The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Epic Blog Post that Will Rank Well

If you kreisst a blog, you want to make sure it is at the top. You’ve worked hard, so hoping to get as much traffic as possible.

Although, because of the many articles and blogs that you can read online, it invites you to realize it or take the time to read your may not come easy.

So, How to Epic Blog Post that Will Rank Well?

Do you want your blog stands out and is ranked in search of readers? Following the guidelines below will help you get the most traffic, a blog can never reach.

Content is King by Bill Gates

Start With Good Keyword Research

We need potential guest bloggers to type a keyword on their playing field. 90% of the time, it is obvious that they have no idea what we are asking. This is not only very disappointing for us, but you also need to think shocking how to do your own things, whether it’s for your company or your customers. Find minimum search volume keyword first then go.

Content audit:

A content audit for the purpose of SEO provides a complete inventory of all indexable content in a domain which is then analyzed with performance metrics from a variety of sources to determine what content to maintain to be like, what to improve and Delete or consolidate said.

Using long tail keywords contributed greatly to this search result. But the real key to this success was a strategic blogging plan I stated consistently. This is a good representation of the structure of blog entry or anatomy that I use for my content.


post structure


Every blog can be epic: All you need is very interesting and useful topics and discussions. Make your topics related to target readers, Make it sound like you’re telling a story about a friend.

For formal write-ups only boredom for readers can give. Give them something that can see them useful for their everyday life, this is a good way to read your blog and actually coming back for more blogs from you.

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Promote the post each day

This is what, with the number of blogs that readers can benefit from, read online, is there an opportunity for your blog to rank?

The answer is yes, at first all you have to do your post is to promote every day, not just to promote the purposes you promoted. Use the right pages, social networks, even forums, etc.

Strategies for your promotion, the use of platforms that will be very open to the public will help you get your blog in the top rank. If there are thousands of different blogs that can be accessed online, there is good news, there are millions of people who are interested in reading several blogs.

Interlink your blog post

Linking your blog will not only give you the advantage of SEO, but as well as enter in facilitate your guests as they search your search and on your site.

People can tend to be very busy, so hard to navigate website is certainly not something they spend time exploring.

Building inbound links to blog post

Take advantage of blogs that are already in the top row when people do their search. This gives you notice more possibilities.
Inbound links are a hyperlink to send readers to your site from other sites.

This gives you more traffic, especially with sites that are already connected to the higher posts.

Make eye-catching headlines

Many headlines use words to describe the content of an article, and I think that helps set expectations. If the message meets the promise holder, readers are likely to share and recommend them to their networks.

Here are 16 words that we often use in our high performance headlines as labels for the type of mail. I do not think you have to use those words, but that certainly can help.

  • approaches
  • benefits
  • case studies
  • checklist
  • examples
  • guidelines
  • help
  • KPIs
  • learn
  • measure
  • presentations
  • reasons
  • statistics
  • things
  • trends
  • ways
Give Your Headlines Some Feeling


Put your most important information first

Writing for the web is very different from writing a essay or article. On websites you have to do the opposite, always your main points come first.

SEO and Blog Design

This content elements on the page will add to a blog’s success:

  • Search box
  • Breadcrumbs (helping users navigate but i don’t recommend it for seo purpose),
  • Great architecture
  • Images (see copyright free images site list)
  • Link to your best content (use gtmetrix for it)
  • Keep your best content above the fold
  • Don’t overdo links
  • Watch ad space
  • Comments option
  • Test the blog for speed
  • Check your blog in different browsers ( I use browserling for test)
  • Add sharing buttons
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Organize your content

Sometimes blog entries can have an overwhelming amount of information, for the reader and the writer. The trick is to organize information so that readers are not intimidated by the length or amount of content. The organization can take several forms, sections, lists, tips on what is most appropriate. But it has to be organized!

Optimizing individual posts

Optimizing individual posts by yoast seo plugin.

Writing an Epic Blog Post

See full post by Yoast SEO: The definitive guide to higher rankings for WordPress sites


This writing tips are helpful? What tips would you add? Leave your opinion and comments in the box below…

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