How To Move Negative Search Results Down In The Rankings

If you are looking to move negative search results out of the top positions on SERPs, you first need to know how those results managed to rank in the number one spots. You also need to undertake keyword research to formulate the best combat strategies. After that, you will be able to accurately estimate how much time and effort you will need to invest to get rid of the negative content and boost the positive results.


Here are some of the factors that determine why certain webpages feature on the first pages of search results:


– The age, quality and credibility of the domain hosting the content.

– The relevancy of the written content to the search terms (keywords).

– The quality and quantity of backlinks the webpage the content is posted on has.


Above are just a few of the factors that influence the position of webpages on SERPs for targeted keywords and phrases. It’s important to understand those factors to increase the SERP rankings of your own content and restore your online reputation.


7 Top Tips To Push Negative Google Results Down In The Rankings


Regardless of your reasons for wanting to alter the first page of results for certain keywords on Google, the tips outlined below will help you to improve the SERP positions of your own URL. Implement whatever strategies you know will work for your website, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further guidance.


  1. Create a WordPress Blog to complement your business website.

This is a very simple and effective strategy. You can publish the blog on your existing web host using a subdomain and begin posting content. When you publish useful, new content, which provides real value, people will want to share it. The more organic shares your blog content receives, the better your website’s authority will appear to Google and you should start to see SERP rankings improve.

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  1. Set up profiles on all of the major social media platforms.

This tip is also super easy, effective and free. Google prioritises results from the major social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Be sure to create separate social media profiles for your brand name and your personal name. Doing so will create a privacy barrier around your personal details and business information.


  1. Start additional blogs on popular free content networks.

The goal is to publish as much high-quality content linked to your brand as possible. Third-party free blog hosting services typically rank well on search results, so they are great services to take advantage of to increase your own brand’s positive visibility on the first page of Google results for lucrative keywords. Some free blog services to check out are WordPress and Blogspot. Start creating new blogs, fill them with useful content and link to them from your main website. Soon, you’ll begin to notice improvements in your brand’s SERP rankings.


  1. Write high-quality articles for authorities in your field.

Content is still king. There’s always a demand for more quality content. Many industry authority blogs and websites allow guest writers to contribute high-quality content in exchange for backlinks and promotion of their sites. Guest blogging is an effective way to build quality backlinks to your website and has the added benefits of exposing your brand to new audiences.


  1. Take an aggressive approach to content and social media promotions.

You can’t expect to create a few social media profiles, make a good quality post or two and wait for results to appear. You need to have a focused, long-term posting schedule and use your social media accounts to generate exposure for your new content. You need to make an effort to engage in valuable social media interactions. Don’t just post quick, impersonal updates and links; engage with your target audience and market influencers in your niche. Be sure to highlight great content from sources other than your own websites:- many people will return the favour.

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  1. Create infographics to gain exposure and backlinks.

No matter what the field, people always appreciate an innovative infographic. You can use sites like and to easily design your own infographics. The main reason why infographics are valuable marketing tools is that people love sharing them and they are likely to arrive at your site somewhere down the line. More traffic and more backlinks mean better search rankings.


  1. Leverage global trends and press releases.

Google tends to quickly indexes press releases. Where most press releases fail, however, is that they don’t have any relevancy to 99% of online users. To truly leverage the power of press releases, you need to make them relevant to current trending topics on World News, Twitter and Google Trends. By writing about global trends, your business website is more likely to be featured on many media outlets.

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