Mobile And Optimization Score Are The Most Significant SEO Trends To Implement In 2019

Over the years Google has been the top search engine but it has been constantly looking to make amendments and invests heavily to remain on the top. Similarly, if you want to be on the top in this top search engine’s ranking list, you will need to know and adapt the new SEO trends. You will also need to know about the upcoming trends and follow them.

The latest trends in SEO are born due to the constant updating in the requirements of Google. There are a few specific trends that have the highest potential to make the difference in 2019. If you follow these trends it will be easier for you to stay atop the waves.

To start with, you must think in advance about the SEO strategy that you want to follow in 2019. Knowing about the upcoming trends is the only shortcut to success. It will help you to work out your action with respect to each trend.

Go mobile

This year the effort of Google regarding mobile friendly websites as well as the speed of page loading has shaken the world. As a result, most of SEO Expert NYC will need to focus their attention in this direction even more. However, there are also a few “non-Google” efforts that have proved to be the gamechangers and have influenced the process of building better SEO campaigns. Here are a few features and facts about it that you should know.

  • To ensure high ranks in the search engine ranking list embrace mobile-first indexing that Google insists on using. In simple terms, it is all about designing a mobile version page that will help hugely in indexing and ranking.
  • Since March 2018, the process was started by Google to migrate sites to mobile-first index and there is a high chance that the Google Search Console has notified you about it already.
  • However, it is important for you to know at this juncture that mobile-first index is not being “mobile-only.” Ideally, there still a distinct index for both desktop and mobile versions.

With such a strict demand of Google, there should be no reason or excuse for you to procrastinate your efforts to make your site mobile friendly. Follow a proper action plan for this and take a few moments into account.

  • It is important that you make your site responsivebefore the launch of mobile-first. Therefore, if you are yet to migrate, now is the time.
  • You must also follow the strong recommendation of Google of not using m-dot and responsive in the same page so that it does not confuse the crawlers.
  • It is also required that you understand the ways in which the search engine spiders see your mobile pages and crawls them with a mobile bot.
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Lastly, check on a regular basis whether or not your pages deliver immaculate user experience. To check the performance of your web pages you can use the WebSite Auditor.

Consider the speed

Page speed is another thing you should consider in 2019 because Google is very strict about user experience or UX when it comes to site ranking and indexing. It must be delivered in the best possible way and fast.Traditionally, the desktop page loading time has always been the primary ranking factor but since July it got anindistinguishablefamilial, the speed of a mobile page.

This is a crucial change as it asks for a better understanding of the metrics that matter most for Google when it comes to speed evaluation of a page.Typically, PageSpeed Insights analyzes the different technical parameters of any website to evaluate the loading speed whether it is for desktop or a mobile or for both. The two significant metrics for grading are optimization and speed which is the new one.

  • Speed metric is however the game-changing part in this aspect and therefore how Speed score is generated is one important thing to know. Typically, the data of this specific metric is taken from the Chrome User Experience report as well as the performance database of the real users. This data reflects the speed at which your website loads when each visitors clicks on the link. However, it is impossible to get through the local tests with this metric because it is quite hard to measure the speed at which the device of each visitor loads your site.
  • When it comes to the optimization score, you will need to have total control of all the issues that may hinder your website from loading fast and get it all fixed at the earliest.
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Mow there may be an obvious question that may come to your mind and that is which of these two metricsis the most significant one and has the strongest influence on your website rankings.

There are lots of experiments conducted to find the relation and significance of these two metrics. According to one specific experiment conducted by SEO PowerSuite on the mobile page speed it is found that there is a distinct correlation between the two. The optimization score of the page and the position of it in SERPs arefound to be 0.97 which obviously is very strong.

On the other hand, the experiment did not find any specific correlation between the speed score and the position of the page. That means in other wordsGoogle can now rate your website as slow but then your ranking can stay the same. However, the speed metric being relatively new it is still in the test process by Google and it is for sure that with time these correlations may change.

To sum it up it can be said that as of now the optimization score is what matters most for better site rankings and SEO results. Fortunately, site optimization or SEO as well as result tracking are both in your hands which you can control and amend totally. You will find the long list of recommendations of Google to be very handy in this respect. Follow that and stay on top of the search list with an improved your optimization score.

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