Best SEO Tools Marketers Must Use in 2019

What SEO tools do you think every marketer should use? When asked, they came up with multiple answers and the tools they would like to consider. The responses received were overwhelming. These tools include website audit, keyword research, content ideation, scheduling, backlink assessment, link building, testing, editing, email marketing, and outreach tools. These are just a few names to mention. It is true there is no size fits all concepts when it comes to SEO tools.The choice of the right tool depends on the work marketers want to do. There is no need to use all the 70 tools; a few best ones will help you do your job.

According to an article published in, Serpstat is a dynamic tool that is best for business blogging. It includes the search suggestion feature, thus helping you to churn out content for your website. Reading the blogs, your potential buyers will find value and use. It will help them to make an informed decision when choosing your product and service offerings. For example, why invest in a laptop instead of an iPad is a search query run often by many online visitors. With this query in mind, you can create an informative and relevant blog content to educate your customers. Read on to take a closer look at some of the top SEO Consultant Toronto tool that marketers should consider this year.


This toolhelps in SEO and backlink analysis like SEMrush that we will discuss in the next point. Though many of the features of the two tools overlap, they also come with some inimitable features that make them a preferred choice for marketers. Ahrefs is excellent when it comes to backlink analysis. According to experts in the industry, the tool has a huge database of backlinks and its keyword information is precise for SEO purposes. Ahrefs comes with a competitive analysis tool that is effective in the assessment of competitor content. The tool also helps you figure out which keywords to target your niche audience. Eminent marketers from the industry use this tool because it bears results. Ahrefs is a paid tool, which helps in keyword research, monitoring, content ideation, and competitor study. The price is premium. Then, you need to pay for the best things and quality does not come cheap.

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One of the best SEO tools, that let marketers assess their content, understand competitors using a backlink evaluation tool and keyword database. The tool can assess your business website fully, be it search engine marketing, SEO, content marketing, SERP ranking, social media, and backlinks. SEMrush works perfectly with Google Analytics, Google Docs, and Google Search Console to polish up the related search terms and churn out unique content, thus keeping your business related information up-to-the-minute. According to Google, there is no place for your content in the SERPs if the information is stale and not relevant or useful.

The greatest USP of SEMrush is its ability to figure out why your competitor’s website is ranking better in the SERPs. Use the tool to your benefit. All you need to do is add your business URL and see who your competitors are. You will find names that you never knew existed. This way, you can leverage the competitor data to explore opportunities to improve your business. The experts use the tool to help create data-oriented content. The tool has the potential to influence your keyword planning for creating copy for articles, blogs, web pages, and clients. The tool helps in writing copy for audiences you want to target. The audiences who are looking for information and using keywords to find an article that you have written. It helps in driving quality, organic traffic, thus improving conversions.

Screaming Frog

It is an SEO spider tool developed by a leading search-marketing agency in Britain by the same name. It is one of the popular tools among marketers worldwide. Marketers collate information, spot technical problems, and provide a solid ground for onsiteSEO recommendations. When you audit your website using Screaming Frog, it shows all site components, status codes, Meta details, and much technical information like no index or no follow, canonicals, and many more. The tool has the potential to produce entirely customizable XML sitemaps as well as image XML sitemaps. And it is one of the best features that you can use to your advantage. In today’s age of image search and online stores, an image XML is extremely useful. According to experts, the feature is the best because it helps you to understand when a web page lacks link equity. When a specific page is underperforming, the tool helps in analyzing its Link Score and compares the same with similar web pages on the site that have better rankings. Accordingly, you can build more external or internal links to the page.

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The tool is another favorite of marketers to relieve workload. It is the favorite of many digital marketing or SEO managers worldwide. The tool provides agencies with much value, especially those who have a good client base. Besides listing internal web pages and their status codes, Meta information, external and internal links, content-related issues, and header details, Sitebulb offers details about content readability, anchor text, crawl map with linked pages, and best-linked pages. All such information is presented in an easily understandable visual form. Marketers love Sitebulb because it helps them figure out specifics as to how a website is indexed and whether any technical problems are hiding from behind. The tool is quite useful. Therefore, understand all its features and then use it, if you feel it suits your marketing needs. You need to take some time out of your busy schedule to understand these tools. Therefore, do not rush. Ask questions if you do not understand anything. There is no need to feel hesitant.


Try these tools for optimizing your business website and creating quality and useful content. It will take your time, but it is worth the effort. Use these tools, and you’ll be surprised to see the results.


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