List of 200+ Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you looking for blogs that accept guest posts?


I have a great list of options for you.

In the past 2 years I have been growing this list so you never had to go back.

What is  Guest Posts?

For those of you who are not familiar with marketing content, blogs and SEO, guest posting is an act of writing and posting a blog post or an article on the blog or a website by someone else. Your work can or can not be balanced financially. This only depends on whether the website / blog provides a financial incentive for their contributions.

Here are few main advantages of the guest for other sites blogging:

  • Reaching a wider audience: Carrying your work to external third party websites mean more people see your work. Imagine if you publish your article in Forbes, 10s or even 100s of thousands of people your articles would be read, and if the subject is directly correlated with what you do, people will come back for more (often right on your website).
  • Reference Generate Traffic Quality: The quality contributions that thousands of people see and read are likely to generate a ton of quality traffic-oriented reference. You know where that can lead.
  • Create a lasting relationship: If you are not one of those people who are invited only to post links, most likely post several articles on a blog. This in turn will strengthen the relationship with the blog owner and lead to new partnerships.
  • Become an influential person: authoritarian presents on websites and blogs will become an influencer in the eyes of your potential audience. People would see you as an expert in your niche, and often quote his words as the words “The Almighty”.
  • Increase authority to your site: People are more likely to trust and buy from the brand, which has a web presence powerful. If your product gets a reasonable contribution to The Next Web, do people have more confidence in this product buying from you? Safe thing.
  • More Trust: Imagine being flagged in Forbes, Wired, Inc. and Entrepreneurship? This certainly will tell you something about the quality of their writing and experience.
  • Increase the exposure and brand awareness: How to increase the authority of your website, guest blogs can make your brand a much wider audience.
  • Inbound links (backlinks): Should I really explain this point? Well, you can also get a quality, powerful backlink profile bio. The overwhelming majority of sites allow you to add a link or two in your right side, usually it appears at the bottom of each publication.
  • Create an email list: An influx of referral traffic to your website can lead to growth of your mailing list. If and only if you can convert that traffic to their regular subscriber.

How to be the Perfect Guest Blogger?

Until you read this part, you have probably noticed that the publication / contribution score is not an easy way to get backlinks. You must be ready to publish your socks in an authoritative publication.

But how do you go about this post “perfect” host to create?

  • Know the content and audience of the blog:  Identify which content best performs on a particular blog and what kind of content gets the most force. Identify the style of the other posts, how well are written and how detailed the jobs are.
  • Read the guidelines: How long should the play? There is no point writing an article of 2000 words just to discover that the limit is 1000 words.
  • Set your message: Before the actual article with the writing, throwing an idea first is worth to see if this would be something they are published.
  • Write quality article: Ensure that your entry is formatted according to the style of the blog, including all relevant picture (everyone loves pictures).
  • Make a perfect line (bio): If you want your blog guest to be successful, the way you present yourself can be the deciding factor. Illustrate your experience and the knowledge of the subject, add a link or two back to your site and add all relevant social networks.
  • Review: Double or even triple check your articles, read out and give a friend or family member to read. Is it good flow, is it consistent, a normal person can understand what you are trying to say?

