How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Today I will discuss a case study, How I made the profit from my Amazon Niche Site.

From this post, you will learn, How to develop a niche site with proper ON Page & OFF Page optimization.

Nowadays, Adsense & Amazon Affiliate Marketing are two most popular monetization platform for making money online. Between this two, I prefer Amazon Affiliate monetization system for its high conversion & commission rate.

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As I am earning from Amazon Affiliate Program, I decided to share few tips & tricks that will help you increase your Amazon Affiliate Earning a few times more. I will share a case study based on my own Amazon affiliate website.

My online money making journey started in 2011. In 2011, I started my career in oDesk with my first SEO project. In 2015, I developed my first Amazon Niche Site and started to earn within few months.

How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate?

From then to now, I am working as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer & today I will disclose my secrets, How I am developing more websites & doing SEO to increase my earning.

Why I Started Amazon Affiliate Marketing?


I already said, from 2011, I am doing SEO in Odesk & Fiverr. I also sold some graphics gig in Fiverr. Alongside, I continued my study.

I faced too many problems while I was working as a freelancer. I had to spend a whole day to seek jobs. The problem was I had to bid quickly, time delay after posting the job was a major reason for losing the bid.

Even I lose some contract for my busy schedule as I was out of my desk. Though I earned a handsome money in a present month, there is no guarantee of earning in next month. Considering all above things, I started Amazon Affiliate Marketing & Blogging that bringing passive income for me.

Now I will discuss, How I started, following this case study, you will able to learn every single step of making an Amazon affiliate site. Let’s started.

9 Easy Steps To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

  • Step 1: Find an interesting topic that you enjoy
  • Step 2: Keyword Research
  • Step 3: Domain & Hosting Setup
  • Step 4:  Website Architecture
  • Step 5: Manage Content For Your Website & Content Publishing
  • Step 6: Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Step 7:  SEO & Link Building Process
  • Step 8: Social Share Tricks
  • Step 9: Amazon Affiliate Account Signup

Let’s Discuss The Steps:

Step 1: Find An Interesting Topic That You Enjoy

Before you dive in, you have to set your mind to find an interesting topic to work. I always recommend people to research Amazon & other shopping sites, at least for a week, before you start your niche site.

Among the many niche idea’s you have to pick a keyword that you liked most. If you select a niche that has a high-profit rate, but you don’t like. Then you will lose your patience after few days.

So you have to select a product as your favorite niche that attracts you.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Without keyword research SEO is incomplete, so you have to find a quality keyword to develop your niche website. You have to select a keyword that has a good amount of search volume, but keyword competition is low.

To find the best keyword, I start researching with the selective product that I like most.

In primary level, I choose a product category from Amazon & list few products from that category. Then I search every single product in Google & visit few different websites from Google search result to generate idea about competition. I also visit related websites from Google recommendation.

Then I add “best” as the prefix on that keyword & search again. If my keyword is “Asus Laptop For College Students”, then I modify that keyword as like “best Asus Laptop For College Students”.

More Examples:

  • Best+ Product Name
  • Cheap + Product Name
  • Top Rate + Product Name
  • Quality + Product Name
  • Product Name + For Sale
  • Product Name + Review/Reviews
  • Product Name + Coupon
  • Where Can I Buy + Product Name
  • Buy + Product Name
  • Best + Product Name + Review
  • Best + Product Name + Online
  • Best + Product Name + Year

You should pick evergreen niche that generates profit for a long time. You should pick a keyword that has three more words without the word “best”.

After selecting the keyword, I check search volume using “Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension” of Google Keyword Planner.

Then I search the keyword in Google again & check DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority) using Moz Bar.

If I notice, at least three website has PA & DA less than 30, then I mark that keyword as a valuable keyword. Getting a video in the first page is always a plus point because eliminating the video is a matter of time.

In the final stage, I use KWFinder, Semrush, & Ahrefs keyword research tools.

Keep In Mind: At least three websites with PA, DA less than 30 & a Video in the first page are considered as a perfect keyword to work. Because they are easy to rank.

