Most Important Google SEO Ranking Factors 2017

Google has recently announced the top Google SEO Ranking Factors that affect website ranking.

We asked ourselves “how is google rank search results!?” And now we know! Google has kept quite calm on how to get sites and the Moz SEO website even running a search engine ranking factors survey with its latest being from 2017.

Most digital marketers previously believed that content and links are the main factors for a good side margin. Well, we were quite in place!

Google SEO Ranking Factors 2017

Google has stated about 200 other factors in the ranking of a page and obviously each of these factors matters, but explicitly stated by a Google employee, which is the main factors are huge news.

Read on for a Google SEO Ranking Factors Checklist …


On Page SEO Ranking Factors

The way your page is optimized has the deepest impact on your ranking. Here are the page optimization factors that can influence your search:


  • Keyword in the title tag. The title meta tag is one of the strongest relevance signs for a search engine. The label itself should provide a precise description of the content of the pages. Search engines use it to display the main title of a search result. Including a keyword, the search engine will specify what the page is to classify. 
  • Ideally, the keyword should be placed at the beginning of the title tag. Pages optimized in this way are better ranked than those with keywords that are closest to the end of the title. 
  • Keyword in the meta description tag. The Importance of Meta Tag Description Today is often discussed in SEO circles. However, it remains a sign of relevance. It is also important to get user clicks on the search results pages. Add the keyword that makes it more relevant to a search engine and search engine. 
  • Keyword on the H1 tag. H1 tag is another relevancy factor, which serves as a description of the content of the pages. Despite an ongoing debate about its importance, it is still good practice to put your keyword into a single H1 tag on a page. 
  • Use of keywords in copy pages. Until recently, filling your page with keywords was an infallible way to increase your ranking for a particular keyword. This is no longer the case. The use of the keyword in the copy still sends a signal that is relevant to the content. However, the way you put it has drastically changed. 
  • The length of the content. In these days, the seekers want to be educated and do not satisfy with the basic information. Google is therefore looking for first-class content and information. And it is healthy human understanding, the longer your content, the greater the possibility that you can cover more aspects of your subject. Do not be shy to write long, but very useful copy. 
  • Duplicate the content. Not all factors can influence your ranking positively. Having similar content across multiple pages of your site can actually hurt your ranking. Avoid duplicating content and writing the original copy for each page. 
  • Canonical Label Sometimes, however, two URLs with similar content are unavoidable. One of the ways to prevent this from being a double content problem is by doing a canonical tag on your site. This day is a simple thing; It tells Google that one URL is the same as another, which clearly indicates that they are actually one despite two pages that have the same content. 
  • Optimizing the image. Not only text can be optimized on one page but also on other media. Pictures can, for example, send search engine relevance signals through their alternate text, title and description, for example. 
  • Content updates. The Google algorithm prefers recently updated content. This does not mean you have to edit your pages all the time. I think for commercial sites, such as product descriptions, Google recognizes the fact that they are not as timely as blog posts for recent events. However, it is advisable to update some strategy to certain types of content once every 12 months or so.


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Off Page SEO Ranking Factors

When evaluating your pages, Google also sees factors outside your site. Here are some of the most important:

  • The number of link domains. The number of domains associated with you is one of the most important rank factors. 
  • The number of binding pages. There may be some links from a particular domain to your site. Their number is also a rank factor. However, it is still better to have more individual domain links than a single domain. 
  • Domain of the link page. Not all sides are equal. Links to pages with higher domain permissions will be a larger factor than those of low authority domains. Therefore, you should strive to create high-ranking domain website links. 
  • Relevance of the link. Some SEO believe that the pages links related to the topic of your pages have more relevance to the search engines. 
  • Domain Link Authority. The authority of a domain can also be a ranking factor. For this reason, a link from the low authority side to a high authority site will be worth more than a lower domain authority. 
  • Links from a homepage. Likewise, some SEO believe that the links of a main page link a domain more force than that of any of their pages. 
  • A set of no follow links vs nofollow. Google officially declares that they do not include the nofollow links (link attached with attribute rel = nofollow). Therefore, the number of your links should also affect your ranking. 
  • The variety of types of links. The types of links you create on your site are also important. Too many links of the same type can be a spam counter and have a negative effect on your ranking. 
  • Contextual links. It is said that the links within the content of the page are worth more than the links in a sidebar for example. 
  • Anchor Link. The anchor text of a link was a strong ranking factor. Nowadays it can be used as an indicator of web spam, which affects its ranking adversely. 
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Google SEO Ranking Factors & Promotional Strategies for 2017 [Infographic]

infographic google seo ranking-factors


There is no magic key that can press an SEO to guarantee a ranking list No #1, but drawing attention to the factors that creates the algorithm value and actively works to improve it can guarantee the ranking of your website in Google.

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