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The first sensible step in any SEO campaign is to fully audit the current state of things on your website. I identify any technical or quality issues that may be hampering your site's ability to rank where it could in Google. I can then lay down a campaign plan that sees me focusing on the most important elements on your site to get the most return on your investment with me. 

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My SEO Consulting Service is Suitable for a new website and Small Business Owners.  If you would like to be on your way to better quality traffic then Request Now for FREE SEO Consultation…

I will go to your website and check it for google ranking factors & structural factors. I will come up with a detail list of on-page SEO problems & off-page SEO suggestions.

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  • On-Page Problems and guidance
  • Domain and page authority check
  • Spam score check
  • loading speed check
  • Google penalty check
  • Opportunities & Recommendations
  • Off-Page SEO guidance
FREE SEO Consultation

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    Basic SEO Audit: Increase Your Position in Google's Organic Results with Basic Off-Page SEO Optimization. (Extra Charge)

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About My SEO Consultation Services

My SEO consulting services give great assurance of very strong competitive benefits on the search engine results of your website. Great kudos for My long years of experience in business and getting your websites ranked. I will review the optimization of your On-page, connect the development technique and examine your competitive strength so as to set up a customized package that focuses on your particular budget and needs.

I render consulting services from the beginning to the end and will work together with you to map out a strategy that will enable you to have full awareness and understanding of your competitors. Also, I will teach you the type of keywords you can use to target your audience in order to achieve your aim.

My Consultation Services Include:

Development of SEO Strategy

Execution of Guideline

Recommendations of Software

SEO Audits

Keyword research and Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Auditing of Link Building

Link Building

Guidance Redesigning

Considerations Quality Confidence

Reviews on Fresh Hire

What Is SEO And How It Works? (Beginner's Guide)

What is SEO?

Most of the business owners considered SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained but can be solved by only the people with deeper knowledge about it. Without any doubt, SEO is a significant aspect of any marketing technique that must not be complicated. So, what is Search Engine Optimization is all about?

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What is the Meaning of SEO?

  • S – Search

The common way to find more details about the information on the internet is to make use of search engine on a site such as Google. This could be done by entering the term you are looking for on the internet in the provided space. After making use of a complex algorithm, Google or the site used for searching will come back with what they believe to be the best results. This is absolutely different from browsing or scrolling via social media or going through a news site in search of information. When making use of this channel, it shows that users are seriously looking for a particular answer that you must remember anytime you are setting up effective content.

  • E – Engine

The engines people use to search for information is very important because they come back with results based on priority. The first thing the engine does is to use crawlers to dig into the web, record all they come across in the indexes or databases. So, anytime you carry out a search, the engine will surely come with results from its database instead of the Live Internet.

What matter most is that all engines make use of particular measures to get suitable results. They view the factors such as Meta tags and keyword density in order to have a good understanding of what the pages really implies. Aside from that, the engine tracks off the particular pages that have associated with your content and make use of the information to ascertain the most authoritative page.

  • O – Optimization

If the searcher wants to search for you through the engine, it is very important that you should be found on the first results pages with their search terms. That is the reason you will need to optimize the content on your site for the search engines to see. You do not need to complicate it but only need some attention. For you to rank high on the search engines, here are some things to put in place:

  • The search engine must see you
  • What your website is all about must be known
  • They believed that your website has authority and credibility for the particular content you are promoting.

Therefore, SEO is the compounding of activities that enhance search engines to search and trust you, arrange the information you are bringing out, and give it to the users who are searching for it.

In addition, SEO actually implies writing for humans and it entails carrying out keyword research to first ascertain what your audience is searching for and how. Then, it is very important that your content must have those keywords naturally in its mode of application. Also, you need to promote your content by sharing and linking to by the users in order to increase your authority.

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How Does SEO Work?

At last, SEO is about to work with the search engines. Your main target is to give valuable information to your visitors anytime they require it. In order to make it work, it is very important to have a good understanding of SEO and how it works effectively.

