High PR Social Bookmarking Sites For Individual Post Ranking

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High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

The positive effects of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites for publishers of news sites, blogs and other websites are excellent. Social bookmarking sites can introduce other relevant tastes and generate traffic and valuable backlinks on your site.

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Some social bookmarking sites pass link juice and the search engines are about the incoming links of social bookmarking sites that measure their value for their search indexes.

Benefits of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Although the times have changed and bookmarking it does not have a practice of connecting the construction of large, there are still a lot of benefits it can generate for your site. These can be:

  1. More Traffic: Many of the best social bookmarking sites can be a great source of reference; For example, often StumbleUpon listed as one of the sources three main references
  2. Qualified visitors: If you operate in a particular industry, using highly-specific marker sites or niche serving you can get qualified visitors
  3. More social signals: The more social signals receive their content across several sites, the better, since it is assumed that these can have a positive effect on their classification.
  4. Faster indexing: Social bookmarking platforms are almost constantly being tracked by the search engines, which can lead to your content often indexing much faster

However, taking into account the recent Google algorithm updates, I believe you must have a strategy when it comes to social bookmarking fraud prevention, or even worse, a sanction from Google.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

I personally use this list when I publish any post on my blog.

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My Work schedule: (scoop.it guideline)

  • 5-15 blog posts per month
  • 3+ social posts per day per channel
  • 10+ social channels (brand + team)
  • 1+ newsletter/week
  • 3+ posts per newsletter
  • And submit every post to above social bookmarking sites

Rules for using High PR Social Bookmarking Sites:

  • Find quality sites that are relevant to your industry, products and target audience
  • Create a full profile / account, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ Profile
  • Quality Before Quantity: Avoid bookmarking your content in as many places as possible, relevance is the key. Stop using automated social bookmarking tools
  • Use the 80/20 rule – not just to promote their own content
  • Build a portfolio of good markers to help other users. This can help build confidence; In other words, people are more likely to share, or agree for their favorite content
  • Be active: again, share the content of others with people involved, asking questions and writing comments
  • Must be DA 30+ websites

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These High PR Social Bookmarking Sites are certainly improving the search engine position of your site and help you get a good amount of traffic.

As mentioned above, it should make it easier for visitors to share your content on social networking sites, which even help improve the ranking of search engines and eventually generate a lot of traffic from search engines like Google.

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