How to Learn SEO Through Practice and with The Right Mindset?

Learning SEO is not just about reading stuff and getting updated. It requires hands-on practicing. It requires you to really work, and actually take these steps. Unless you apply the learned things, in reality, you cannot become an expert. Now, what exactly do you need to start your own SEO campaign, so that you get the real hands-on experience? Well here are suggested, the most important things for starting an SEO campaign.

Having a website

This is the first and foremost requirement. You must have a website. It may be either your website or a client’s website. But it should be a well-designed, fully functional website, with content SEO is done on it. The totally ready site can then be used for starting your campaign. Some of the requirements about the site are a good sitemap, well-defined meta tags and descriptions for all contents and elements, clean coding, good quality SEO friendly content, and overall good finishing to be indexed by Google.

If you have a WordPress site, then you have an advantage. WordPress sites get indexed in Google faster and much better. Little effort is needed in indexing a WordPress site, which is why many website makers choose WordPress.

Targeting your keywords strategically

Keyword research, selection, use and targeting, all have to be planned strategically. If you are planning keywords, you must involve some metrics like search volume, relevance, the competition rating of the keyword, and many such things. Normally you select keywords initially based on your branding strategy and your perception of the apt keyword. To structure this part well, you should use a good keyword planning tool.

Asking the expert

Not every situation gets tackled by theoretical knowledge. There comes a situation when you feel puzzled, confused, and simply cannot decide or choose the right thing. You may take a wrong step at the wrong time, and delay a right measure significantly. You may miss using an important tool. You may make many such mistakes which are due to sheer inexperience. Hence, for help, you can always consult experienced people. Simple consultation to opting of advanced services both helps, depending on your caliber and expertise. You may consult reputed SEO services Philadelphia for proper guidance in your SEO campaign.

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SEO team work

SEO is teamwork. It needs a team to work day and night in a shift and round the clock. If you work in only one time of the day, then the optimization won’t look natural. When you work on shifts by employing a team, then things look more natural and helps in improving the site rank. Therefore, you need a team to carry on your SEO work.

Prepare your mindset

SEO is not an instant mix that you instantly get results as you pour in the effort. You will have to wait and watch. In fact, SEO is a lot of patience game, where you invest time, energy, strategies, and lots of effort, and slowly prepare the path to success. You don’t get rewarded for the efforts instantly. It takes time for Google to index the site, index every page, index the fresh content you constantly update from time to time, and it takes time for Google and other search engines to relate to the content with targeted keywords.

Therefore, you will have to prepare your mind and set it that way so that you will reap results for your SEO campaign, but with time and gradually. You cannot expect drastic changes in one night or a week. It happens slowly.

Competitor watch

While doing SEO campaign for your website, you should not forget that your competitors are also putting in same or higher efforts to grab their position in the search results pages. Hence you must outrun them to stay ahead and consistently enjoy your achieved position in the SERP. If you forget watching old and new rivals in the process, you dig the pit for your own downfall. How much effort you give in for a better SERP and traffic, you still need to keep into count the effort and keywords used by your competitors always.

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Avoid experimenting with your own business website

When you learn to watch these things, then you are ready for your practical SEO practice and training both. In the process, you will learn so many things, and you will know how to manage SEO for a website. However, if this is about the marketing and SEO of your own website, then instead of experimenting you must talk to experts who are already in the field for long. Experimenting with your own site, especially if this is a shopping-based site or other e-commerce site, may turn out to be much costly for you, thereby risking time and effort and reputation for the site too. Being an amateur you will be poor in online reputation management, query handling, social media marketing, and all such things. You being an amateur may also be jittery in keyword selection too. The lesser you experiment and take confident steps with the help of experts for your business site marketing, the smarter it would be of you. For experimenting, you can create a simple blog of yours and start practicing.

Learning SEO

Practicing and staying updated are the two major ways of gaining expertise in SEO. If you are only practicing and doing SEO for sites without getting updated of the latest happening in the world of online marketing, then also you are being silly and baring your progress. And if you are reading a lot and not practicing them, then also you should try practicing.


Implementing the best practices in SEO is the way to success and would help you take your site to the top. If you are in the learning curve, you must stay updated, read a lot and also simultaneously practice a lot. For best SEO lessons you must visit SEO related authority sites and read SEO blogs with a high reputation like Search Engine Watch, Moz, Search Engine Land, and so on.


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