Basic SEO tips to drive traffic to your website

One of the most important things required for your website’s success is SEO. This increases your visibility online and gets you all the clicks, organic traffic, and better search results. People who are keen on buying your products will find it easier to purchase. But how can you improve your SEO? Here are some smart and easy tips that can help.


Social media advertising paid search and display advertising are some of the popular and best ways you can use to attract visitors, build a better brand and get more people to visit your website. You have to adjust the strategies that are already paid in order to suit the goals and make sure the conversion rate is being increased. Every channel that is paid comes with its own set of pros and cons. So you have to check the objectives before buying anything. In case you are hoping to drive more traffic, you will have to have better commercial intent keywords. Sometimes competition can be tough but its certainly worth the pay.

SEO friendly links

Building links is quite an effective way to build site architecture and spread link equity to several pages that fall under your domain. You need to build your sites in a natural way so that other information that is within the site will help signal the crawlers if there is any relationship between pages that are linked. The keyword you can use here is naturally. However, you need to be sure that it will pertain to the subject.  For example, you have a photography website. You could easily support the page by adding links from the blog posts. Adding relevance between the pages is what internal linking is for. It also makes a lot of sense when you have a blog post on different techniques that takes them to the landscape page. This is a far better idea than having a blog post that takes them to page whatsoever.

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Use text that is well written

Search engine optimization is a lot more than just adding random content and keywords in order to get more attention from your crowd. In fact, if you do this for a long period of time, it could lead to a disadvantage that can affect your rankings severely. So, instead of just using internet bots to improve the content, you can also create content that uses good and well-written text. This will be far easier to implement and understand. For example, if you have a frequently asked questions page where you have details about protecting data that is sensitive, it would be advisable to use various synonyms such as hacking, cyber attacks, hacking, etc. You can look for Australia SEO Company because experts in Australia know SEO very well and have specifically advised to using text that is well written.

Promote your content using social media channels

Producing good content is not enough these days. You have to promote your content with the help of social media channels. Twitter, in fact, is a great way where you can add short and snappy links and make your content popular. Google + promotions are also a great idea. It can help the website shows all the personalized search results that seem effective only in B2B riches. If you happen to be in a B2C company, you could also find traction in social sites that are images heavy such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Let your content have some variation

Blogging is perfect but making your audience read text only can bore them over a period of time. Adding some variety to the content will help them freshen up on how messages are delivered and they will also give you site some recognition by other engines. Experts have also suggested that if you don’t have enough time for video or blogging, you can try working with the help of images. You can use infographics where it can help you enhance your blogs. Also, remember that you should neglect the text. Use keywords that are relevant and they will help you understand the images that you have placed. It will also make it easy to access for people who are impaired visually.

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Make sure it’s mobile friendly

And at last, you have to check whether the website is easy to access and view across various browsers. It should also be mobile-friendly. If the site has been created with site builders, then you won’t have tension. But if the website is hard to view in tablets and smartphones, it may not always be SEO friendly. This also means that you are giving others a chance to our rank in the search results. After all, you won’t be limited to just these stuff. There are several things you can do to make sure it is being well tracked by the engines. If there is not enough though, you could get a hold of a digital marketing specialist who can help you manage the website.


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