SEO will do this through respective methods that abide by how the search engines as it coordinates numerous websites across the online. Every search engine always wants to deliver the best and much relevant content to its user. In order to make this work, the search engine will analyze every site they have indexed and rank them based on how well they can satisfy the need of the users. There are some factors that contributed to the ranking of a website. Such include:

  • Coding of Website: Title tags, Meta description tags, header tag, etc
  • Structure of Website: Website maps, internal linking, host server, etc.
  • Content’s Quality: Fresh and well-written content in addition to relevant keywords, etc.
  • Links’ Quality: Number of links, links from other relevant websites, etc.
  • Credibility: Links that come from a website with authority, age, etc.
  • Social Shares: Shares form authority figures, number of shares, etc.

Search Engine Optimization has a direct determinant of the first three factors mentioned above. However, it can as well have an effect on the last three factors via a confirmed outreach and marketing campaign. All these factors merged together so as to increase the ranking of the website in the results of search engine. Always remember that the higher the website rank, the higher, its visibility online. At times, people make use of search engines by clicking on the websites that emerge in the first set of results on the page.

When your SEO technique is working, it implies that good things for your side and that of your visitors because it creates a cycle that can reward itself. Firstly, the rank of your website improves

Why Do You Need SEO?

Almost all businesses admitted that techniques of SEO are not significant to their businesses. Whether they believed that it is extremely complication or admitted that their offices are not benefitting from search engines, these two are false and myth. SEO assists your business in various ways because it is a significant tool that enhances your business efforts in marketing and outreach. Here are some reasons why you need SEO:

  • Everyone Make use of Search Engines

Everyone using internet depends on a search before their questions could be answered. This will enable them to know more about their products and services and also locate companies. If your focus is on the local places, the possible customers will still make use of the search engines in order to search for the reviews and how to go about it. In addition, if the customer is already aware of the name of your business, it is possible to type the name into a search engine instead of trying to remember your domain. Definitely, you as the owner o the domain will surely want to ensure that your searchers able to locate your website easily any time they are searching for you on the internet.

  • Traffic Increase

If you are able to offer valuable information, it will be easier for search engines to locate and arrange it and rank your website high. By so doing; more visitors will visit your website pages. To most marketing, getting content in the front for many eyes to see will be the target most especially when your visitor wants your products and services. The best tool to do this for you is SEO because its purpose is for targeting.

  • Free Qualified Leads

More so that search engines are able to come with expected results to the users that are actively looking for a certain phrase or term, to get to the top on the search engine results implies that you have to provide valuable information to the searcher that is searching for it anytime it is needed.

Contrary to the popular belief, it does not mean that you are pushing information to the front of the people that are not interested in your product and services at that time. Therefore, with SEO, you already have active audience hence there is no need to pay in order to get your message to them. To crown it all, SEO is regarded as one of the most functional and sustainable means of building online visibility. Instead of viewing it as a thing you can correct after creating the content, why not keep SEO at the top of your mind even right from the scratch?  

SEO can equally be defined as the using of several techniques that make it much easier for search engines such as Google to index your site and at the same time rank it up for the people who are searching for the information it provides. The outcome of SEO is organic traffic. These are the visitors that visit your site by clicking on it through the results of search engine.

Types of SEO

There are two different types of SEO that can help you improve the ranking of your website. They are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Any website with poor on-page SEO but good and perfect off-page SEO will not rank like the website that is absolutely optimized for on-page and off-page SEO.

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On-Page SEO

The On-page SEO distinguish the handlings you make directly to a website page so as to bring about higher ranking. Also, it entails optimization of the HTML code, the structure of the content and quality of the content. With this type of SEO, you have total control.

Ranking Factors of On-Page SEO

There are many features of a web page that search engines must consider before your website could rank high. All these features directly have a great effect on the experience of crawling by search engine on your page and the experience of the visitors that are viewing your website as well. The features include:

  • Quality of the Page

Since ranking by search engines answers for the behavior of the users that are related to a page, then the quality of the content is highly significant to the ranking of your website page.

