Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns – Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score?

Per-pay-click advertising helps businesses to earn more returns on investment and generate leads faster. These pay-per-click ads are the advertisements you see when you conduct a search for a product or service online. When online visitors click on these ads, you pay to Google AdWords. The amount of money you pay to Google AdWords depends upon your quality score. If your quality score is high, the amount you pay to Google for each ad decreases- now how does an online business owner increase the quality score for Google AdWords?

An insight into Google AdWords

Before going into knowing what works and what does not work for Google AdWords, it is important for you first to know the factors that improve the quality score for Google AdWords. For this, you need to go through them one by one and know the percentage allotted to each one of them when it comes to improving the quality score for Google AdWords. There are a number of factors, and it is prudent to know each one of them before you proceed.

Quality Score for Google AdWords- Dos and Don’ts

When an online visitor clicks on PPC Ads, you pay Google money; however, if a visitor does not click on your PPC advertisement, you do not have to pay Google money. The following are some tips on how to improve the quality score of Google-

  1. Target keywords that are very specific for your business- In order to pay less for Google AdWords, you should choose specific keywords that precisely match the search results. Google will show the ad to those people that search for that keyword on the search engine. However, if you choose a broad keyword, Google will show your ad to many people who may not click on your ad. This causes the click to rate to decrease and the cost per click to increase. This means you should target a higher volume of click to rate so that the quality score for Google AdWords increase.


  1. Use negative keywords- Now it prudent for you to add in negative keywords for improving Google AdWords quality score. For instance, you may be selling Apple mobiles and computers. Make sure you add negative keywords as if someone types in Apple, they may be looking for the fruit instead, and your Ad shows up leading to no-clicks. This again leads you to spend more money on your Google AdWords campaign. So, here make sure you add the negative keyword for fruit or food.
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  1. Group similar keywords- If you check your keywords, you will find that many of them are like one another or similar in nature. Grouping keywords that are like one another helps you to reduce costs and save money. The moment you group your keywords together, you can create the relevant text for your advertisement against each group. When you have all your keywords in a single campaign, you will not get clicks for all the keywords that show up, and this leads to the cost per click to increase and click-through rate to decrease. Note, that Google will always optimize to earn revenue so higher click-through rate will increase quality score. When you are creating your ad groups, ensure they are small. Last but not least, ensure that these ad groups have logic and match the keywords that are the most relevant to the ad groups used. Research well on the keywords and keep a check on which of them is performing well.


  1. Continued optimization of ad text-If your ad text gets more click-through rates over the other competitors in the market, the quality score for Google AdWords increase and you need to pay less cost per click to Google. You can do some trial and error to check the above, and if you are still unsure, check what your competitors are doing in the same business niche. You just need to type in the keyword and check the ads at the top of the Google search engine results to get an idea on the ad text that is being used. Many new business owners ask themselves – do I need PPC management for my ads? Experts in the field say it is prudent to invest in good professionals experienced in the field to get the best results. There are several companies one can opt for when it comes to PPC management and its effective results. Make sure that the text you use for the ads is high in quality to get the best results.
  2. Optimize the landing page for your pay per click advertising- Your landing page plays an important role when it comes to pay per click advertising campaign. One should always ensure the keyword is included in the landing page to encourage more clicks. Make sure that the design is good and you have the call-to-action inserted in every section of the page for getting better click-through rates.
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Last but not least, ensure that you are able to give your users the best user experience when it comes to the quality of ads and click through rates. There are some things that you may need to change in order to make the user experience of the ads better. One should always hire professionals that are well versed in the field of PPC management for ads.

Good companies will have positive online reviews and give you the desired results. Moreover, they will help you to understand the nature of your PPC campaign and customize it to your needs. Note there are some factors in your PPC campaign that might take less time to change while others more time. One needs to check the campaign carefully and sees what needs to be fixed. In this way, the quality score for Google AdWords improves, and you can earn more targeted traffic and revenue as well. Bank on experts in the field with proven track records in the past so that you get the best results!


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