Novel ideas to get your SEO strategies right like a professional

If you are a venture capitalist or an entrepreneur, chances are you would already know about SEO strategies. But it is one thing to have a theoretical knowledge about the SEO strategies and quite another to apply them practically.

The most basic thing that you need to remember is, to get the SEO strategies right for your landing page or domain you need to invest in a professional service like the Craig Tuttle Marketing NYC. Only a professional can help you deal with the technicalities of SEO strategizing.

So without further ado, here are five unique strategies to help you propel the brand value and increase the sales for your campaign.

Text format for your content is vital

There are a few industry standards to stick with when it comes to on-page SEO strategies. First and foremost all the content in your domain landing page should adhere to the H1, H2 and H2 formatting tags. H1 is for the title tags and H2 for the subheadings. If you have the ideal formatting for your content, it will be easier for the users to search for topics and understand what your campaign is all about.

Configuring a 404 page

While ranking any domain, the search engines take into account the UX or the User Experience. Do not make the amateur mistake of thinking that the user follows the search engines. On the contrary, the search engines follow the users and the more traffic you can pull in, the higher you get concerning the search rankings. A 404 page is displayed when the result requested by the user doesn’t exist. A properly configured 404 page will always show the “page not found” information and redirect the user to the correct domain or page.

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About the image optimization

The present day is all about speed. From faster loading times for a domain to a practical understanding of the services and offers on display you need to use images or the audiovisual tools. It is a proven fact that over 95% of user retention occurs when there is a usage of proper image and video files to go with the content. Image optimization broadly refers to the size correction, proper file names and a dedicated folder for the storage of all the images.

Site speed

Continuing from the previous point site loading times is a very vital parameter when it comes to user retention and the user experience. The faster your site loads the more audience it will retain. It has been proved that a site loses about 50% of the users if the loading time for the site is more than 4 seconds. Get rid of the redundant plug-ins and invest in a CDN or Content Delivery Network to bring down the site loading time.

A sitemap is essential

A sitemap is responsible for maintaining a tab on the pages and posts from your site. The XML sitemap needs submission to the search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo that will, in turn, help the consumer in finding content faster and more efficiently. Invest in an HTML site map for your domain as well.

SEO is the most critical tool that unleashes the real potential for any site or domain landing page. Do not jeopardize your chances of dominating the market. Invest in top quality and professional third-party SEO expert to nail down your strategies better than ever. All the very best!

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