List of 200+ Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

S. NoWebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficultyLink
2Business Insider95292ExtremeContact
3Survey Monkey Blog94610HardContribute
5Fast Company923,960ExtremeContact
7Harvard Business Review912,739ExtremeContact
9Venture Beat902,886HardGuest Post
11Small Biz Trends8414,272HardBecome an Author
12Seeking Alpha831,888HardContribute
14Business 2 Community819,237HardContribute
15All Business8034,112ModerateGuest Post
17Wise Bread7425,908ModerateContribute
18BPlans7310,740HardWrite For Them
20Feedster70426,330ModerateWrite For Them
23SiteProNews6955,054ModerateGuest Post
24Money Saving Mom6650,207ModerateGuest Post
25Customer Think6590,204ModerateContribute
26Startup Grind6562,916ModerateBecome a Writer
27Startup Nation64105,448ModerateContribute
28Killer Startups6492,514ModerateGuest Post
29Accounting Web6350,559EasyRegister & Post
30Training Zone62272,612EasyRegister & Post
31My Customer61111,294EasyRegister & Post
32My Corporation60170,531ModerateBecome an Author
33Business Zone59121,293EasyRegister & Post
34Tweak Your Biz5867,256ModerateContribute
35HR Zone56160,606EasyRegister & Post
36Mirasee53159,848ModerateGuest Post
37Inc 425241,644ModerateGuest Post
38Women on Business52405,645ModerateWrite For Them
40Ecopreneurist51496,180ModerateWrite For Them
43Youngupstars47278,709ModerateGuest Post
44E Secret34235,758EasyGuest Post
45GoDaddy Garage97131HardContribute
46Outbrain Blog95177HardBecome an Author
48Hubspot91535HardGuest Post
49Search Engine Land914,256ExtremeContribute
50Copy Blogger8922,600HardGuest Post
51Search Engine Watch8810,799HardContact
52Content Marketing Institute8624,329HardContribute
53Social Media Examiner866,276HardWrite For Them
54Social Media Today8416,001HardRegister
55Marketing Land8419,485ExtremeContribute
56Media Post8435,519HardContact
58Crazy Egg8419,105HardContribute
59Search Engine Journal839,089HardWrite For Them
61Search Engine Roundtable8224,321ExtremeSend a Tip
62Convince & Convert8046,408HardContribute
63Smart Insights8012,224HardContact
65SEMRush802,159ModerateRegister & Post
66Marketing Profs7926,869HardWrite For Them
67Duct Tape Marketing7472,347ModerateGuest Post
69Social Media Explorer73138,065HardContact
70SEO Chat7124,057HardGuest Post
71Advanced Web Ranking6773,210ModerateBecome an Author
72Search Engine People6483,969ModerateGuest Post
73Social Nomics63230,109ModerateContact
74The SEM Post6163,405ModerateWrite For Them
75Income Diary5635,916ModerateSubmit Article
76Sociable Blog54555,761ModerateGuest Post
77Twelve Skip5139,390ModerateWrite For Them
79Guerrilla Marketing49149,813ModerateContribute
80SEO-Hacker4897,577ModerateGuest Post
81ClickFire47811,521ModerateWrite For Them
82Social Media Sun43488,836ModerateContribute
83PPC.org42661,101ModerateWrite For Them
84Daily SEO Blog40######ModerateWrite For Them
85Social Media Impact35745,360ModerateWrite For Them
87Tricky Enough29313,756ModerateContact
88Techniblogic2897,316ModerateRegister & Post
89Solvid Blog28687,960ModerateContribute
90The Huffington Post98177ExtremeBlog Pitch
91* BuzzFeed93184EasyRegister & Post
93* WikiHow91168EasyWrite
94EHow912,279HardWrite For Them
95A List Apart9029,485HardContribute
97How Stuff Works881,631HardWrite For Them
98Blogher8737,649EasyRegister & Post
100Self Growth7727,055ModerateRegister & Post
101Daily Blog Tips7578,228ModerateContact
102Pick The Brain6753,852ModerateContact
103The Blog Herald67174,557ModerateContact
104Wonder How To653,745ModerateContribute
105Dumb Little Man6556,657ModerateContribute
106Tech Wyse61107,125ModerateWrite For Them
107Shout Me Loud604,110ModerateContribute
108Specky Geek60358,374ModerateWrite For Them
109Write To Done5998,284ModerateWrite For Them
110The Write Life5849,276ModerateWrite For Them
111Kikolani5696,426ModerateGuest Post
112Freelance Writing54113,398ModerateWrite For Them
113Live Write Thrive54401,584ModerateGuest Blog
114Matthew Woodward5150,821HardWrite For Them
115Famous Bloggers51145,412ModerateContribute
116Blog Engage5166,474ModerateGuest Blog
117Basic Blog Tips51128,991ModerateContact
118The Digitel47144,595EasyPost
119Blog Dash45204,042ModerateGuest Post
120Successful Blogging44173,162ModerateContact
121iBlog Zone43375,359ModerateContribute
122We Blog Better43376,100ModerateGuest Post
123All Blogging Tips4151,762ModerateGuest Post
124HellBound Bloggers4153,478ModerateGuest Post
125Bloggers Passion4059,762ModerateGuest Post
126Intense Blog38275,572ModerateWrite For Them
127Career Metis33297,341ModerateWrite For Them
129Tech Crunch 94523ExtremeContribute
131ZDNet942,789ExtremeSend a Tip
132The Verge93600ExtremeSend a Tip
133The Next Web911,960HardContribute
134Read Write9022,707HardContact
136Tech Republic883,295HardContribute
137New Atlas855,283HardContact
138GSM Arena83359ExtremeSend a Tip
139Opensource7417,033ModerateSubmit Article
141Techno Buffalo7312,571HardSubmit a Tip,613ExtremeSend a Tip
143Tech Vibes69130,108HardPitch a Story
144Addictive Tips6114,235ModerateSend a Tip
145I Love Free Software4945,839ModerateWrite For Them
146iAM Wire4460,733ModerateGuest Post
147Techfor.us43834,196ModerateWrite For Them
148Technically Easy41509,485ModerateGuest Post
149Geek Estate Blog41497,054ModerateContribute
150Tech Walls3471,681ModerateWrite
151Martech Today28186,085HardContribute
152* Smashing Magazine903,914ExtremeWrite For Them
153Creative Bloq872,482HardContribute
154* Sitepoint86981HardContribute
155CSS Tricks841,474HardGuest Post
156* Codepen83847EasyRegister & Post
157Theme Isle8210,930ModerateWrite For Them
158Envato Tuts+821,607HardTeach
160Dzone794,460HardRegister & Submit
161Hongkait792,060HardWrite For Them
162Android Central791,499HardSend a Tip
163Web Design Depot797,889HardWrite For Them
164Six Revisions7843,295ModerateContact
165Android Authority741,953HardContribute
166Specky Boy7313,156HardSubmit an Article
167Web Design Ledger7231,447ModerateContribute
1681st Web Designer7117,064ModerateWrite For Them
170UX Booth6879,775ModerateContribute
171Instant Shift6637,511ModerateBecome an Author
172Design Shack6415,061ModerateWrite For Them
173WP Tavern6439,222ModerateSend a Tip
174Vandelay Design6428,227ModerateWrite For Them
175Onextra Pixel6440,854ModerateWrite For Them
176WP Lift5761,038ModerateContact
177Men With Pens56341,956ModerateGuest Post
178Code In WP5622,564ModerateWrite For Them
179Designr Fix5455,023ModerateWrite For Them
180WP Arena53742,375ModerateSubmit Article
181Crazy Leaf Design53300,253ModerateGuest Post
183WP Mayor4956,713ModerateContact
184Creative Overflow48238,190ModerateContribute
185Usability Geek48101,212ModerateWrite For Them
186Design Beep4767,598ModerateWrite For Them
187Qarea46######ModerateGuest Post
188WP Eka42177,044ModerateContact
189Skyje41518,746ModerateWrite For Them
190Smashing Magazine903,914ExtremeWrite For Them
191Small Biz Trends8414,272HardBecome an Author
193Business 2 Community819,237HardContribute
194All Business8034,112ModerateGuest Post
195My Customer61111,294EasyRegister & Post
196Business Zone59121,293EasyRegister & Post
197Tweak Your Biz5867,256ModerateContribute
198Outbrain Blog95177HardBecome an Author
199Hongkait792,060HardWrite For Them
200Hubspot91535HardGuest Post
201Search Engine Land914,256ExtremeContribute
202Social Media Examiner866,276HardContribute
203Marketing Land9419,485ExtremeContribute
204Specky Boy7313,156HardSubmit an Article
205Search Engine Journal 839,089HardWrite For Them
206SEMRush802,159ModerateRegister & Post
207Solvid Blog20######ModerateContribute
208The Huffington Post98177ExtremeBlog Pitch
210Tech Crunch94523ExtremeContribute
211The Next Web911,960HardContribute
212Martech Today28186,085HardContribute
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More Free Guest posting site:

