What are the common SEO mistakes you should avoid?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process which has been regarded as crucial for making a website popular. This web marketing tactic intends to fetching more traffic for the website. However, it has to be said that the result would not appear overnight. There is nothing fixed in SEO. Basically, search engine optimization is a collection of various tactics or strategies. So, sometimes these tactics work and sometimes they do not work. Different webmasters incorporate different kinds of strategies. For effective search engine optimization, these tactics are needed to be reviewed properly.

People often times in the desire of making their website soar high and assume higher ranks in various search engines commit some very huge and common mistakes. People should always keep in mind what to incorporate and what not to incorporate so that you save yourself the trauma of committing some of the biggest SEO mistakes. This article will help you to delve deeper into this subject matter so that you do not make these mistakes while marketing your website. The mistakes are as follows:

Excessive Keyword Stuffing

This is a very common mistake. It is also termed as over optimization. Many folks are of the view that incorporating desired keywords in the templates and the web pages will result in the better optimization of your website remaining oblivious of the fact that most search engines are seeking natural usage and incorporation of the keywords within the body copy and owing to the search engine’s sensitivity overstuffing is easily detected by them very instantly.  You can also be penalized if held for overstuffing keywords in your content. Hence avoid this by keeping your content natural and incorporate only required and relevant keywords.

Overuse of the keywords in the website content shows desperation in the marketing process. It does not create a good impact on the website. Google starts getting skeptical about such websites. Nevertheless, search engines like websites that look natural and informative. Stuffing keywords for desperate marketing results in always a negative thing, and such websites will not obtain the desired value from the search engine crawler. Thus, the search engine’s search page ranking will not improve.

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Unprincipled Link Building

Amongst the other biggest SEO mistakes, the unethical building of links is one. Companies in order to improve and progress their rankings often seek assistance from unethical and unregistered SEO companies who build large amounts of links for the websites in surprisingly less time. These links are mostly generated in a conventionally unethical manner, and people can even be reprimanded for incorporating unethical tactics to generate greater links. Hence, webmasters and business marketing managers should avoid indulging in such activities. It is important to build links naturally from trusted websites. It is important to build links that will add value to your marketing campaign. For link building, you should also use properly crafted and keyword rich contents. These contents should be unique and also interesting. If these contents become popular, your SEO campaign will gain more attention.

Presupposing That Your Website Will Automatically Rank

This is quite a common mistake. Often people take it for granted that with time their websites will voluntarily be ranked in better positions. But website owners must keep it in mind that only properly optimized sites which are constructed or written naturally can only make it to the top and it is never dependent on luck. Nothing comes with ease in life, and thus you should always give preference and importance to hard work. You need to have a clear strategy for making your website famous for SEO. If there is no strategy at all, the campaign may fail miserably. So, you should have a clear plan for the search engine optimization campaign. You should conduct the campaign with a proper step by step action plans. To know more about SEO campaign and strategies for SEO, you can contact Social Market Way New York SEO.

Content Duplicating

This mistake is also counted as one of the biggest SEO mistakes. Website owners should never decide upon duplicating content. Often, they do so without even having any notion that they are actually doing so since many content management systems facilitate the users to have access to similar contents through multiple URLs. Copying content from others is an offense. It will be regarded as a copyright violation act, and thus you would have to deal with harsh punishment for violating copyright. What if you copy your own content? Well, Google has a powerful mechanism to detect copied content. If you copy your own content and use the content in different places for website marketing, it could be potentially regarded as spam by Google. As a result, the overall SEO campaign will find difficulty in finding success.

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Various Other Small yet Crucial SEO Mistakes

  • Ignoring mobile and local directories since these days, mobile surfing is skyrocketing, and consumers are becoming more dependent on their smartphones.


  • Preferring to be socially dormant is another huge mistake. Webmasters should sign up on Twitter, Facebook, and other such social networking sites in order to maximize exposure and even get enlisted on the chief search engines.


  • Paying no heed to the fundamental guidelines regarding search engines is another big mistake.


  • Usage of plagiarized content is another such mistake. This immensely affects web page positioning and ranking.


  • On-Page optimization is equally important as Off-Page optimization. So, you need to focus on your main business website. You need to make the website more robust.


  • User experience and user interface are two important things. These two things can have a huge impact on your SEO campaign. So, ignoring them is definitely a mistake.

These mistakes mentioned above are some of the biggest SEO mistakes and should be strictly avoided by webmasters and owners in order to procure better rankings in the leading search engines.

At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that mistakes can happen with SEO strategies as the field is dynamic. Things are changing quite rapidly around search engine optimization. So, a viable strategy of today can become the mistake of the future. But it is important to recognize those possible mistakes and then correct those mistakes with precision.


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