Can Video help boost Conversion Rates?

Making a commercial or a promo video a decade ago was a complicated and expensive task that only major brands and companies could afford. Now, with the rise of technology and the easy accessibility of videos at the palm of one’s hand, it is easier to plan, script, edit and publish your video.

Promo filmStatistics

Studies show that videos can help boost engagement rates, conversion rates and more. This is how:

  • Over 50% of consumers look at product review videos before purchasing s product.
  • Over 90% of marketers reported that videos helped increase a user’s understanding of their products or services.
  • Almost 80% of marketers reported that videos helped them increase their sales.
  • Over 80% of consumers who were surveyed purchase3d a service or product after watching a convincing video of the product or service.
  • More than half of consumers say that a company’s website should have video content.

Video Ads 1How videos help increase conversion rates

Let’s look at how videos help in boosting conversion rates.

  1. Consumers relate more to videos than text

According to the statistics above, a lot of consumers’ purchasing behavior was influenced by videos. Also, a lot of them decided on purchasing after watching a video.

  1. User questions are answered by informational videos

If you are into beauty products and watched a makeup tutorial video, then this might have given you an idea on the best product to purchase and its price. A promo video that has been done well will answer all if not most of the user’s questions, thereby influencing him or her to purchase the item. You can learn more about video marketing at

  1. Product videos increase consumers trust in e-commerce companies
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Many consumers are skeptical about making purchases online. Most of these online sites usually end up being a scam; therefore, people have a hard time trusting e-commerce companies. Videos provide online users with evidence to seal the deal. Showing a product in action helps put users in the situation of imagining themselves using it.

  1. Video is the most shared content

Word of mouth is still king, even in this digital age. Positive reviews help one to gain more sales. Videos are shared more times than links or texts on social media. Moreover, consumers trust the recommendations made by relatives or friends therefore if someone shares your video, then your sales are likely to improve.


It’s no question that your business or company needs video content. Afterward, you can get down to creating a video that appeals to audiences.

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