressed! I will hire again. He really is the KING of SEO and This gig has been better than any Company I have worked with and happy to continue.


​Tom​ Morris

​Law Firm​


​Another great job. Will keep on ordering. Best Service and very highly recommended. I am happy to get a lot of objects for this fantastic price.


Erin​ Grace

​Car​ Rental

​​How On-Page SEO​ Can HelpYour Business:

If you are planning to start an online business or blog then I have some bad news for you, your website will not be seen in the first 10 of Google’s search results.

Getting to the top of a search engine results is like a marathon. Any blog or website that is starting now is far behind the game or in the last place and there is no way you can reach first place unless you use methods and techniques that can help you get ahead.

This is where on page SEO becomes useful. If you don’t know anything about on-page SEO, here’s a quick explanation, on page SEO means the application of practices and methods directly on your website that will improve your website’s place among search engine results. By doing so your website’s traffic will increase a lot.

If you’re hard-working and you post quality content as much as possible then all you’re missing is on page SEO to boost your reach and visibility.

On page, SEO is a difficult task with a lot of factors to consider and while a lot of people are comfortable with working on their website’s SEO themselves, it’s quite easy to forget certain effective practices because of working or managing other things like marketing, coding or writing for your business.

This is why we recommend hiring a team that is dedicated to one task, getting your page to the top of the search list.

How You Can Benefit From Our Services

If you’re an entrepreneur or a developer creating their site for their business then you might have your hands full with other things like marketing or coding and this leaves little time to make fine adjustments to the content on your website.

We can help take that burden away from you and let you focus on doing your thing while we put our best efforts into making the best out of what you give us.

You will appreciate our services if you are looking for these in your website

  • More traffic
  • Higher rankings on search engines
  • Be able to capture your target audience

What we work on

Our services cover a couple of things on your website, none of which requires any changes in the code of the website. Here are a few things we will be optimizing to get better results.

Page Titles

Page titles should highlight your content and business with the right keywords to make sure the audience you target will be seeing your website.

Meta Descriptions

You would be familiar with meta descriptions if you’ve searched for anything on Google or Bing. It is the block of text you read about a website on the search results. These texts would contain the keywords of your search. We ensure your meta descriptions are filled with the right keywords that will increase your reach.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are much similar to the tags that came about from blog culture. Tags are little blocks of text that tells Google or Yahoo what kind of content your website is displaying. You can add tags that were commonly searched by users but also is related to your content. Finding and using the tags that will help you get more reach but at the same time doesn’t end up presenting your website to a foreign audience who does not care about your website or blog is very important to improving the results and ranking of your website.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is all about the number and spread of your keywords in your webpage or blog. Keyword densities must be carefully worked on so as to not end up getting a reverse effect from search engines who might think you’re trying to cheat the algorithm. Our services guarantee safe and tested practices that will boost your keyword density.

And many more ranking factors that we are working on.

These are some of what we work on to improve your websites overall visibility and traffic. We have years of experience providing SEO services to many different types of businesses and so we understand the best practice and the new techniques that come into the picture. This allows us to carefully edit your website in order to get noticed by search engines.

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