iWriter Review The Good and The Bad

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iWriter Review

That’s the reason you’re reading my iWriter Review. However, for those of you who do not know what iWriter is, iWriter is basically a platform that connects writers with hungry webmasters who are looking for good content in a hurry.

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What is iWriter?

iWriter is a program that allows webmasters to get articles written for their websites.

It is cheap to buy an item in iWriter. If you want, you can buy a 1000 words article for less than $8. You can even buy a 150 word article for less than a couple of dollars. You can not get much cheaper than that.

There are many writers waiting to write, so you can have an article in a few hours. Of course, this depends on the type of instructions you give. The more vague you are, the less willing writers will be to pick up your article.

You can refuse the writers work if you do not like the article and it will go back in the writers pool to be picked up by someone else. This means that you never have to take an item you are not satisfied with.

After finding some writers you like in iWriter, you can choose them as your ‘favorite writers’ so you get the same quality over and over again instead of wondering who will write your article and whether it will be good. This saves a lot of time.

The good thing about iWriter writers

As soon as you sign up for iWriter, you can start typing immediately. This means that you could potentially start earning some money for your writing today. It is probably the least painful way to start earning money online quickly, that is, if you can produce articles that the applicants are happy with.

Also, I’ve never seen iWriter lose a payment. The staff seems to be quite good at securing payments to get there. The payment frequency is set by you (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) and the money is deposited into your PayPal account. From now on, there are no other options for payments. I have my payment schedule set for each Tuesday.

The bad thing about iWriter

The great thing about the site, is that you do not have to search for writers yourself, some of them are really good writers, but recently I discovered a lot of people using software to register on the site and production of spam articles that are trying to fool a loyal customer like me.


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The good thing about iWriter Buyers

In simple words, it is the best place for webmasters to get the articles, very quickly and you can unlearn any article presented by the writer, if you do not like it.
iWriter is scalable, you can hire from standard writers to elite writers, you can sort from 150 words to thousands of words article. and you can get the finished item with in a few hours, so it is the best place for web masters who are in a hurry.

iwriter review

Recommend For:

  • Product review articles
  • Web 2.0 articles
  • For Articles Submission sites
  • Product description 
  • Not focus blog post
  • Re-Write Articles
  • Press Releases

Not Recommend For:

  • Technical writing 
  • WordPress or Web topic
  • For not focus or main keyword articles 

How to Order an Article on iWriter

Tips for Getting the BEST articles from iWriter

  • Mondays are typically the best day for submitting article requests, since that is when the article queue is smaller in the
  • Fully use the “add writers to your favorites list” feature. Every time you receive an article, if you liked the work the specific writer did for you, add it to your favorite list.
  • Always try to include “special instructions” to writers, when you submit your projects. The more detailed instructions you include, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want, the first time.
  • Do not be afraid to pay for premium level writers. These are writers who have been tested. They have written a minimum of 30 articles, and have been highly qualified.
  • When submitting article requests for a keyword, also submit requests for a poorly typed version of the keyword.
  • “Spinning Articles” was a very popular method of getting multiple variations for an article. With the low prices you can get on iwriter, you can simply insert your key phrase several times into the “get content” page and have several articles written in the same exact keyword phrase.
  • Before approving articles, check plagiarism using plagiarism checker or  copyscape. Also check content readability.
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Final Words:

Just try and find a good writer on iwriter and order your articles. It’s actually cheaper then other’s marketplace that’s why people love it. Remember one thing “Cheaper is Not Always Better Whether it is a service or a product”

That’s it.  I hope you understand everything about iWriter, Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

iWriter Review The Good and The Bad
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