After selecting the main keyword, I search seed keywords using some popular tool like,

I don’t use LTP (Long Tail Pro) as keyword research purpose, but I use LTP to see real search volume data. LTP collects data from Google API directly, so you should care about this data.

Theft  Method: Use your competitor’s website URL in Google Keyword Planner, this will bring all ranked keyword of them. 😛 I select my keyword in this way.

How To Understand Competition of a Keyword?

Comparing with your competitor’s website, you can guess the competition. Some of the parameters to compare –

  • Relevant Content: Keyword is present on that content or not?
  • Optimized Title: Keyword is placed in the title of your competitor’s website or not?
  • Targetted Content: That specific website is developed targeting your keyword?
    Or focused on another keyword, but ranked on your keyword, just because of your keyword added on their page as this is relevant of their content as well.
  • Page Link: How many links your competitors have on their website?
  • Site Links: How many links root domain have?
  • Authority Link: Do they have any authority link like .edu, .gov, DMOZ or Yahoo directory?
  • Google Page Rank: What is the Google Page Rank of that website?
  • Site Age: How many days ago the site was created?
  • Google Index: How many pages indexed in Google?
  • Number of Backlink: How many backlinks they have and what types of the website they used to collect backlink? You can use to know the backlink source.
  • Home Page As Competitor: How many website homepages is ranked in the first page? List the number of root domain ranked. If a page or post ranked in the first page, you can consider them as weak
  • The strength of Competitor: The website is ranked already is weak or strong?

Step 3: Setting Up The Domain & Hosting

Domain Selection Process: After selecting my keyword, I search a relevant domain name that matches with my keyword. Keep in mind; you should pick a domain name that you can establish as a brand.

If you have selected the keyword “Best Asus Laptop For College”, you can pick domain names like, laptopreview, laptopguide etc.

Few more examples:

  • Product+ Review
  • Product+ View
  • Product+ Guide
  • Product+ Pro
  • Product+ Lab
  • Product+ Express
  • Product+ Garden
  • Product+ Reviewed

Note: Always try to pick ( .com ) domain extension.

You can generate domain name from  shopify domain name generator

Many of the marketers choose an expired domain to get SEO advantage. But I strongly recommend, if you are new in Amazon affiliate marketing, you must pick a new domain that no one registered before.

Because choosing an expired domain is risky always. Before you purchase an expired domain, you need to check your domain matrix carefully. Because a simple mistake while choosing an expired domain can be costly and this can spoil all of your time & investment.

Pro Tips: Try to purchase domain name using own name & real info. If you are using someone else payment method, then you can use his payment method information to create your account. Because using fake information can cause domain block issue by domain provider if they verify manually.

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Hosting Selection Process: Hosting is an important fact for a niche website. I recommend purchasing hosting from Bluehost, HostGator & SiteGround. You can purchase NameCheap hosting as well when you have a low budget.

Minimum Requirements To Start a Niche Website:

  • Shared Hosting (VPS Recommended)
  • Web Space: 1GB
  • Bandwidth: 10GB (Monthly)
  • cPanel (To Manage Your Hosting)
  • Email Account

These are the basic requirements to start a niche website. The price of hosting is 30$ to 50$ with above requirements.

You can purchase more powerful hosting if you have a handsome budget like 100$ to 300$. You can run multiple websites using a single hosting.

When I start my affiliate journey, I used local company hosting first few days. But my experience was terrible, and I migrated my websites to the foreign hosting company. If you don’t purchase hosting from the good hosting provider, you will suffer for a whole year. Even you won’t be able to rank in a search engine if you don’t pick hosting from a good provider.

Considerable Facts To Purchase Good Hosting:

  1. Avoid Cheap Hosting: There has a Bengali quote “The molasses are as sweet as they are”, So avoid cheap hosting. Cheap hosting provider support team is careless about technical support, and it’s natural that you will get a quick response from the good hosting provider. To save some bucks, you should not take a hosting that will be a reason for a year-long suffer. In Facebook feed, we get many lucrative offers like 10GB hosting only for $5. I request you to avoid this type of promotion.
  2. Check The Hosting Space & Bandwidth: Check your server space & bandwidth properly when you are purchasing hosting from a provider. Check your hosting space & bandwidth from cPanel as well.
  3. Customer Support: Before you purchase the hosting, contact to hosting providers customer support number, email or live chat option to check how much responsibility they are to your query. If you get a late reply or you do not get a satisfactory answer from them, you should avoid them.

