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When a job posting is published, the chances are many candidates will apply. The company that posts the job is able to use various recruiting tools to find potential candidates based on location, job criteria and other parameters. This is why people need to choose the words they use on their profile wisely.


If you’re offering what the company is looking for, then your chances of your profile being found by them are high. We all know that buzz words should be use in our resumes. However, you should also use buzz words on your LinkedIn profile. 

SEO Tips For LinkedIn ProfilesYou want your LinkedIn profile to stand out, it’s time to upgrade your LinkedIn profile. We are going to provide you with some tips to help you with just that. All of these tips are easy to implement. With that said, here are our top search engine optimization tips for LinkedIn


  1. Custom Profile URL: Most LinkedIn URL’s contain a bunch of random numbers and letters. However, you can personalize it by creating a custom profile URL, which means you can use the URL as your full name. If your name is taken, then use your initials. Creating a custom URL profile makes it easy for companies to find your page.


  1. Keywords– What jobs do you desire to apply for because you’ll want to determine what common terms are used within those fields. A good way to do this is by using Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Find and use keywords that increases your chances of your profile being found. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose at least 3-5 keywords to use within your resume. 


  1. Use A Profile Picture– Your photo is what people notice first, at least in today’s digital age. Before companies get to meet you, they typically see your photo. This is why you have to put some thought into what photo you’ll use for your profile. 


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Choose a photo that has a simple background, and make sure the photo is high resolution. Also, your head should be visible and should be the focused of the pic because the photo icon is tiny. The same way you’d present yourself face-to-face with a company is the same way you should present yourself in your profile photo. The bottom line is to showcase a profile picture that is appropriate.


  1. Content– When it comes to content, you want to be strategic. Your content should be a story about your career. Use keywords throughout your profile, such as in your about me section, the job description section and the skills section. Also, use keywords in titles of any posts you use because this too may increase your chances of being found by companies in LinkedIn. 


  1. Optimize Your Anchor Links– Up to three of your websites can be added to LinkedIn. This gives you the chance to show your work off to potential companies that might be looking for the type of content you produce. Choose “other,” instead of “type,” and then use your keywords to describe it. 


  1. Complete Your Profile– All fields need to be completed because this increases the number of views you’ll end up receiving. If you miss filling out a section, then go back to it and fill it out. Your profile tells companies who you are and what you’re about, so make sure your entire profile is filled. 


  1. Provide Samples– Another thing you should do is provide samples of your work by uploading samples. Share anything that showcases your skills. The key is to show that you have the abilities and skills for the types of companies you want to work for. Plus, your profile will standout when you have samples. 


  1. Group Memberships– In a perfect world, you’ll join groups that are relevant and then you’ll share ideas with other members. In reality. you should be joining groups with the purpose of increasing your visibility in the search engines. Companies scout potential employees via forums and groups, which means you should be as active as possible. When you engage within groups, then your profile will standout and you’ll likely eventually be noticed by companies you’re hoping to land a job with.


  1. Recommendations– Reach out to both current and past colleagues for reviews. If you have people vouching for your abilities and skills, then you’ll gain an edge over your competition. The chances are people you know will help you out by leaving reviews on your LinkedIn profile. Plus, people will be happy that you value their opinion and input.


  1. Interaction– LinkedIn is all about interaction. This means do everything from expanding your network to participating in groups. Endorse your connections and make yourself known. Building an awesome profile and then doing nothing with it is just something you shouldn’t do. 


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After you land your dream job, don’t abandoned your profile. In fact, be as active as possible and continue to update your profile with the new work you’ve created or skills you have just learn. Staying active does two things, with one being it keeps you involved, and the second is you remain relevant. In turn, your profile will continue to standout.

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