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The online world has been expanding at a fast pace! Anything you need or want to buy you can place an order for it online, and it gets delivered within a few days. That’s how the eCommerce industry has been expanding rapidly. But here’s an essential thought that you should consider. Just because the online business domain is increasing globally, don’t think your eCommerce business site too is expanding at the same pace. Chances are it is growing at a slower speed than you had desired it to be. It could be that your online sales too have taken a hit which you are yet to notice.

And that is the situation with most eCommerce business! In an attempt to expand globally at a fast pace, sometimes eCommerce business owners forget to address issues related to less revenue generation and the like.

Several aspects contribute to the ongoing growth and development of the eCommerce business. And one of the most critical factors here is excellent web design. Almost, everything about your online business, right from the company logo to your site layout, structure, color, appearance, navigation to your online brochures – everything should get designed in a way that it enhances the overall user experience. It is here that you also need to look into the web design pricing with the help of an ace service provider.

The reverse is also true! It means if you have a low-quality website design, the chances are that you will lose out on relevant business opportunities. Do you wish to grow your online sales and leverage your digital marketing strategy? If yes, you need to up your website designing features. Discussed below are vital areas that you can work on.

  1. You need to maximize the website loading speed

Your online business performance is as impressive as your business website. When your online users get welcomed with poor quality design and very low site loading speed, they will bounce off from your site, even before they buy something. According to Stanford research, almost 75% of the online users today analyze the credibility of an online business depending majorly on the way the site looks.

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The latest research reveals if its past four seconds and your website didn’t load, almost 25% of the online users bounce off. It is an essential statistic that you need to keep in mind when you are designing a website. Make sure that your website is mobile responsive and also loads fast in every mobile and computing device. You should do all it takes to increase the load times. From using compressed image graphics to deleting unwanted web pages – make sure your site gets loaded within a maximum of three seconds, so that the audience doesn’t bounce off from your site and move to a competitor’s website.

  1. You can target your present users using email and remarketing ad campaigns

Selling your product to your current customers is more cost-efficient instead of getting new users. Do you want to expand your online business fast? If yes, then you have to concentrate on the marketing initiatives that you gain more sales from the present situation. And two useful ways are email campaigns and remarketing.

The remarketing ads by Google target those users who had visited your online business site. Hence, the people getting business ads are the ones who probably are more receptive to it than others. It is because they have already used your product. You need to resort to an appealing design to complement your remarketing ad. Add a compelling copy and useful offer. You will find that the repeat customers will show good interest in it.

Also, email marketing can help to boost your sales as well. Even though some people feel that email marketing has become a less potent tool, it still exists. And as you send your website link with a crisp email marketing content, it helps to increase your online traffic, generates leads and increases conversion.

  1. Leverage, all the power than a landing page, brings

Do you want to attain substantial growth in your online business site? If yes, you will have to concentrate on your landing page and make the most of it. Your landing page is a relevant web page that is mainly devoted to one single offer and product. And as opposed to the conventional website homepage, all the aspects of the landing page get concentrated on a compelling CTA (Call to Action). It gets designed specially to attract an online user and convert him/her into a potential customer.

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Hence, ensure that you design your landing page in the best way. Use appropriate landing page content. Make it crisp, concise, and error-free. Add a free PDF download if you want and indicate the same by a strong CTA. Also, make sure that the text and images used get aligned correctly.

  1. Navigation is important

No online user wants to land on a website that he/she doesn’t know how to navigate or browse through. In an attempt to make your website look different than the rest, don’t forget on the necessary protocols. Your online users are searching for pleasant user experience as they browse through a site, looking for what they want most. If the navigation is confusing or gets obstructed by irrelevant web pages, your users will bounce off from your website.

  1. Offer social proof to generate customer confidence

If yours is a start-up business, chances are people are starting to hear from you! And your online users want evidence about the way you are doing business. You can add a link to your social media profile on your website so that people can click on the link and find you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It will help to develop social proof, which will make your online audience realize that your online business is an authentic brand and follows transparent business practices. Also, welcome customer reviews and feedback on your website as well.

These are the five best ways in which you can enhance your website design and increase your online sales. Effective website design is also a part of SEO. Hence, you need to get your website design from an expert service provider who can help you keep your SEO strategy as well.


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