Where to Purchase The Hosting?

If you have Payoneer Master Card, Paypal Account or Any other international payment account, then I recommend you to purchase hosting from an international company.

I listed few popular hosting provider names above, who provide good quality hosting at affordable price. You will get a TLD (Top Level Domain) for free for one year.

Step 4: Web Architecture

What Type of Home Page Do You Prefer? Homepage base or Dynamic?

When you do not change your website homepage regularly, this is called static or homepage based website. The main keyword targeted homepage remain almost same in this type of website.

The dynamic means changeable homepage that you change often. When you display your latest blog posts on your homepage, this is called dynamic homepage.

What do I do?

When I am working with a small niche, or I have few keywords to rank quick, I make my home page static.

But when I have a good number of seed keywords, and I plan to work for long-term, I make my homepage dynamic.

WordPress Setup: You have to setup WordPress after selecting domain & hosting. I will discuss,

  • How to Setup WordPress
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Setup
  • How To Install & Activate Thrive Theme
  • Necessary Plugins For Niche Website
    1. Yoast SEO
    2. Jetpack By
    3. Akismet
    4. WP-Rocket
    5. Q2W3 Fixed Widget
    6. Contact Form 7
    7. TablePress
    8. Thrive Content Builder
    9. Wp Smush

General setting section of WordPress is important because this section is consists of few basic setting. You can set up your blog name from this section that helps your reader to understand the purpose of your website.

Title & Tagline:

Site title & tagline works as a mirror that reflects the purpose of your blog creation. This also plays an important role in SEO. The title should be limited to 60 to 70 characters or more shorter & relevant.

Then you have to add a tagline that will be a short description of your blog. You should write 160 to 170 character blog description by removing “Just Another WordPress Site”.

Keep in mind, your description will be representative of your blog, so you should write this description carefully. You can change title and tagline later if you want.

I add no-index, nofollow tag on all taxonomy and archive pages to prevent the internal duplicate content issue.

Reading Setting:

If you are using WordPress, by default your latest blog posts will display on your homepage. You have to decide what kind of homepage you want, static or dynamic? If you want static homepage, then go to “Settings>Reading” Section. Then you have to select a static page and select any page from the dropdown list if you want to display a specific page of your website homepage.

You can choose a page where your blog posts will be displayed as well. You can set the number of posts on your blog page. To do so, you have to set the number in “Blog Pages Show At Most” section.

You can set the number of posts to display in feed section from “Syndication Feeds Show The Most Recent”. You might notice the RSS or Feed in many blogs to subscribe, this is the option that will enable Feed or RSS in your blog, and you can set how many recent post people will see when they subscribe your website RSS.

You will find “For each article in a feed show” option that will help you to set full post view or partial view of a post in the feed.

You will get another option “Discourage search engine from indexing this site”. If you tick this option, your website will not be indexed in the search engine, and your website will not display in the search result as well. Only use this check box, if you’re doing a project on test purpose or you don’t want to share your website address publicly.

You Should Set URL Structure of Your Website like these,

If you check “Day & Name”. Specific “date/month/year” of the post will be displayed before the post title.

If you select “Month & Name”, then “month/year” will be displayed in URL before the post title.

If you select “Numeric”, then “article/post/archive” will display.

But I always recommend people to select “Post Name” option. Because this option only displays the title in URL and hide actual date of posting. This is search engine friendly and best for ON Page SEO.

From “Custom Structure” you can format the URL as your requirement. You can make your website URL excellent by using these option/tags.

