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We use advanced Local SEO techniques to optimize your website. Benefits of Local SEO Service: • Easy to get Google Page #1 Ranking, • local targeted sales and leads, • Your business will show up in Google Maps, • Website gets easy local customers.

Local SEO Services Checklist

On-Page and Local SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools
  • Clean URLs
  • Logos & Images
  • Google Analytics
  • Title Tags Optimization
  • Meta Descriptions Optimization
  • NAP Information Optimization
  • Create & Claim Listing On Yelp
  • Google Map Citations
  • Internal linking
  • Google My Business
  • Generate Reviews
  • Citations
  • Competitor Citations
  • Image Optimization
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Improve Social Profiles Followers
  • Logos & Cover Photo
  • Schema Markup

Link Building

  • 5 Web 2.0 
  • 5 Social Profile
  • 10 Audio Link
  • 10 Image Link
  • 10 Profile Link
  • 20 Social Bookmark
  • 20 Directory Submission
  • 20 Blog Commenting​
  • 5 Video Link
  • 5 Slide Link
  • 10 Document Link
  • 10 Question answer

Delivery Time: 30 days
Limited Time Offer: $399
Regular Price: $499

Note: WordPress Site only.

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Local SEO Services By RegentSEO

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is a form of local marketing online that is extremely effective. You are able to boost awareness about your business to customers in your locality whenever they are looking for a product or service you offer. Yellow pages, business directories and Google are the most popular platforms for Local SEO.

On a daily basis, several individuals from all over the world often look through these directories to get information about local businesses in their environment.

Local search engine optimization is different from just giving information about your business to random people or even placing adverts in local newspaper, that in most cases, a person interested in your service or product might not see it.

With local SEO, you can easily reach potential customers at the right time when they need your productive or service and are ready to pay. There are several ways in which using local SEO will benefit your business.


Importance of Local SEO

1. Increase in number of customers

Despite the continued increase of sales on online platforms, a more significant percentage of businesses still happen locally. This implies that much more people still patronize local businesses as opposed to buying online.

Furthermore, a significant percentage of online buyers prefer to buy online from companies in their locality as it reduces the amount they need to spend on shipping or how soon they will receive the products they have ordered for.

With local SEO therefore, you will easily attract more people to patronize you either online or offline. This is considering the fact that most of the people who buy online (estimated at between 65 and 70 percent) usually check online for local businesses they can patronize for a particular product or service they require before reaching out.

These people who really need your business and are ready to buy will therefore be able to see you with local SEO. This will imply more sales and profit for your business.

2. Highly focused and prompt

Local SEO is generally highly focused on prompt. With the use of , internet marketing services and online directories listings, both of which falls under local SEO, it becomes possible to be connected to people who are actually looking for information regarding your business.

Considering that people who search for information about a business are usually doing so when they want to make a purchase, the audience you will get from local SEO will be highly focused and prompt.

They will get your information just at that right moment when they are thinking of where to go to get a product or service you are offering.

3. Reaching out to mobile users

Mobile phones have become very popular all over the world, with almost everybody above the age of 18 having a mobile phones as well as a significant number of people below 18.

Mobile users are often so dependent on their phones that they often use it to look out for businesses in any area they find their selves.

Considering the fact that local SEO is available to both desktop and mobile users, you will be reaching out to potential businesses looking for a business through their phone.


4. Increased Return on Investment Rate

Compared to virtually every other form of advertisement, local SEO is very cheap and affordable. Despite the fact that it is cheap and affordable, it is also very effective.

As a result, you will be getting a very high return on investment for using local SEO compared to other types of popular advertisement types.

5. Advantage over competitors

One of the best ways to retain customers and quickly gather new customers is by taking advantage of internet marketing services your competitors are yet to take advantage of.

Even though many businesses now have websites and online presence, only very few have invested in local SEO. By going ahead of them with local SEO, it will be very easy to reach out to a wide customer range they will not have the advantage of reaching out to.

6. Free online directories

It is mostly free to register on online directories. You can therefore, search for online directories and have your business listed for free.

If you are contracting a company to help with listing your business on these directories, they will be charging you close to nothing to do it.

Getting an SEO company to do this for you will save you some time and they are also experts, with a list of the best online directories that will boost your business the most.


7. Reduction in the use of newspapers

In the past, newspapers use to be one of the best forms of adverts, but not anymore. Most people now prefer to read news online and hardly buy newspapers. With the use of the Internet to get local news, businesses using local SEO have a lot of advantages in attracting customers.

8. Business reviews

Good local SEO services will convince prospective customers to review your business after patronizing you. Once you are able to deliver top notch services always, you will have good reviews that will attract more customers.

Local SEO Statistics Infographics


What you stand to benefit from Local SEO

As a business owner, you therefore have so much to benefit from the use of local SEO. With local SEO, people in your locality will be able to find all the information they need about your business on the Internet.

They will subsequently be able to come around to patronize you whenever they require your product or service. In most cases, they will be coming across your business, when they need your product or service and were searching for it. This means you will be able to get immediate returns from local SEO.

The price of local SEO is very cheap and affordable. Furthermore, you will get a very high return on investment for every amount you spend on local SEO. You will also be getting a high number of positive reviews about your business through local SEO.

This positive reviews is a very important factor that convinces potential customers about the authenticity of your business and help them make up their mind to patronize you.

Local SEO Services
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