Resume Tips That Work for a Marketing Career

Are you looking for a career in the world of marketing? Well, with these tips you can get that interview and then the job.

 Customize The Content Of Your Resume

If, for instance, you’re a graphic designer, you should adjust your resume to match the requirements of each and every new job you want to apply to. Keep a full version that contains all your achievements, skills and certifications, but use a more concise version each time you send out a new application. Perhaps one of those jobs requires that you are skilled in using specialized software tools, while another one asks for excellent communication skills.

Include Proof

Listing what you can do won’t take you a long way. Always include proof of your best achievements and explain your achievements to employers.

Include Numbers

Many creatives have a hard time at changing the angle from conceptual thinking to hard figures. At the same time, employers need to see that you are capable of bringing measurable results. Consider including sales statistics, and other examples of ROI in your resume to show that you do care for the results of the company you’re part of.

 Emphasize Soft Skills

Job-related abilities are very important, but modern employers seek for soft skills such as problem solving, time management, and flexibility. Find some examples that showcase your use of these soft skills in your day to day work.

Give Up Cliches

Cliches and buzzwords won’t bring you any competitive advantage, so avoid using them. Even if other creatives would know what you’re talking about, your resume will probably land on the table of a HR executive who has no idea about your creative jargon.

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Proofread Your Resume

Spotting mistakes can be hard, particularly when you rehash the same phrases time and again. Keep in mind, though, that one typo is everything it takes for the employer not to invite you to an interview. Read your resume with great care before submitting it. Print it out and ask some of your friends to read it, as well. If possible, find someone who isn’t involved in graphic design but is an expert in proofreading.

Use Your Design Skills

Resume templates may work well for other areas of activity. However, creative directors will surely pay attention to the graphic layout of your resume. Make sure you find creative and stylish ways to use typography and other design elements.

Sell Yourself In Style

Your graphic designer resume is your ultimate asset and an important marketing tool. It should speak volumes about your personal brand. As a matter of fact, your resume, your cover letter and your work portfolio should be consistent with your personal branding.

Put Readability Ahead Of Design

Whatever your choice of design, make sure that your resume is easy to read. If it confuses the reader, you won’t get invited to any interview. Ask your friends for feedback and simplify the design if needed.

Use Color With Care

If you decide to go for a color graphic designer resume, make sure the colors you choose add value to your content rather than devalue it.

Think Stock

A quality paper stock is a good idea, particularly when it complements your design.

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Keep Your File Size Small

Submitting your resume in .pdf format requires that you pay attention to the size of the final file. While everything needs to look sharp, the total file size should be within reasonable limits.

 Have A Second Version Handy

Prepare a second version of your resume by removing all design elements. You may need to submit this text-only version, so it’s better to be ready to do so. If you’re asked for your work portfolio later on, take that opportunity to send your branded resume as well.

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