Established Websites For Sale With Traffic

Established Websites For Sale With Traffic and skip the website design and build stage altogether. Go right to promoting your new internet business to start making money TODAY!

Why Should You Buy an Established Website For Sale With Traffic?

  • You could own the website today. No waiting at the site to be developed.
  • Ability to choose the type of website you want.
  • The design and any programming work is already done.
  • Site could already be receiving traffic and making money.
  • Costs less than having a custom website developed for you. Sometimes web page designers create websites to sell or maybe the website owner simply does not have time for it. Either way, you could be getting a great website at a good price.
MD Tangeer Mehedi - SEO Expert

I'm the only owner of listing domains and websites. I made a website then sell or I buy a website after fixing website or SEO error then sell. I have few domains and established website for sale. So, deal with me and ask me anything about listing website and domain. Contact with me via Skype (anik998) or use website Contact form. You may check my Facebook for trust.

Test out the website before you buy and Contact us with your bid.

Established Websites For Sale With Traffic

Established Websites with traffic vs Build a Website from scratch

Why buy a website and spend $3,000 when you could simply buy a domain and hosting for $50 per year. The reason??

You can start a new website from scratch. But with each new website, it takes a little time to gain traction, be indexed in the search, and gain some kind of tracking. It also takes time to earn rankings. If you want to make money with your website you need targeted traffic.

If you start a new site, you most likely will not have traffic, page rank, or MozRank, or domain authority. You can get traffic, MozRank and Domain Authority, but they all take time. Even the best webmasters I know can not get all this quickly. It takes several months at best and it took me years.

Why buy Established Websites?

80% of new businesses fail. Simply put, a business is always a gamble, but a new business is even riskier. Buying established and profitable websites gives you an instant stream of revenue, which you can then optimize and then resell to get an additional benefit . Established websites already have traffic and must have inbound links and original content.

You can usually pick up a site for less than 2 times the annual income, so you know you will get your money back in 2 years. But how do you value a domain?

Buying domain names is like buying empty land, it is difficult to build. But buying established websites with traffic is like buying rental apartments, start collecting the rent checks immediately.

Established Websites For Sale With Traffic

Website owners also often lose opportunities to take their website to the next level. You can buy a poorly designed and monetized site, fix some basic SEO errors and coding, and replace or optimize AdSense placements. The increase in traffic and earnings per visitor means higher overall revenue, which will shorten your ROI or increase the selling price if you choose to re-enter the property.

Websites can also be used to add another backlink to your main website. Double bonus if the site is linking to its competitor, and buys and exchanges links.

If you find a site that you are interested in buying, then you need to bid on it, just like you for an item listed on eBay. If you succeed then congratulations! You are now the new owner of an existing business that you can then build. If you are outbid, do not worry! We hope you have learned a lot from the research on the sites that interest you.

How to make money with an existing website

Now that you own the site and have total control, it’s time to start making money. Here’s where to start:

  • Change Amazon links to your username. The easiest way to do this is to install the Search & Replace addon.
  • Change through the AdSense code. Simply change your advertiser account number to your account number.
  • Find the existing affiliate programs and change them to your name.

After you change existing things, it’s time to make money in the future. 

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