How to Rank for a Keyword and How I do SEO

Do you want to see your site on the very first page of Google Rank for a Keyword or a individual Post?

In this in-depth article, I’m going to show you, How to Rank for a Keyword and How I do SEO.

So, How to Rank for a Keyword?

Let’s start…

  • Research keywords [See: Keyword Research Guideline]
  • Write articles for main keywords (3000 words)
  • Write articles for similar keywords ( 8-10 articles, 1000 words avrage)

On Side Structure:

  • Optimize for Your Keyword
  • Publish content one buy one
  • Publish more content using other’s keywords
  • Make internal linking

Website Optimization:

  • Improve your site speed
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Delete thin content (under 300 words)
  • Ensure all your images have alt text
  • Review your site structure and internal linking

On-Page Optimization

Follow this step first

1. Boost WordPress Site Performance

Site speed is important for many reasons. People tend to leave when a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, if you want to reduce the bounce rate of your site, you should give a proper attention to your site speed.

You can use a tool like Pingdom and Gtmetrix to check the speed of your site.

You have to do things also:

  • Install and configure one of the most popular cache plugins.
  • Compress any image file and then upload it on your website.
  • Get a better hosting provider service.
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2. Mobile Friendly

Your website should be user friendly and off course responsible. Now a days, a lot of people visit website with their tablet and mobile phone often . So, Mobile friendly design is essential . Google mobile friendly test

3. Delete Tiny Content

Tiny Content How to Rank for a KeywordThin or Tiny content is any page on your site that has less than 300 words in length and does not provide clear added value to the reader. So, you should provide the more elaborate content to your readers that creates value.

The reason why we want to eliminate low salary offers no benefit.

4. Image alt text

Do you know Google’s image search for 10% of all Google search traffic?
Adding old text to images is a simple way to tap into a part of this traffic.

5. Internal links

Navigate your site is enormously important for SEO. Google gives the highest authority of graduation on these pages in your navigation because it is essentially linked to each page on your site.
Make sure your navigation is clean. If you want a page rank faster, add more internal links to this page.

target for a Keyword

Target for a Keyword

Terget 1 main keyword and Promote (off-page seo). Google is much more concerned about a site’s internal pages than its homepage.

Step 1: Optimize articles for main keywords (3000 words)
Step 2: Share your content to All Social Bookmarking Sites. (See list)
Step 3: Do Some blog Commenting, Slide Link, Question answer, Directory Submission
Step 4: Make 1 web 2.0 Site, 1 press release and 1 article submission using that main keyword anchor text.
Step 5: Make Huge link building under “Step 4” links.
Step 6: Share everything on social network especially on google plus. See: Social Sharing Tricks

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Continue it average 2 or 3 months and Your keyword will rank First page on google! Guaranteed rank!

Rank First Page on Google

Sorry Guys, I don’t reveal just one point for How to Rank for a Keyword. It’s the most important point. Without it, your website will suck. I Just keep it for my services ☻☻☻

If you have any questions about anything I just covered, drop a comment below! And please share this post if you found it useful.

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