KWFinder Review & How to Use KWFinder (Plus Free Trial!)

I’ve been using KWFinder for over a year and I can not believe I’ve shared that with you.
There is hands down the best keyword research tool out there! It’s one of those rare tools you’ll find that never closes in your browser. It’s fast, the interface is amazing and that’s what I use to get my keyword research on every blog post I’m writing on all my pages.
I did not use the Google Keyword Planner for long, and to be honest, I always hated it. If you are looking for a good keyword planner, look no further! Check out my rating in the depth KWFinder below.

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What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is a keyword research tool. The biggest selling point for me of tons of other bloggers and SEO’s is that it helps you to find long low-tails keywords for the competition and shows you the exact search volume.

Low competition keywords are the “secret” to a lot of bloggers success. They are typically long tail, more specific keywords / buyers. But since they are less frequently sought, there is less competition to arrange for them.

Difficulty Score depending on the amount of authority your site, usually with less difficulty to keep keywords recommend score 50. If your site is new, it is probably better targeting keywords ranging from 1 to 30.
Here are the metrics KWFinder uses to determine the SEO Difficulty score:
>> Domain Authority
>> Page Authority
>> Moz Rank
>> Moz Trust
>> Number of backlinks

How to Find your Keywords with KWFinder

The simple search feature allows you to enter your keyword, a particular language, and even restrict your results in a country or a particular city.
The specific results of the location can be very useful if you want to increase the local search visitors to your website. Also, if you list a list of keywords, you can import it from a CSV file into KWFinder.
Here is an example of the results for the keyword "best keyword research tool".

Go to KWFinder Dashboard:

Dashboard KWFinder Review

Put keyword and searched for keyword: best keyword research tool

KWFinder Review  Research

If your search requires additional precision, you can use a "result filter" function that allows you to apply different filters to optimize the most relevant results. See the screenshot below.

result filter KWFinder Review

Keyword List: After filtering and doing all process, you can download all of your keyword list.

What are the metrics?

  • Difficulty Keywords: As seen in the above example, the keyword “best keyword research tool” is a keyword “possible” with a score of difficulty SEO Rank 44 of 100. KWFinder calculates in real-time the keyword difficulty based on SEO statistics pages of the first SERP of Google. Of course, you want keywords to run with low difficulty SEO when classifying them into SERPs to get a better chance.
    Trends. For each keyword suggestion, the tool displays a small graph that shows the monthly trends search for this term over the past twelve months.
  • Monthly search volumes: The upper right picture shows the monthly volume of the monthly search (exact match), based on the last twelve months of data.
  • CPC: Average cost per click on the keyword list is based on data from AdWords.
  • PPC: Degree of competition in PPC advertising (min = 0, max = 100)
  • Google SERP results:  KWFinder also shows the main results of Google for each keyword, your domain authority, page authority, the number of backlinks, social contributions, etc. This information will tell you if you have the opportunity to compete with them.

How to Find Commercial Keywords with KWFinder

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