Improving Your Performance of Social Media

  1. Use the right tools.


The most important key to social media dominance is a consistent plant to post content at times when they will be most effective. According to the experts, a business will get the best results by tweeting at last 15 times each day. Of course, you are a busy person and can’t be bogged down in the logging in and logging out of social media accounts all day long. For this reason, you need to grab a set of the latest tools.


The right tools will allow you to schedule posts and do all the minutiae of social media campaigning in one easy sitting rather than staying online and in tune with the accounts which can be a full time gig. Buffer is one tool that will allow you to handle all your social media accounts from one easy to access location. You will also be able to schedule posts, post at optimal times and check on how your posts are actually going. Agency 2 professionals say that using the right tools will minimize the amount of effort you will have to apply into running a successful media campaign.


  1. Focus on customer service.


Social media is the latest location for handling your customer services. Rather than using the conventional email or phone call, many people have found it easier to contact a company through its social media account. As a matter of fact, over 54% of customers prefer social media help over conventional phone or email.


So, rather than using your social media channels to sell your brand, use it to promote by solving all the issues your customers, and potential clients might be having. You could even apply this also engenders and important level of trust, customers will be more inclined to buy your products if they know their issues will be handled quickly.

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  1. Promote your social media accounts.


Don’t assume that your clients and customers already know about your social media accounts, you will want to inform them at every opportunity. The easier you make it for your clients and customers to connect with your business through the social media accounts, the more they are likely to do so.


Begin to push your social media accounts and in your customers’ faces and suggest that they interact with the profiles your business manages. Make sure there are social media links to your accounts available at every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. The more people know about your social media campaign the bigger a splash you have the potential of making.


  1. Pay attention to what’s trending.


One of the greatest ways to gain some momentum for your campaign is to slide into the slipstream of a major social media trend. This will bring your options and service to a host of potential customers who would never have heard of your brand otherwise you may even have the chance to viral if your content is hot.


Staying on top of the current trends is easier than you may imagine. You can see all the top trends rocking the Twitter scene in a list of hangtags on the left side of the homepage in the “Trends for You” section. You can choose whichever of the hashtags you think would benefit you the most and they don’t actually have to be especially relevant to your business. If you believe you can start your own trend like #NationalShareADonutDay, you could be zeroing in on a gold mine.

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  1. Focus on eye-catching visuals.


Getting noticed in the long list of social media feeds is not an easy task and you will need to pull all the stops in getting your brand and personality out there. Because social media is an especially visual scene, the most important way will be to capture your message in bright, colorful, eye-catching and fully-engaging visuals.


This is no place to cheap out, you will need to use something no one has seen before. As you may imagine, pulling up some mediocre stock photos is an absolute no-go. Rather than that, consider real shots that capture a connection with the user. Original and engaging images don’t need to cost a thing but they do need to have a powerful content. Consider taking the photos yourself of the behind-the-scenes story that brings them their products as well as pictures of the product in use by people just like them. This also adds social proof to your presence.

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