URL How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate

Install & Configure Yoast SEO

Step 5: Content Writing & Publishing

Facts you should consider to write pillar content for your niche website:

  1. Avoid unwanted description & conclusion. The unnecessary description makes your writing boring and visitors of your website feel irritating. So you should avoid unwanted description and conclusion as well.
  2. Remove fatty introduction as well. Try to impress your reader in the first sentence and carry on for next few sentences. If you don’t find any catchy sentence, then start describing your product directly.
  3. The truth is Americans are a fan of number & science. Add a state in the starting of your sentence like (According to Caltech 79% of Americans are suffering from this problem) or (Some recent studies of Caltech found, this can solve your problem)
  4. Articles of competitors are a goldmine. If they added best ten product on their website, you have to add best twenty product. If someone already added twenty product, you have to list thirty product. If you don’t find enough product, then? Thin niche sometimes introduces it as a thin-pin charger!
  5. You should not add a single word that is unwanted on your website. But your article should be larger than all other competitors.

How Can You Write Article like Above Instruction?

First of all, think deeply. Don’t think your readers are tech-expert. This helps you to write fluffy sentences, and readers feel comfortable. Nowadays this is the most conversive process.

Secondly, you have to write all relevant things related to your topic, and you should decently include them, so people enjoy the writing. I noticed most of the affiliate articles are conversive, not Diverse. They don’t discuss relevant things in their article.

  1. Don’t focus on product and its service Try to focus on a solution that this product can provide and discuss some relevant topics as well.
    For example: If you are thinking to sale scientific calculator, you can discuss “how to make a child intelligent in math” as well.
  2. Another trick to make your article large is discussing the company reputation, which company product you are listing.
  3. Don’t keep all product for sale. Let’s say; you want to sell 70$ to 150$ product on your website, everything is right. People purchase this range of product, and you will get a good amount of commission as well. But how many products you will find at this price range? With fewer number of the product, you can’t make your article larger and diverse, right? We know 500$ to 1500$ range product customer will not buy right now. Give an outstanding review of this type of product. To check this review, they will visit your website again and again. Because people have the high attraction to high price product. Also, put some 10$ to 15$ product of best seller though this will not bring high commission. But people believe, the best product is well connected with a best seller, and you are reviewing the best!
  4. In similar way list, some product that has few reviews, but came from the well-reputed Add few upcoming product of popular companies.
  5. And it’s very important, go out completely from your niche and add one or two products to the list that is proving nearly similar service as like your cousin. Believe me, few readers like this unwanted pepper and this will hit them when they didn’t know about that product, or they didn’t think about the utility of that product. But when you are adding this product, you have to create a strong logic to establish your opinion.
  6. Try to make the article as a residential hotel, not CNG pump! Our main target is bringing traffic to our website and send them to Amazon at minimal time. Reputation is a fact for branding, make the article great for readers and put some valuable information on it. So that they mark the article important for them. People’s behavior is always interesting. If they find something interesting, they bookmark it on their browser or share in the different platform to visit that website again.
  7. Make the article dream resource for them. It’s easier to sell dreams than selling goods. Tell something about his surrounded life & himself related to your niche. Introduce new utility that is interesting, but they were not expecting.
  8. Without giant websites, no one updates their content every month or two months even! So you can update your content, Google will be happy and your readers as well. This will be a place for a regular Niche is yours, so adding new information might not be hard!
  9. Try to make your article as a forum. As like, not only adding a comment But also reply to every single comment and update your content based on your reader’s requirement and notify them about the update in the comment section.
  10. Keep Facebook comment section active. This is important and SEO friendly, this also generates some quick traffic and helps to share your resource. In simple words, this helps to increase social signal.
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Step 6: Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. Explain Why You Included That Product
  2. Product Image
  3. Pros And Cons
  4. Buyer’s Guide
  5. Related Articles

# Explain Why You Included That Product: Why do you select a particular product, you have to explain in your article.

# Product Image: You have to collect images from royalty-free image websites. If you don’t get royalty-free images, then collect image from any source, but you have to edit the image before you use it.

# Pros & Cons: Both advantages and disadvantages of a product you have to describe in a product review.

# Buyer’s Guide: “Before purchasing a product what should you keep in mind”, include this point in your article.

# Related Articles: Interlink all related articles you wrote on your website based on Seed Keywords.

Where Can You Put Product Links?

