Trending SEO strategies that will continue to hog the limelight in 2019

Search engine optimization is continuously evolving, and changes happen so frequently that it becomes quite challenging for marketers to stay tuned with the trends that are part of the best practices. But unless you follow the SEO trends and implement some of these in your campaign the task of gaining high visibility becomes quite tough.  It requires a good amount of time, dedication and effort to earn high ranks in search results by adapting the frequent changes to the rules set by Google that can surprise you at any moment. Since Google is continually working for SEO development to provide the best experience to users, it is natural that changes and improvements keep always happening that keeps marketers on tenterhooks.

Google has launched fresh updates in the current year too, and some of these have enough impact on SEO that compels marketers to refresh their methods of SEO implementation. To present the most appropriate piece of information against search queries, Google is making changes to the display of information in SERP. And this is triggering changes in SEO optimization and setting new trends.

Let us look at some of the emerging trends that are going to dominate the SEO scene in 2019 and beyond.

Content remains important as ever

Content will hold the center stage as its importance for SEO remains the same as before. Having a steady supply of quality content that makes interesting reading is the primary requirement to connect with users closely and build a relationship. The content must be authentic and the information helpful so that it resolves problems and issues that users face. Using long-form content that covers all aspects of the topic comprehensively and replies to the queries of users helps to build authority. People who benefit from the information start looking upon you as a reliable and authentic source of information and keep coming back to the website. Moreover, when users find good value in content, they come forward to share it with many others, and it enhances the flow of traffic to the website without any extra effort.

Mobile apps to complement SEO

Google has released mobile-friendly updates that have impacted mobile searches in many ways. If you look at the SERP, you will find that mobile apps also appear in the results with a button for ready installation. This opens the door for installing more apps going beyond Google Playstore.  Mobile apps open a new avenue for better ranking by taking up various methods like app packs, paid ad spots, organic short snippets, etc. As the main thrust of searches is now on mobile devices and there are many ways of making apps appear in search results the importance of maintaining high visibility in mobile searches is growing rapidly. Therefore, using mobile apps to target existing as well as potential customers will expand the reach and expand the customer base.

Focus on local searches

According to the experts at Seattle SEO Golden Search Advantage, an SEO company, Google is now focusing more on search intent and giving a lot of emphasis to local searches that constitute 46% of all searches. The free to use platform of Google My Business provides endless opportunities of bolstering the local presence of your business, and its dominance will continue in the days to come. By listing your business on Google My Business, you get the opportunity of your business showing in Google Maps which helps searchers to locate your business quickly and to understand how easily they can reach it. A major objective of local searchers is to find businesses within proximity of their immediate area. By quickly and conveniently knowing your location, hours of operation and contact info gives them a good reason for engaging with your business. The listing enhances the authenticity and trust of the website which adds more value to the SEO campaign.

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Create Multilingual website

Google is giving huge opportunities for creating a global vision for businesses with websites published in different regional languages besides English. Google is encouraging translations of websites that help to promote the business cutting across geographical border and language barriers. Having a website that caters to a wide section of the global population is the starting point of taking your business to far off shores in countries where English is not the primary language. It opens up a new horizon for exploring new markets that are less competitive and gather new customers which help to turn your business into a global entity. Besides translating the website into other languages, it would also require fresh optimization by making suitable changes to the content to address the needs of the consumers in that country.

Voice, video and vernacular searches

In pursuit of enhancing the user experience, Google is improving its technology as well as access to it for including groups of people besides the metro based, urban and millennial population. The new approach provides huge opportunities for business expansion by tapping into consumers that remained untouched so far.  Google’s efforts will impact websites that users can now search not just by typing the query but also by reading out the query loudly. By using the technology of speech synthesis and natural language processing together with AI, the technology can read billions of web pages loud and very smoothly. Websites must now get ready to decipher voice searches that are likely to grow very fast.

Added to this is the growth of internet users who prefer to use vernacular language during surfing. Videos will continue to grow in popularity with a large majority of users almost 95% preferring to consume it in vernacular languages. Therefore, the style of content presentation will also change to meet the new expectations of users.

Focus on Genuine reviews

The role of online product reviews is immense both for consumers and search engines. Online reviews do a lot more good for your business than you can imagine. As Google displays the top three most relevant businesses in the SERP against a specific search query it uses customer review and ratings to determine which website to select. Naturally, better reviews mean that you earn more clicks and it translates into more business.  The reviews must be genuine so that it helps you to make corrections and improvements that create a lasting impact on business.  When all things are equal, the reviews make all the difference between choosing and deserting a website. Arrange for gathering real feedback from customers and ensure its high visibility to provide more returns for your SEO efforts.

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Image optimization for boosting website speed

Website speed or page opening times as many would say are critical for doing good SEO because page speed impacts search ranking. Faster websites are not only attractive for users who love spending time on the website that responds promptly but search engines too like it because it provides the better user experience. By using Google Analytics Page Speed, you can ascertain the current speed of the website and match it with other parameters like dwell time and bounce rate to understand whether at all improvement is necessary.  Although increasing server speed is one of the ways of increasing website speed, you have to depend on the hosting service to do it for you which can be time-consuming and difficult at times. Rather, optimizing images on the website is an easier way to speed up page opening times. Besides uploading optimized images only, you can also optimize images already posted on the website.

Use more videos

If pictures can speak a thousand words, videos can speak a billion. The video is an extremely powerful form of content provided you use it correctly. Videos are easy to consume and creates longer viewer engagement besides containing much more information than images and text. It conveys emotions through actions and can explain ideas and concepts very easily. By using videos in advertisements, you can enjoy 41% more click-through rates than text content and the accompanying conversion rate is higher too. By using videos on your website, you can ensure that people will spend longer time on the website that sends positive signals to search engines and affect rankings positively. The appeal of videos is universal, and often the spoken language becomes secondary in understanding the content. However, you must create video content by aligning it properly with your SEO strategy because besides entertaining the audience it must serve the SEO purpose.

Outbound links are still extremely important

It is important to demonstrate your website’s quality and relevance to search engines for which you must send the right signals. The best way of establishing your online authority is to make your content relevant and useful for many other websites too by linking with those websites. It opens the gateway for sharing knowledge and information as others can refer to your content for gathering useful information. When the websites that you link with are authoritative enough, search engines would also attach value to your website and consider it as high quality. As a result of the opportunities for ranking better increase many more times. You enjoy the benefits of being in a good company that helps you to find a place in the good books of search engines.


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