How to Submit Blogs That Accept Guest Posts?

  • Read the guidelines: Different blogs have different requirements for authors and guest bloggers. Some accept only the contributions are less than 800 words; Others can only add items to you when you are a person known to be in your niche. Always check the guidelines.
  • Create unique content: blog a misspelled message No serious accept, especially by a guest blogger. Make your background work, support their demands, make arguments, check your grammar and spelling errors. No one is perfect, but if your article is terrible, not displayed. As simple as that.
  • Do not show your expertise and experience: You are usually just blogging about topics, and have a thorough knowledge. Therefore, if you know your niche well enough and I have enough knowledge on the subject – show it!
  • Do not write for the audience: Do not go with SEO when you write for a small business blog. The public did not understand a word. Instead, adjust your content to this audience blog.
  • Create the original content: Simply write unique content that has never been published in other sites / blogs (including yours). If your message is accepted, you should avoid publishing this piece.
  • Find out what works best: Identify what kind of content is best in this blog. Is top 10 lists or guided tours in depth? You can rate it by the number of shares and comments a post has won.
  • Make a perfect line art: To be presented in an attractive way, you need to write a bio decent profile. Add your remarkable performance and earlier posts.

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How to Find More Blogs That Accept Guest Posts?

Put your keyword and search on google.

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Your Keyword + “contribute”
Your Keyword + “guest post”
Your Keyword + “write for us”
Your Keyword + “become an author”
Your Keyword + “guest posting”
Your Keyword+ “submit post”
Your Keyword + “submit article”
Your Keyword + “submit an article”
Your Keyword+ “tip us”
Your Keyword + “submit a tip”


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I would love to hear from you if you have comments, suggestions and of course, any correction. Do I know any popular blog in any niche that accept guest contribution, please let me know in the comments?

I love to see about the big blogs in the list. I’m aiming to make a one-stop shop for guest bloggers for the guest blogging site. Let me know if you have recommendations to guest blog sites.

List of 200+ Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
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