How do I Get Google Website Ranking in 5 Month? [Case Study]

I started a blog in late December 2015 and fortunately with all the original practices could qualify into one of the keyword only long tail in late January for the First position on google. The result gradually improved and now I qualified first for the same keyword with just three months ago since I started  amazon affiliate niche site review blog.

Search engine optimization and Google Trend has changed and been able to improve their results gradually over time. With Penguin, Panda, Humming Bird and many other changes Google algorithm has been implemented from time to time, practice has changed and little by little spams and black shadow techniques have the places in the rankings of search engines.

So How I Get Google Website Ranking in 5 Month!

From January 1 to March 31, 2016. Within this time I could only generate 1900 visitors to my blog, but it was a good result for a blog that was only five months old. I also generated 56 email subscribers, got me an SEO client and sold an eBook worth $300, which was a great achievement.

So question is, What I have done in this 5 months?  Let’s start..

On Page Optimization

If you own a business, then the most important goal should be to reach the right customer. By 2017, the most preferred and easiest option is to reach customers online. One of the key strategies in our online marketing platform is SEO.

In the page SEO efforts helps to define a website for Google, which then decides its position in SERP. This blog intends to highlight some important on-page SEO checklist based on Google best practices for a quality website.

However, before diving into our checklist on the SEO page, make sure that all your SEO efforts revolve around providing the best experience for users, since as of 2017, the user experience of a Website is an essential factor in Google.


  • Install SEO Plugin
    Establish SEO Plugin for CMS that helps you write, edit and configure the content of the website. We suggest you add Yoast Plugin or All in one SEO Pack.
  • Do you have keywords in your title and description?
    It is the essential factor for the ranking of keywords. You must keep the title between 50-60 characters and Meta description between 150 and 160 characters.
  • Do a keyword research
    It is essential to do keyword research related to your business services so that your website can be prominent in organic search results with good rank.
    Apart from Google Keyword Planner, you can use Semrush, Ubersuggest and Kwfinder. I personally love Kwfinder for keyword research.
  • Do you do the header optimization?
    Must have implement header tags especially H1, can improve your ranking in search engines. You can only use one H1 label at most. Subsequently, you can use multiple H2 to H6 tags.
  • Do you use clean and SEO friendly URLs?
    URLs are not a large ranking factor, but SEO-friendly URLs affect CTR. Users sometimes examine a URL when deciding whether to click or not.
    The underscores are alpha characters and do not separate the words, so use hyphens in the URLs.
  • Have you optimized your content?
    The content should be high quality, relevant to the website, fresh and at least 1500-2000 words long for a better ranking opportunity.

Some advices:

  • Keywords should be closer to the beginning    
  • Length between 50 and 60 characters    
  • Must be unique   
  • Must be convincing   
  • Use the brand name at the end   
  • Avoid words with no search potential   
  • Avoid keyword stuffing  
  • Avoiding special characters   
  • Make the URL shareable

How to Perfectly Optimized On-Page

How to Perfectly Optimized On-Page

Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page by

Making great content for my site

I have read this almost everywhere. The search engine values ​​quality content and with its implementation in my new blog I got results.

The content was not only long, but I also did some linking, keyword management and got good results. The head of the Google spam team, Matt Cutts, explained that even with little or no SEO, sites with good content could get organic visitors. That’s why my new blog received some decent organic visitors.

Creating a good content strategy requires a holistic approach to content creation, just as a piece of content has to serve more than one purpose, you should view it as part of a whole and not as an isolated element.

This is to say that you have to take into account a number of factors, one of which is proper publishing frequency and content flow.
Most people will post several pieces of average content (but still interesting and attractive), followed by an excellent one, which will look even better in contrast to the previous ones.

Of course, if you are able to consistently post amazing pieces of content, you should not force yourself into mediocrity, but it normally takes too much time and resources for people to keep that pace for too long.

Then there are other demands that your content has to meet. First, you need to help with promoting your brand, both by painting a clearer picture of your ideology and by reaching out to new audiences.

If you want your content to attract new visitors, you can not ignore SEO while producing it.

This does not only mean you should sprinkle a keyword here and there, but you have to have an idea of ​​where your content can be shared and do it while having that in mind.


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My backlinking Strategy For Google Website Ranking

  • Use social media sites
    Social media sites are used by almost all popular and business users for online marketing. Facebook is one of the best social media sites used for internet marketing.
    All you need to do is register with Facebook and Twitter and create your organic company with website link it. Create a fan page on Facebook for more and more links to spread information about your site.
  • Buy backlinks from Fiverr
    Not many people call this site, but Fiverr is a popular website that you can buy just a service for $5. Some SEO services can cause more long-term damage. But there are two types of SEO service providers that I recommend you to just manual gig on Fiverr.
  • Get some press releases submitted
    If you have designed, developed and introduced something new like a website, blog or product, use a press release to inform the world about it. There are tons of vacancies that accept press and press presentations paid.
  • Submit guest posts to relevant blogs
    Articles of the guests, as the name suggests, are the act of writing new articles or blog posts and sending them to some publications or publications relevant to blog for approval and publication.
    So make sure the article is of high quality. Send the article too many webmasters. Someone definitely publish it on your blog.
  • Give comments to relevant blogs
    Blog comments is the easiest of all strategies of backlinking when you ask me. Just upload a list of the best blogs in your niche and post high quality post comments on each page with a link to the link site.
  • Participation in relevant forums
    After you register with a forum, you can take a new thread asks a question or participate in discussions start taking an old thread. Either way, you can make backlinks easily.
  • Participate in Q & A sites
    Quorums, Yahoo Answers, Mind the Book, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn Answers, etc. These Q & A sites are very popular among internet users in the here and now.
  • Use popular local directories
    The subdirectories were much more useful a few years ago, and you can use almost all directories out there, but today only a few of them are fixing for backlinks. Here are three reliable directories, high-level presented for the presentation.
  • Article Marketing
    Article marketing is very popular backlink trick, and is also very effective. The articles are as backbone for any website or there a blog from. As the name suggests, article marketing involves writing quality articles, blog posts, and press releases and the envoys.
  • Video Marketing
    The videos are very interesting and attractive enough, so used for backlinks. Web video sharing sites, especially YouTube, are the best videos to publish on your website. The advantage is that you can publish as many videos on these sites as you can for free.

After that I have build  tier 1, tier 2 link building, so What is tier 1 & tier 2?

Tier Backlinking is one of the known backtracking strategies.

Why Tier Backlinking:

  1. Own Control
  2. Quality site / relevant site
  3. Contextual backlinking.
  4. Avoiding Search Engine penulty (penguin, panda)
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Why we need to upload link:

  • When creating Backlink on multiple sites, they are not being approved at all, then we have to creat some own sites, although these are not my money sites.
  • Only to use these new sites as a level 1 group. We can create these sites by PBN (private blog network), web-2, Expeired domain, etc.
  • On the other side, other sites creat backlink for my Tire-1 group sites, will be included in the Tier 2 group. This Backlinking will be useful for classifying my Tier-1 sites.
  • Agree on which sites we will create backlink for Tier-2 group sites, will be included as Tier-3 Group.


What is tier 1 & tier 2?


After doing all process I have got first page result on google in 5 month!

Google Website Ranking


The most important lesson I have learned is to be patient.
Although I have been equipped with faster than organic visitors, much real effort and patience is required to get a few decent site visitors. You will have to reward you hard and search engines work in any case.

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