How to Change Your Mail Sender Name (cPanel)

Question: Is it possible to set or change the mail sender name to CPanel? I know the service cPanel uses to send emails might have a different name, but I could not figure out what that is. If anyone could tell me that, I would appreciate that very much.

For example, if I had an e-mail, I’ve seen that some e-mails display this as Md Tangeer Mehedi. How can I set this name?

Answer: Yes, you can set an ad name in e-mails sent by cPanel Webmail Services such as Horde, RoundCube, or SquirrelMail.

If you log in to your e-mail account with your favorite mail service, navigate to the following instructions, and then change the name.

  • For Horde: Options > Personal Information > Your full name
  • For RoundCube: Settings > Identities > [email id] > Display Name
  • For SquirrelMail: Options > Personal Information > Full Name



Change Your Mail Sender Name cPanel


Change Your cPanel Mail Sender Name

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