  • Keywords

Keywords are the search terms the people type on the search engines in order to know more details and come across a website like yours. For some years back, it was possible for websites to get traffic through keyword stuffing or repetition of essential keywords many times on a website page. But now, search engines do penalize a website for keyword stuffing and easily discovered anytime users quickly leave a page due to the fact that it did not see what it want.

For this reason, it is very essential to ensure that you provide high-quality content that has the keywords you want to rank for and its relevance to the people searching for the keywords. By so doing, many people will click on your page and remain. This is a plus to the factors of on-page ranking.

  • Relevant Content

All the contents of your page which include images, pictures, and videos, must be kept updated and fresh. All these must be relevant to the targeted keywords and the present time. Try as much as possible to update the pages of your website at least every quarter or on monthly basis.

  • Structure of Page

The most popular skipped practices of on-page SEO are HTML tags more so that they are not directly seen on the website page. Meanwhile, they are discovered by search engines. Remember that it is much easier for them to crawl your site and get information concerning it, by so doing, you will be favored in their ranking. For each of the items stated below, it is very important to add keywords and other details that tell search engines what your page is all about.

  1. Alt Text

This is the text alternative of an image that helps search engine to have a full understanding of what the image is all about. When the right alt text is applied to your images, it will rank high on the Google images.

  1. Title Tag

This is referred to as the title page in which keywords must be included so as to let the searchers and search engines know what the page is all about. The title tag is also referred to as an <h1> tag.

  • Meta Description

This appears under the URL on the result page of search engine.

  1. Header Tags

You need to arrange your content in section and sub-sections. Make sure you label the sections by making use of <h2> for the subsections, <h3> for the smaller subsections and <h4> for even smaller sections.

Majority of the content platforms create this HTML structure for you automatically when you play up the titles of the paragraph and select a label for them including the large heading or subheading. Remember that your title tag and Meta description are seen by the users as the title is the name of the page that shows on the result page of the search engine. While Meta description is known as the snippet that displays it. A clear and precise page description will make the user click on it and generate traffic to make better SEO.

  • Structure of URL

What makes it easier for search engines to crawl from one page to another on your website without crossing paths or hitting roadblocks is an organized structure of URL. Also, it is designed for easy and functional navigation for the user. Ensure that your URL is made up of keywords and show the pages targeted. Also, it is arranged with navigation for a purpose. The structure of URL help search engine to help you and also clear and clean URL will surely be clicked by the users.

  • Internal Link

The internal links that related to the website pages is another factor for the on-page SEO. The reason is that it makes it much easier for the search engine to crawl your website and sustain the users for a long time.

  • Performance of Page

Your website page performance is very crucial. If your website page too long to load or does not function well on the mobile devices, your users will be frustrated and leave the site quickly. But search engines can easily discover this behavior and use it as a page ranking factor. If you want to maximize the loading speed of your website page, try to do the following:

  1. Optimize the website images to suitable file size.
  2. Take advantage of outbound links and related keywords.

Off-Page SEO

The Off-page SEO concerns with all the practices of SEO that take place outside your site and such include relevance of link, backlinks, social signals and others. With off-page SEO, you do not have total control because social signals, backlinks, reviews, and other factors depend on the behavior of others. There are several factors of off-page that can affect the ranking of search engines anytime user carry out a search. The factors include:

  • Backlinks

The most significant ranking factor that has the greatest effect on website ranking is backlinks that point to your website. Backlinks happen when other sites link back to your website. Those backlinks from the trusted websites are to look for search engines the kind of sanction for your content. Some of the contents of your website might get backlinked on their own but in most cases, you will have to add more effort before the content could be backlinked. Backlinks can be obtained by:

  1. Linking your facebook page to your website.
  2. Try and submit visitor blogs to the industrial sites.
  3. Register with the review and directory websites.
  4. Try and reach out to the bloggers and influencers
  • Domain Authority

Another factor of off-page SEO that is less in your control is domain authority. This domain authority helps the search engines to decide on how much they can trust you. Domain authority is affected by the following:

  1. The age of your domain ( the longer, the better)
  2. The history of your domain name. In case it has a previous owner that does not abide by the best practices, the search engines will detect that history and take that into consideration.
  • The number of domains referred so far.