  1. In Images
  2. In Product Name of First Line
  3. In Buttons

Step 7: SEO & Link Building

Google, Yahoo & Ask are some commonly known search engine. Among them, Google is a most popular search engine. When you search in search engine, this tries to show all possible good websites in front of you. From where you can get relevant information and quick solution as well.

Why Will You Do Search Engine Optimization?

  • First of all increasing website traffic
  • To make your website popular
  • To earn money from advertisement. Advertisers only provide ads on websites that have a good amount of traffic.

The importance of Search Engine:

  • The importance of search engine is huge. If I start talking about the search engine, It cannot be finished. Suppose you created a website, but no one knows about your website. Then how will you get a visitor to your website?
  • You can share your website on social networks, but you will get few visitors to your website, and most of them are your friend. They are not a customer of your website, so you will not get any sell & affiliate commission as well. So SEO has huge importance in affiliate marketing.
  • In another sense, thousands of websites people making in BD only. You can memorize ten website name hardly. People bookmark few websites, but most of the time they don’t visit a bookmarked website even.
  • When they need information, they search on Google. If they find your website in the search result, they will visit your website for sure to collect necessary information that they are looking for.
  • If you are planning to earn money using Google Adsense, SEO is the only way that will bring traffic & you can monetize your website. Because Google does not allow Adsense account for low traffic websites.

SEO is Divided Into Two Major Parts:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization

On Page Optimization: All types of changes you made inside of your website is called ON Page Optimization. People optimize their ON Page when they are developing their website. Some SEO optimizations have to be done while creating a website. Because search engine will find your site through. So all the optimization you did inside of a website is ON Page Optimization.

Considerable Facts In ON Page Optimization:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content
  3. Meta Tag & Meta Description
  4. Google Sitemap
  5. XML Sitemap

These are some common parameter for ON Page optimization; you will find more, like

  1. Use of Title Tag
  2. Use of Alt Tag
  3. Use of h1 to h6 Tag

OFF Page Optimization:

Any work you are doing outside of your website to get traffic is known as OFF Page Optimization. The worth of your website will increase if your website can generate some traffic itself. To get expected amount of traffic, you have to do OFF page marketing.

OFF page optimization has huge importance; you can bring a good amount of traffic using this tricks and most importantly your search engine ranking will increase as well.

Considerable Facts In OFF Page Optimization:

  1. Backlinking
  2. Forum Posting
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Yahoo Answer Backlink
  5. Article Submission
  6. Article Writing
  7. Anchor Text
  8. Blog Comment
  9. Video Posting
  10. Image Posting
  11. PDF Submission
  12. RSS Submission
  13. Review Site Submission
  14. Classified Submission
  15. Search Engine Submission
  16. Directory Submission
  17. Link Wheel
  18. Link Exchange
  19. Profile Posting
How-To-Make-Money With Amazon-Affiliate

My Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Current Position

Step 8: Social Sharing Tricks

For social sharing, you can choose

You have to follow three basic steps to use this tricks.

  • Just tweet your article and pin it on Pinterest once
  • Add your tweet and pin on AddMeFast and start a retweet and repin campaign.
  • Don’t rush, just do it slowly (Less than ten retweets and repins in a day is enough)

This is the secret, how I get a good amount of social share for my posts.

Step 9: Amazon Affiliate Account Signup

After completing site development and SEO (Both ON Page & OFF Page) you will start receiving a decent amount of traffic in your website. Visit to apply for Amazon Affiliate Account.


Note: If you don’t get any sale in first 90 days, Amazon will ban your account. Even you get your first sale; Amazon associate manager will review your website manually and approve your Affiliate Account if everything is ok.

Product Link: You should add an affiliate link in your posts after indexing your post. I update links after 15 days.

Images: As we don’t have original product, so it’s not possible to get unique images. In this case, you can purchase a royalty-free image, or you can collect image from eCommerce websites. But you must edit the image before you use it. Don’t use the image directly.

Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Commission From a Niche Site


It’s your turn… I hope my guideline will help you to start your first affiliate website. If you experience any difficulties to start your Amazon Affiliate Niche website, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am eagerly waiting to help you solving your niche site develop problem & SEO problem as well. 

If you find this case study useful for you, don’t forget to share in your timeline.

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