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5 Web 2.0 Website

5 Web 2.0

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10 Web 2.0

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50 Web 2.0 Website

50 Web 2.0

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What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is an aspect of websites on the World Wide Web that encourages interoperability (which implies that a website is compatible with other devices, system and products), usability (very easy to use, even by people who are not experts in the usage of computer) and content generated by users. Web 2.0 was introduced in 1999 by Darcy DiNucci but made popular by Dale Dougherty and Tim O’Reilly towards the end of 2004 at the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 Conference.

Websites under web 2.0 gives users the opportunity for collaboration and interaction with other people in a dialogue type such as social media where content can be generated by users in a virtual community.

Some examples of websites under web 2.0 include mashup applications, collaborative consumptions platforms, web applications, hosted services, sites for sharing video such as YouTube, folksonomies where keywords are tagged on links and websites, wikis, blogs, social media websites such as Facebook and sites for social networking. Web 2.0 service has a lot of benefits for business owners and website owners.

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Importance of Web 2.0 services

1. Improved Participation

Web 2.0 services have been a powerful innovation for companies as it has helped to improve participation of employees at a cost that is much lower. With the efficient usage of web 2.0 services, idea sharing and projects participation is encouraged. This help to enhance the pool of knowledge a company has access to.

Considering the importance of information in the success of any business endeavor, the company automatically gets an edge over competitors from the information they are able to get from the web 2.0 services.

The company gets greater scale and scope as well as good bonding among staffs with the aid of the services.

Several companies have been able to report a lot of benefits that they have gotten from tapping into web 2.0 services. The most prominent among the benefits is the fact that they have been able to save funds from operations, traveling and communication among employees through the use of the services.

Furthermore, that they had enhanced access to knowledge shared by professionals and an improved ability of sharing ideas. They also reported reduced timing for product marketing as well as better satisfaction amongst their employees.

2. Better interaction

Another major benefit of web 2.0 for organizations and companies is that it has allowed easy interactions between these firms and their customers beyond the borders of the company.

This means customers and potential customers do not necessarily have to be physically present at the company’s office before they can communicate or relate with the company.

They could easily ask questions and a representative of the company will be able to reply them through the same platform. Companies are able to form closer ties with their customers. Customers get enhanced awareness about the products and services of the organization.

Still under interaction, another major way companies benefit from web 2.0 services is through customer feedbacks. It is very easy for customers to give feedback about products and services.

With the feedback, the company can easily made improvements, modification and adjustments to such products and services, thereby helping them satisfy their customers better. With better satisfaction of customers come a lot of referrals and positive reviews that will be of immense benefit to the immediate, intermediate and long term goals of the company.

Web 2.0 services therefore enhance the relationship between companies and their customers, thereby leading to better customer loyalty to their brand.

3. Marketing

The importance of marketing to any business cannot be overemphasized. Products and services of any organization can only be patronized by individuals who are aware the company exists in the first place and also know that the company carries out such a service.

This is aim of marketing, as it is a process where companies and businesses inform customers and potential customers about the type of products and services they have on offer, as well as how it would be of benefit to the customer. It is the major means through which customers are convinced to patronize a particular product or service a firm has on offer.

The importance of marketing has makes several firms to invest heavily on marketing with the aim of keeping their existing customers as well as attracting new customers.

Web 2.0  allow easy and cheap way of marketing your business. Unlike most other advert platform whereby you only inform your customer and have no means of direct feedback except when they call, send email or text, or visit your office, web service 2.0 allow customers to comment on your post, picture or video.

They can easily ask questions which can be immediately replied through the same platform. Customers can therefore get instant replies to their concerns about the business or any clarification needed to aid them to finally make up their mind to patronize the firm.

With web 2.0, marketing becomes very easy, productive and efficient. Increased sales and profit therefore, becomes very easy for any business who exploits this opportunity.

What you stand to benefit from Web 2.0 services

There are many things a company personally stands to benefit from the use of web 2.0 services. First is the fact that employees can easily communicate among each other even when they are not within the same environment.

Information can be sent across branches in different states and countries, thereby cutting costs on phone calls or having to physically transport information. Information is gotten instantly, thereby helping the recipient to quickly take action that will be beneficial to the organization.

Another advantage is that the company will be able to interact with their customers easily. They will be able to get feedback from their customers and immediately act on those feedbacks.

This gives the customer a sense of belonging and help to increase customer loyalty. Furthermore, the web 2.0 services also make it very easy for businesses to market their products and services in a manner that will be very convincing. This leads to increase patronage and a boost in customer base of the business.

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