Organic traffic and search engines play a vital role in the growth of the business. The reason is that most of the targeted audience makes use of search engine to locate you. Creating the on-page and off-page SEO will enable you to become visible to more possible customers.

Why Do You Need SEO Consultation?

In everything in life, to get the right person for a certain job is very compulsory most especially if you are in search of an SEO consultant. If you want to employ an unqualified person or you do not know the right thing to do, definitely, you will end up wasting your effort and precious time. When it comes to SEO for business, you are as well risking your business profits and integrity. Due to the fact that disastrous SEO was implemented, your website will surely be banned from search engines. This will result in lesser sales and traffic to your website and there will be the negative view from your audience towards your website.

Do not be discouraged from seeking help from a qualified SEO consultant. If you can hire one, he or she will improve your website and ensure your visibility on the internet. A qualified SEO consultant provides SEO packages that will channel the need for your company and review your site for content and technical areas. Depending on the review giving, SEO consultant will recommend to you on how to improve your site in order to generate better traffic. For example, Search Engine Optimization consultant will carry out content writing if you are having tight schedule or resources to do it. Actually, both SEO and website copywriting goes hand-in-hand. Also, you may want to leverage their professionalism to develop and manage SEO campaigns. With different knowledge in marketing, a reputable SEO consultant can easily create SEO strategy and plan such as offering keyword researchers and search engine friendly content management system. This will help in pulling quality and quantity traffic to your website.

When Exactly Do You Need Search Engine Optimization Consultant?

The best time to look for a qualified search engine optimization consultant is when you are thinking of how to re-construct your present site or when you want to launch a new website. SEO consultant will contribute more to your site to develop a fresh website. Your choice of hiring an SEO consultant will create a great effect on your business, hence, it is advisable to carry out some research before hiring one. An experienced SEO consultant will view your site and tell you the best approach that will work best for you. With experienced SEO consultant, you can save yourself months of time that could easily be wasted when you are trying to introduce new strategies. When it comes to the monetary aspect of the time of your trials on marketing approach, you will definitely be sure that by consulting with your SEO  consultant, it worth its price.

What SEO Consultant Will Offer You

 A qualified SEO consultant will offer you wide varieties of services that range from natural SEO to paid advertising. The consultant will help you review the content on your website and optimize the information. They will get quality links to your website and at this junction, you must know that the content of your site has an effect on your ranking on a search engine such as Google. In SEO, keywords and phrases must be used suitably on the webpage.

Another thing SEO consultant offer is to advise you on the website development technically. This will include whom to approach for quality links to your site and how the content on your site must be laid out so as to improve your website page rankings.

Without a well qualified SEO consultant, your website will soon disappear from visibility. The consultant is needed to manage your website for series of purpose which might not be very clear to you physically. However, if you really want to continue in online business and dreaming of the longevity of your website in business, why not take advantage of hiring SEO consultant like us for your business development.

We are here for you. We will go to your website and examine it based on series of many ranking factors and structural factors. Our services are not limited to big business companies, we also render services to the small-sized and medium companies. All you need do is to fill the short form on our website page and within a short time, we will get back to you. We are the solution to every SEO bugging questions that could be troubling your website. We are here to take your business to the next level and rank high on the result pages of search engine. Why not give us a try and see the great magic we will offer your business website. For those that are looking for:

  • More website traffic
  • More followers and enthusiasts on social media
  • More walk-in customers to your local shop
  • More rankings in Google search engine
  • More business for your business
  • Better ROI with your business marketing

This is the reason why we are here to meet up with your need. We are full of years of experience and will not allow any blemish on your business reputation. Your satisfaction and growth in business is our concern. Engage us in SEO work today and see how your website page will rank better!

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