Your company doesn’t need SEO, or does it? Let’s explore the facts

Your business is one of the lucky few that have dedicated websites. You have an excellent business plan, but your target customers don’t know about it yet because they cannot find access to your business site. Every time someone searches for your field of business in DC, your website turns up on the fourth or fifth page of Google SERP. Let’s face it – no user has the patience to go up to the second or third pages of Google search results especially when they can find relevant answers to their queries on the first page.

Your business needs a dedicated SEO service that knows how difficult it is for all companies in DC. With hundreds of new companies coming up every month in the area, it is indeed challenging to reach out to target audiences without a robust online presence. Each enterprise is different, and each one has their business ideas and goals. It would be wrong to slap every business with the same SEO strategy just because they are in DC. Enterprises from the same state can have different priorities and business ideals, and your business needs an SEO team that understands the pulse of yours.

Why does every company need the help of an SEO expert?

Every company stands a chance to perform better with the help of SEO strategies. Your company might become more visible than it is right now and acquire a more significant following that comes with a robust online presence. There are times when companies think that SEO is a waste of resources and time. It happens when people delve deeper to find the fundamentals of SEO. According to the experts at DC SEO Client Surge, the five basic building blocks of SEO has not changed much in the last decade. Here are the 5 Cs that make up the fundamentals of SEO –

  1. Code – the code of a website is not enough to secure the first position in the SERPs. However, a website with clean and crisp code is bound to rank higher than sites with outdated core codes. Without optimized code, it is impossible to rank during related searches. Visiting and revisiting these codes is a part of technical SEO. If you have a dedicated team of website admins and developers, you might get away without appointing third-party SEO services to monitor your site’s code. However, if your website is a little old and replete with content, you might seek help from dedicated SEO services providers in DC.
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  1. Content – whatever content you have on your website needs to intrigue the human users as well as the search engine bots. It is no longer enough to serve keyword-centric content without adding value to draw the attention of the search engine bots. You need more than long-tailed keywords and high-frequency keyword usage to rank higher than your competitors. Finding the right frequency of keywords, using the correct variants and yet producing high-quality content can be difficult for any website. Unless you have a dedicated content building team, your site might suffer from a shortage of quality content or new content that can drive high ranks.


  • Connections – here, connections refers to the relationships multiple websites share thanks to the link building activities of their admins. There was a time when people brought link-building-automation to life, and they started curating all sorts of links to their site irrespective of quality and authority. Right now, Google has made it quite clear for all webmasters that these links need to be high-authority and relevant. While the fundamentals of link building have been the same for a few years now, the methods have changed a bit. For example – Google no longer takes kindly to guest blogging. You need to put in a bit of extra effort to establish outgoing links to relevant content on non-competitive sites. Without the intervention of experienced SEO teams, it seems almost impossible to find non-competitive businesses with similar content in the DC area.


  1. Capture – how many pairs of eyes saw your blog post today? How many people visited the new page with your infographic? How can you tell how many people you have reached and how many lives you have impacted if you do not have a way to measure the performance indicators? Every website requires a robust analytics program to capture their progress. If your click-through-rate or conversion rate is slacking off, you need advanced analytical tools to be able to detect that confirmedly. An expert SEO team always knows which tools work the best. They should also be able to set up proper attribution models, so you don’t throw the champagne out with the cork due to bad data management.
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  1. Communications – there has been extensive and never-ending debates regarding the importance of social media in SEO. We all know that social media is NOT SEO, but it is one of the most effective ways to engage the target audience. Posts on social media can divert traffic to the money site with ease, as long as the targeting is correct. It calls for a crossover between the social media table and SEO. Every people involved in social media should have a place on the SEO table. Unless you have a dedicated team in DC looking after your social media marketing and your website SEO, that seems quite impossible.

It is true that the fundamentals of SEO have not changed much in the last decade, but it is also true that the approach towards search engine optimization has become more fine-tuned than it was back then. The fine attributes of the 5 Cs have evolved considerably. Experience shows us that all companies need to have full-time SEO experts working on payroll. Most companies in DC require the assistance of remote SEO services that can craft a robust SEO program for their clients. DC has seen thousands of new businesses in the last few years; your business needs all the help it can get to rise to prominence and success.


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