Speed up Your WordPress Website Using WP Rocket

Have you found the perfect frame WP rocket for speed up your WordPress website? In this blog post, I will give you few tips to track down and solve the most common causes of the slowness of a website, even if you already use WP rocket. And if your website is already fast, these points will help to increase your speed!

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed?

After doing speed up process, test you website current speed position. Here are my top recommendations for testing your website speed:

  • Pingdom Website Speed Test: With this tool, you should get a reduced site load time as well as a reduced number of server requests. This tool also compares your website speed to other websites online.
  • GTMetrix: This tool analyzes your website speed with Google Pagespeed Insights and Yslow and gives you a rating of A to F. It also provides improvement suggestions.
  • Webpage Analyzer: This tool gives you information about your page size and website download time, and it provides suggestions on how to improve your website’s load time.
  • Google Pagespeed InsightsYou should be at a score closer to 100. It also has a mobile speed test tool that you can use.
  • Yslow: This tool analyzes your website speed based on Yahoo! ‘S rules for website performance.
  • WebPage Test: The closer your score is to 100, the faster your site.

Result after configure wp rocket plugin

Speed up Your WordPress

What is WP Rocket Plugin?

what is wp rocketWP Rocket is caching and performance optimization plugin to improve the loading speed of WordPress web pages.

You can install and configure the WP rocket in less than 3 minutes.

WP rocket integrates the latest features in terms of performance: image loading, delayed loading of JavaScript, minification of HTML code, concatenation and reduction of CSS and JavaScript files.

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Despite being very crowded, WP rocket is also very easy to set up for beginners as well.

This is a paid wp plugin. Contact with me, I will provide it free.  Or get free with on-page seo service. 

Speed up Your WordPress Website Using WP Rocket


How to Configure WP Rocket Plugin for WordPress?

I use this Configure for WP Rocket. Go to Wp Rocket > Settings

Speed up Your WordPress Configuring WP Rocket

Ultimate Video Guide to WP Rocket settings and setup

Do this step before doing previous step:

  1. Choosing a Good Hosting Provider WordPress.
    Let’s start discussing how to find a good WordPress host. Contact the guest directly to the website names they contain and use to test performance. Some Internet servers have examples of websites on their website.
  2. The theme light wp election
    Try to keep your topic as simple as possible. This will help you in two, providing your visitors a great user experience and keeping your site light as well. Do not forget to remove the reduced mobility issues that you do not use on your site.
  3. Image optimization
    Using the corresponding image format can significantly reduce file size and increase site speed. For Web file formats used are JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG. It is also useful to know the difference between raster and vector images. I use  this two tools for optimization images: WP Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer.
  4. Remove unnecessary plugins
    Remove unnecessary plugins. This will not only give you a hand to increase overall speed, but it is also a good security measure. Do not force your WordPress query to sort through more absurd than it really needs to be solved.
  5. Adjust placement of scripts
    The way a web page appears in your visitor’s browser starts at the beginning of the file and goes step by step to the end of the file. This means that if <head> loaded with a ton of hyphens its section is loaded another way until all the hyphens have been loaded.
  6. Minify code
    Code Minimize Remember that browsers do not care what code is similar, but every single white space in the source code needs a little time to load into your visitor’s browser.
  7. Remove unused material
    Over time, you can begin to accumulate images that are no longer used. To free up space, consideration should be given to eliminating the means used in consideration.
  8. Reduce further revisions
    Add post revisions any content editing to make infinite that can make your site run more slowly do. To speed up your website, you can limit the number of reviews per post.
  9. Clean your database
    Over time, you will start your database to accumulate clutter. This unnecessary inflation can slow down your website. However, with regular settings you can reduce the size of your database for a faster load.
  10. Enable gzip compression
    You probably have tried to compress a file on your computer, and you have seen what can lead to a massive reduction of this size, A 50 MB file can be compressed to 5 MB. WP Gzip compression works the same way, but for websites, Gzip automatically compresses web page files into Zip files, drastically sizes the files and increase slow website speed as a result.
  11.  Use CloudFlare
    CloudFlare is a Content Distribution Network (CDN)A CDN is a distributed network of servers that provides several advantages for a Web network. Check details: Cloudflare Benefits And How To Use Cloudflare

WP Rocket Speed up Your WordPress Website Using


So if you can do above techniques for speed up your WordPress website, I will definitely recommend you try this wp rocket plugin. This plugin can help you to speed up your WordPress website less then 3 minuets. 

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