25 Secret Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks

Control connects the web and links are one of the most important things for all webmasters.

There are more than 25 Smart ways to build high quality backlinks, some link building tactics work better than others, which for me may not work for you. That’s why I’ve put together this huge list of ways to build backlinks.

Build High Quality Backlinks

Before proceeding with this link building tactics, note that some of these tactics are considered risky and could be punished by Google if not done properly.

What is link building?

Link Building is an expression that refers to building backlinks to a website related to the action. The goal of the buildingv link is to increase the visibility of an online search engine website. This term is used mainly in the industry of search engine optimization (SEO).

Why is link building important for SEO?

Link building is important for SEO, while getting greater popularity and an authority site to create a particular topic with quality backlinks. In fact, search engines like Google or Bing, consider using a website backlinks to determine their popularity and relevance to a particular topic.

When to link up?

You can do link building once your website is online to promote and increase traffic to your website. Establishing connections is useful at every step of your journey over the Internet, whether you like to promote a new website, a new piece of content or services.

Link building how does it work?

Link Building is an action that is part of a broader search strategy. Guest blogging, social media, comments and infographics are commonly used to create high quality backlinks. To be efficient, you should take the time to establish a clear goal of marketing and communication to your website and then stick to it.

How to start link building?

You can now start building links to your website, SEO tips in this guide. Keep in mind that it will take time and effort, but you will pay in the long run! Allow yourself to easily build backlinks to build. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

25 Smart Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks

Here are 25 different ways to create backlinks to your blog. I have not covered everything in the details here and you can learn more about these methods by looking at Google.

  1. Guest Post:
    Guest posting is still a great way to build links and traffic. In fact, 4.6% of traffic comes from the affiliate’s host fixation. You have to write a big post and publish it elsewhere.
  2. Comment on blogs on your niche:
    You can not just get to comment every time on a different website, but also build a good relationship with the owner of the site. Links from the comment are not followed.
  3. Social Networking:
    You can publish or share the links in various social applications. There are many famous social sites that you can use for this purpose.
    Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be a powerful strategy to increase the number of links to your site. The idea is simple, but effective: to promote content on social media platforms to people with blogs or addressing websites.
  4. Profile link:
    The idea is to create an account on different websites and then use that to create the backlink account. Backlinks created with this method are usually not powerful.
  5. Slide:
    Create slide messages and upload them to sites like slideshare. SlideLink does not follow.
  6. Write a long post:
    Longer posts share more and backlinks. For more backlinks, then you should start writing the long post.
  7. Video upload sites:
    You can use the video upload sites for links. You can convert your inputs into a video and upload to video sharing sites.
  8. Answer the quorum questions:
    Quora is a great way to build the link and traffic. Enter the quality response to a question related to your niche and link to your site to read more.
  9. Use Yahoo:
    Answer the question on Yahoo Answers and link for more information about your site. It’s the same as quads.
  10. Writing the book review:
    Writing book reviews can help you build the relationship with the famous person, and also get links.
  11. Create links within content:
    In content, links can come from Web 2.0 properties, with blogs and guest posts. It is important to use a mixture of branded keywords, natural and low competition long tail variations to create these types of backlinks.
  12. PDF-sharing sites:
    Use pdf sites to get links. Convert your publications to pdf and subalas shared for the link sites.
  13. Testimonials:
    Be the testimonies of the product you like and that many get the link. A business loves testimonies.
  14. Check your website
    Ask for another place to get bloggers and the backlink. E-mail to bloggers that you know and have good relationships and ask for the review site.
  15. Website Directories:
    Submit your website to website directories. It is as simple as sound. Just search for website directories and send your website to these directories.
  16. Get links with websites, sending pictures:
    I talked about creating good pictures and about how to use these images to backlink. Well, here is another way to get left pictures. There are many places where you can send pictures and get link.
  17. Link exchange:
    As outdated, it still works its way. I could use link exchanges to get rankings for some keywords when it just started.
  18. Request backlinks:
    If you are a beginner link build, this is an ideal strategy to perform. Look around and find friends, customers and colleagues who already have blogs and websites running. Once you find a few, they simply approach and ask them to put on their website some backlinks to your site.
  19. Write a blog actively:
    You can create backlinks to your website that you own in a blog or blog. This is an effective strategy. However, you must ensure that your blog is legitimate and has a good reputation of activities. You should write about the material in your niche and keep the blog alive.
  20. Write posts is not enough, you must share:
    I can not stress enough how important it is to share content. There are an infinite number of places that you could possibly create good backlinks to your online content and one of the most neglected are social channels.
  21. Creating links to infographics:
    Another great way to make link building is to create beautiful infographics that you can send to the site and the various news blogs. Today, it is not necessary to create a survey or have proprietary data to run an infographic. They need only to heal existing studies and mention their sources. Take the time to think about a topic that people in your industry are interested in and then find a new editorial angle to talk about.
  22. Check your business on Google My Business:
    If you’ve ever done a quick search for pizza in your area, you’ve probably noticed that many of the results have linked Google reviews with them.
  23. News, press releases, updates and e-mail:
    As a small business, to increase the number of incoming links you should not be a primary goal; Rather, a byproduct is a unique brand to develop high-quality products and establish themselves as an authority in your niche.
  24. Optimize pages for single and multiple sites:
    As just covered, check on Google your business, which is free, small business offers a great advantage of SEO. Typically local-based, competition for keywords is relatively low. You can dedicate whole pages to local keywords and of course rank for them. This is a natural search process for search engines is beneficial.
  25. Payment for links
    The purchase of links is strictly prohibited by Google. There are many websites directory of poor quality internet searches small for your ad rates to be included, these sites are like the plague avoid. Be also skeptical of e-mails or comments received and provides links for you to buy, in return for a money not disclosed

More 25 additional ways to build high quality backlinks

  1. Submit your website for a comment.
  2. Submit your website to directories from local businesses.
  3. Give your blog directories to the blog
  4. Create and share different types of content ie pdfs, infographics
  5. Convert more published in an eBook
  6. Social bookmarking and profiles
  7. Follow a quality blog
  8. Contribute to other websites
  9. Buy expired domains
  10. Press releases
  11. Submit your RSS feed aggregators to the blog
  12. Participates in community forums
  13. Be always comment on related blogs
  14. Reaching industry-based bloggers
  15. Start guest blogs on websites authority
  16. Share your blog posts EVERYWHERE!
  17. Reclaim Links
  18. Indicates broken links
  19. Link your inner pages
  20. Hiring a professional
  21. Investing in infographics
  22. Create custom images
  23. Send your logo Logo Directories
  24. Ask questions about Google Groups
  25. Questions about Quoren and Yahoo


If you have built up all these high-quality sites and sites of authority, then you can link, instead of build high quality backlinks over other networks only to have them indexed.

So lucky to build your huge network of backlinks and let us know if you have any great backlink building strategies in the comments.

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