Why Link Building is Important in SEO

Links were the first major factor in the “Out of Page” ranking used by search engines. Google was not the first search engine to count the links as “votes”, but it was the first search engine that relied heavily on link analysis as a way to improve relevance.

Despite talk about other bookmarks, links, along with content remain the most important external signal for Google search rankings. But as you will find, some links are more valuable than others.

What is Internal linking?

internal link Off Page SEOInternal links are hyperlinks on one page that help navigate to another section of that document or another web page on the same website or web page in the same domain of the company.

An example of internal linking is this hyperlink to Inspiration’s client portfolio. This form of linking is very beneficial to visitors to your site because it makes your website easier to use as one can easily navigate through your site.

It is also beneficial for the company or person running the site as you have a greater chance of appearing well in the search results for search engines like Google or Bing. This is due to the fact that your website has now become more “traceable” to the search engine, which means that automated engine robots can now get to the interconnected documents of your site more easily and store more information from Your site in your huge data centers.

What is External link?

External link Off Page SEOFollowing with internal links we have external links that are those hyperlinks that link to a page outside your domain. So, this could mean that you are linking to another website or that the website is linking to you.

Directory link building is a way to build from the link externally. This is a manual method of link building by which a person sends the information of their sites to a web directory under a particular category so that it can be seen by the public, instead of being found and indexed by web crawlers.

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Directory submissions can be free and paid for and are a great way to make your website visible to the public, as more search results can appear for the name of your website and can also appear in the Search results once someone searches for a term that your site is ranked low.

The Importance of Link Building

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the value of a link, but here are some aspects that make a link to a valuable website for you, the small business owner:

Relevance: If you are an electrician, getting a link from a website dedicated to electricians is more valuable than a website dedicated to fishing. Relevant website links help search engines find out what your site is about, which helps you rank for that topic.

So, if you are looking to rank highly when people are looking for “Seattle Ice Cream”, then website links about Seattle or about ice cream are great for your site. Search engines are smart, though. If you have a link from a local blog that is based in Seattle, or a website that is based on desserts, you may find that desserts are related to ice cream, and that a blog based in Seattle is about a store in Seattle .

Authority and trust: Authority can not be bought or sold, given or taken. Authority is what your website represents and the influence it has on people. These are people who believe in you and your web pages. SEO experts try to allow a website to reach the first few pages of the major search engines under keywords relevant to specific types of business.

Basically, try to make a meeting between a website and a possible client. This meeting is organized by the search engines that evaluates the site and chooses to place it among the first in the SERPs, due to hundreds of factors, including age, popularity and size of that website, ie its authority. Therefore, SEO is closely linked to authority, as this very important ingredient helps websites to get quickly indexed and occupy a prominent place in search results.

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Diversity: Search engines like to see you get a great variety of links. It is a confidence indicator, and websites that do not have a natural “link profile” can be marked in red by the search engines. So what types of links should you aim to make sure your link profile is diverse.

What are some effective techniques for building links? by-Matt Cutts

Many people do not understand the importance of building links for SEO. A backlink or entry link is like a vote for a website. If you have good content, others in your topic will automatically quote your content and add a link to your site that gives you credit. You can also add your link in your “other resources section” if you think your information will be worth to your users. Search engines see this as a positive behavior.

A link from a relevant website says that there must be some merit on your website. These are called “quality backlinks,” since they come from similar sites and are “one-way links,” meaning that you do not have to do anything in return. A “reciprocal link” is when a link is delivered.

Finally, it is important to understand that when building links for SEO, the amount is not always better. That means spam links are useless and in many cases can be detrimental to your site. For example, link farms are sure to be banned from search engines. Just getting links from anywhere is not productive. What use would an adult site link have for your craft supply store? And the search engines do not see these in a positive light either.

Link building strategy 2017-Infographic

link building strategy 2017

Source: https://k2bsolutions.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/link-building-strategy-2017/

So once your website is built, do some reading, and understand the importance of link building for SEO.

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