How to Manage your WordPress SEO in 2019? Top Four Guidelines to Opt-In For

When it comes to an ace content management system, WordPress is a leading name! According to the latest statistics, about 29% of most sites today make use of WordPress and promote their service and business. WordPress is by far one of the most user-friendly platforms regarding SEO. Even though the features are unique and unconventional, it addresses all the SEO basics. If yours is a start-up business or you want to create a website for your small business, WordPress can help you attain heights with your site as well as SEO.


Important facts about WordPress


It is essential to know a couple of essential things about WordPress before you approach website development and SEO. There’s much difference in features between and also Earlier is one of the best places for developing a free and quick blog. On the other hand, the latter allows you to self-host helps you to provide better branding and versatility. A few of the best advantages of using WordPress for your SEO are as follows:


  • You can make use of several SEO plug-ins
  • You can change the codes as and when needed
  • Users can create the most of Google Search Console
  • You have the chance to make use of many SEO-friendly themes


However, you can’t be using WordPress to your advantage if you don’t have access to the best SEO tactics. Considering the fact that Google is always changing its algorithms, you need to fix on SEO tactics that work for 2019. For this, you can count on an ace service provider. You can browse through SEO Joel House Sydney to learn more. And you can make use of the following SEO strategies for WordPress.


  1. Ensure that you use the keywords in both the header tags as well as the title

Making use of the keywords all across your content is essential! You need to know that content will not use one keyword again and again. Instead, it will comprise of a wide range of phrases and words that get associated with the principal topic. You have access to one primary keyword phrase to focus on. One of the most primary places of making use of the keyword phrase is in your post title. It is always a smart call to make use of the keywords that are right at the start of the title.

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On the other hand, the header tags make sure that your readers, as well as Google, are aware of your content. Using header tags in WordPress is easy. You can do this by just clicking directly on the text to format the drop-down box in the Visual Editor. Your post and page title by default invariably is going to be the H1 tag. It is essential to keep a single H1 tag on every post or page. When it comes to sub-headings, you can make use of H2 tags!


  1. Make sure that you use an XML sitemap

An XML sitemap is not necessary for allowing Google to navigate as well as index every post and page! But it can help to make the process a seamless one. It ensures that the brand-new content gets found at the earliest. However, today you have access to a set of advanced plug-ins that will develop an XML sitemap automatically for the entire WordPress website. Few good options to opt-in for here are XML Sitemaps and Google XML Sitemaps. These tools help by informing Google every time you add a brand-new content to your site. The sitemap will get updated naturally.


However, there’s a warning that you need to be aware of. Ensure that you are telling the same thing to Google both in the robots.txt as well as in the sitemap. For instance, if you decide to block a certain page in the robots.txt file ensure that you don’t include it in the sitemap.


  1. Ensure that you use the Google Search Console

It is imperative that you develop your website with a Search Console. You might just be missing on the essential SEO warnings as well as notifications. And if Google witnesses any trouble accessing, indexing and crawling your site content, you will automatically get a notification. Furthermore, you also get to view some of the penalties that your website witnesses. Moreover, the Search Console is the tool where you also get to display links on your site in addition to the keywords that generate traffic to the site.

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  1. Concentrate on the proper content length for a given set of keywords

Today, several types of research get done on the apt range of your content. The majority of such research points out that if you want your content to rank high, then it is essential to make it more than 2000 words. However, there’s a small problem here. There are several instances where the content is very less than 2000 words and end up ranking high. It confuses the business owners and bloggers about their correct content length. You also need to make sure that you focus on writing excellent, high quality, plagiarism free content that answers the questions that most readers ask. It is essential for you to investigate what works for your given set of keywords. You can take a look at contents that ranks high and decide accordingly for your site.


Analyzing the way your content can get written is also a smart tip! Try and know whether you can do a better job of explaining a particular topic. Can do the same within a lesser word count than 2000 words? If yes, then you might as well give that a try, and you check whether the content ranks high or not.


You also need to ensure that your content topic and the material is in sync with the objective of the readers. Just in case they have few queries of which they need answers, you can try and attempt the same within 500 words. Also, if you feel you can do justice to a content piece by expanding it to 3000 words, by all means, attempt that.


There are several other tips and guidelines that you can follow when it comes to managing SEO for your WordPress. You can start with these four guidelines and expand as you go ahead in your WordPress SEO journey.




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