How To Create Backlinks Step By Step

Backlinks are very important.

Without them, you will not get a high score in the search engines.

This also means that you will have less traffic and revenue.

But don’t you want more traffic and income?

Of course! So, just create more backlinks and you’ll be swimming in money, right?

While theoretically, it sounds easy, creating backlinks can take a long time and be tedious. However, if you learn to master the essentials, your SEO results will skyrocket.

That’s exactly what I’m going to teach you today: how to create backlinks

Are backlinks important?

There are some marketing specialists who debate that SEO backlinks are not so important to rank a website. A Searchmetrics study concluded that it is by far one of the most important classification factors.

How To Create Backlinks Step By Step

5 steps to gain links naturally

Before someone is going to link to your website, you must give them something worth linking to. That means that before starting with the most proactive link building strategies that we will describe below, you should start with some initiatives that will set the stage to make your website worthy of obtaining such links.

1. Keyword research

SEO is not about getting any prominent place you can manage, it is about classifying searches that are relevant to what your website offers. For any SEO strategy, including link building, your first step should be to investigate what language your target audience is using and what information they are looking for. Then, you will know what content to create and what types of links you want.

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Take some time to research the keywords to discover the main subject areas and the questions that interest your audience. This will form the basis of both your content strategy and your link building efforts.

2. Content Marketing

Other websites will not have many good reasons or natural opportunities to link to the home page of your website. What is the probability that the information you have there adds something important to an article or other web page on your website?

For other people to want to link to your website, you must create the type of content they have a reason to link to. That means embracing content marketing. For most companies, that will mean starting a blog and committing to creating high quality original content to publish it regularly.

It’s a lot of work, but besides being an important step in building links, it also gives you more opportunities to connect with your target audience. When you provide them with useful information, that gives them a reason to worry about your brand, follow it and probably think of you first the next time you need what you are selling.

3. Content promotion

With so many blogs and media sites available, people are unlikely to bump into your content without you making an effort to facilitate your search. Obviously, SEO is part of that equation: when people can find their content in search engines, that is one of the best ways to generate new views of your website. But for most websites, obtaining links and search engine rankings will only come after you strive to help your first readers find their content.

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Relationship building

4. PR

While people in the public relations industry do not necessarily promote themselves as link builders, public relations work includes helping brands obtain coverage in the media and on various websites, often with links.

5. Relationship building

People are more likely to link with brands they know and trust. For people to know you, you must make connections. An entire industry has grown around identifying and discovering ways to connect with influential people.

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