How to target the long tail ?

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target long tail keyword

Generic keywords are blocked, it is now difficult (or nearly impossible) to get the top positions on such keywords. Well, now that I gun the morale of everyone, rather than just stop and go raise goats in Larzac it is time to find ways to cope.

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How to target the long tail Keyword

We’ve all heard of the concept of long tail for several years even, but how to position themselves on the long tail? Here are a few tips in this article that will be a small square in the SERP.

Work with the long tail of content & Keyword

And yes, it always comes back to the same subject: content. And in this case, the textual content particularization more. Let the bases: Google loves text read because he knows, he knows and he knows the index return.

The users search with words. Until then we agree. Now that happens if the words searched by the user are present in your texts? Your page emerge well placed or not, but it will come out. Now with SEO optimizations that are taught everywhere on the net, it is likely that the page appears well positioned. Keyword
You will say « yes, but me my site is up and I’m thinking about it, I do not see how I could add content! « Ta-ta-ta! I say no! How many e-commerce sites offer listings of products without description at the top of the class? How e-commerce product sheets do not provide descriptions other than the characteristics of the product? It is always possible to add content. And if the content is already there, and although we do something, we add pages.

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More pages to better position themselves

« Sylvain Seriously, look at my site selling jeans, I’m good here in terms of content, I did everything you told me! ‘
It’s true, you’re right. Your category « john man » has a little blurb, just for your class ‘Jeans Women’ categories and all your « brand jeans man + » and « + brand jeans woman. » Your cards are great description, a little funky, they give the same advice to match with other clothes. Frankly you’ve done a good job, but why not go further?
If I were you, I would look to other pages of additional categories and for that you do not necessarily need to have more. In fact, with products that you already have, you can for example create:

Boot cut jeans man Straight cut jeans man Jean slim man Low waist jeans women Jean slim woman Jeans Women size 38 Jean woman with jewelry And to please me  you can also make « pocket jean with Zippo », but I’ll give you this really is a small niche.

You can find tons like that. These pages have several advantages:

They will allow you to position yourself on these requests. They will all be your gateway to product info. They reassure the user who knows exactly what he will find on this page, and if that’s what research is a big step towards the conversion

So of course, that it will facilitate your product sheets that are well constructed and their associated especially you a number of features in your back office. It is work, but if it can sell as much darker!
You’re a genius Sylvain! (What, I’m not allowed to send me flowers from time to time?) But suddenly, how can I know what is interesting as queries to target? ‘

What long tail should be targeted?

It is ultimately the most legitimate question: what terms should we target Keyword? And good for the long tail, as it happens for general queries Keyword.
A passage by Google Keyword Tool will be necessary. So you hit the first expression (followed by a second, third, etc..) You exported related searches that Google offers you and you export your filters as a function of various parameters:

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Off topic suggestions: The volume of research, The products that you propose Etc..

But then, Keyword Tool has a big problem with suggestions: it will never offer you true long tail. Yeah, its goal is to sell Adwords auction therefore less it gives ideas, more clients are limited to the ideas he gives, the more they bid on these ideas alone. So we’ll have to find something else that these suggestions Keyword.
Speaking of suggestions, there is a great tool that meets the sweet name of Ubersuggest . Its principle is to scrap the suggestions from Google Suggest based on a first expression that you have defined. So get real long tail, and sought by Internet users in more, since Google Suggest feeds of user queries. Again, you’ll have to do the work of filtering I mentioned a few lines above.


It is therefore possible to monopolize the top positions in SERP choosing to target the long tail. The important thing is to define the long tail and implement optimizations needed to be well positioned.
Again, other means are used to target the long tail with eg user generated content (help me to focus, reviewing …) and other means used to know how to target long tail, throwing a look at the research that people do on your site, for example.

How to target the long tail ?
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