The Complete List of All 200 Google Ranking Factors Infographic

The Google search algorithm incorporates hundreds of factors on and off the page to deliver results to users. This means that optimizing a site for search engines (or practicing SEO) can be a complicated process.

The Complete List of All 200 Google Ranking Factors Infographic

If you are looking to improve your current site or create a completely new one, it is worth knowing the possible SEO classification factors that affect your chances of being found in the search engines. In general, following these three general rules will help improve your site:

  • Make your website easy for GoogleBot to track.
  • Provide quality and easy-to-use experience for visitors to your site.
  • Avoid any treatment or incomplete strategy, cutting the corner.

While these three rules will give you a solid starting point, we have made an extra effort and compiled a complete list of Google SEO ranking factors in 2019. However, it is important to keep in mind that while Google may enter Details on how GoogleBot reads websites, the company very rarely provides details on the exact classification factors they use.

As a result, these factors can not be guaranteed 100% (although they do have data behind them) and can change without notice. We will keep our list updated to provide you with the most accurate collection of Google SEO ranking factors.

Complete List of All 200 Google Ranking Factors

With hundreds of factors that intervene in the search results for each query, it is essential to carefully analyze your site to check if there are elements that are not optimized or, what is worse, lead to a penalty.

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As an SEO, we may not have the definitive confirmation from Google that these are the exact factors they use, but it is the most complete list of SEO ranking factors we have so far. The data and the correlations behind each factor are sufficient to determine that these factors should be paramount considerations when you are working on your website.

As SEO changes, we will update this list to reflect the most accurate representation of Google’s ranking factors.

Good luck out there, and happy ranking!

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