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My keyword services include:

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    Long-Tail Keyword Discovery
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    Initial Keyword Discovery
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    Narrowing Things Down
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    Competitive Keyword Analysis
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    City Specific Targeting
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    Product and Brand Specific Keywords
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    Local SEO Keyword Targeting

What I provide:

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    20 Main Keywords + Up to 500 LSI Keyword
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    Domain Name Research
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    Business Ideas
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    Low Compitions
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    High Dependable
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    Content Strategy Ideas
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    Competitors organic keywords

Price: $80 $​50
Lifetime Consultancy

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Anik keyword analysis services

Md Tangeer Mehedi (Anik)

SEO Specialist

What are Keywords and Why are they Important?

Keywords are some basic words that can connect a social network user to your website. If a social network user has to search for some particular product he types the name of that product or related clue words that can help you open the relevant page. The specific meaning of keyword is, “a term that is actually the essence of your search or text”. No one can deny the importance of keywords before I move to the description of keyword let me explain the different types of keywords.

Types of Keywords

  • Single-word keyword
  • Long tail keyword

I can understand these two types by saying that “ethics” is a single keyword but “business ethics” is a tailed keyword. These keywords are used to search the most relevant website to the keywords so if you have used the most appropriate keywords, it will increase the chances of getting more traffic to your website and to prosper your business.

Keywords are important because if you have used wrong keywords it will act as a culprit to spoil your business. Choosing the right keywords is a crucial step that requires much brainstorming and a wise selection. If you are going to an SEO campaign, keywords research is the foundation pillars of this campaign that has a capacity to excel or degrade any business. Targeting the wrong keywords will detract the target customers from your website.

In short, if you want to get heavy traffic to your website, the most intelligent approach will be to hire the services of some reliable keyword research providers that can give the right boom to your business. These keyword research service providers are professionally designed to identify the most appropriate keyword related to your business. They provide the keywords that have a capability to attract the target audience to your website. Let us discuss this criterion in detail that how I can provide the keywords research services to my worthy client.

Keyword Research Services Comprises of:

  • Discovering the Keyword

Initially, I will thoroughly go through your website and the nature of your business. I collect information about what is being delivered to your website to the target audience. After getting a deep knowledge about your business and requirements, I create a list of most appropriate keywords that can connect directly to your business website. Through this initial list of keywords, I lay the foundation of my keyword research services.

  • Shortlisting the Most Suitable Keywords

Attracting unnecessary heavy traffic to your website is not the solution to your problem. I understand that what you need is the relevant kind of visitors that have maximum interest in your product or business and not to crowd your website with time passers and useless audience. To achieve this target, I exclude all that keywords from my keywords list that is too generic despite this I concentrate on the search volume.

  • Finding the Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are made to describe your business and services more accurately. Lower volume phrases are used to generate more sales for your business. The more relevant and precise long tail keywords will be more beneficial to your business. The need of the day is that the keywords should be attractive and eye catchy.

  • Keyword Analysis

Only creating the long tail or single word keyword is not a big deal. The responsibility of a reliable keywords researcher is to create the keywords after analyzing the competitor’s keyword. I create those keywords that are more impressive than competitor’s keywords and which can drive more traffics to your website. The basic aim is to drive users away from the competition and drive them directly to your website.

  • Location Targeting through Keywords

Sometimes the clients want to target a specific location for offering their services and want the clients from that area to be attracted. In such cases, my company provides the location oriented keywords that may involve language difference, preferences and target audience priorities. I provide those keywords that can go well with every kind of city or area.

  • Niche Research

Before developing any keywords for your site, I will go through your particular niche in which you want the keywords. I will research about the most appropriate keywords that can generate maximum revenue to your website and then give you a final list of keywords that will be completely according to your business domain and will give you ultimate success in business.

My Working Criterion

The specific matrix applied by us to create winning keywords for my clients is as under;

  • Using long tail keywords
  • Developing those keywords that can bring purchases
  • I can provide approximate 100 searches per month
  • Google verification is analyzed to bring my worthy clients the most productive and useful keywords that can rank on top at Google first page.

I offer different exciting and cost friendly packages to my clients so that they can choose the one that matches their budget perfectly.

My company is one of the most experienced among others who use a professional approach to generate winning keywords for my client’s business.  I assure you that these keywords will be helpful in bringing more revenue to your business. You can be stand higher on SEO ranking and even you can earn handsome revenue on Amazon, Adsense and other such platforms.

For further details and info do contact my website or round the clock online service and get connected with me if you really want to excel in the business within a short period of time through my competent services.

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