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I use this list in my blog to achieve events and positive results. You do not need any hard work to get a link from these sites. Because I share the entire process I am creating links to follow.

40 Free Dofollow Backlinks For New Blog


S.No  Site Name
1 Microsoft
2 Google Plus
3 Storify
4 Youtube
5 Reddit
6 Copyrighted
7 Deviantart
9 Newsvine
10 Imfaceplate
11 CheaperSeeker
12 BlogAdda
13 SplashThat
14 WordPress Forum
15 Dropshots
16 CodeCademy
17 Wikitechguru
24 Samsung


What are backlinks?

Inbound links (inbound links) from a website or website from your website known as backlinks. We shared the publication on the best strategies and link building techniques.

Backlinks are usually two types: they follow and do not follow. If Google bots crawl a website, external links will find to other websites and if the link is followed then search engines will link the link and link juice will flow and if the link is no longer google then just ignore the link and link juice Is not passed on. Therefore, high quality backlinks are among the most profitable for your blog, instead of not following backlinks.

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5 Tips Branding Yourself OnlineBenefits of Do-Follow Backlinks

How to create do-follow backlink?

  • Blog Comments dofollow backlinks. Blog comments for the ranking at Google for each site play an important rule. Before comments, moz bar dofllow website comments or nofollow should be examined.
  • Submit your blog directory sites. Go to Google and search for directories and post. I will share the main directories site for high page rank backlink with you. Always try to doofollow backlink beofre publish any dirctory site.
  • Search the Dofollow Blog Forum and post your link. If you want a quick keyword ranking, then you’ll find the forum posts website web.Antes publish any website should check your page rank and authority domain.
  • Use backlink.Open incoming website dofollow and publish your site link for dow publish. It’s really great and amazing community.
  • Go to the Microsoft Answers website for dofollow links. Make a free account site Microsoft and answer your qustion above realted mail link for links.
  • Google Pluse Dofollow Backlinks. Google Plus has a great authority domain with high page rank on Google. Share your regular website link for links.


I hope you like this article and start creating links from the websites. According to me the compounds are not effective is easily compared to the really hard coming.

However, you can get free backlinks from dofollow from the above sites. Leave a comment if you have more site to get do-follow backlink.

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