How To Make A Blog Post Go Viral

There are more than 181 million blogs on the Internet!

There are so many blogs out there, so How To Make A Blog Post Go Viral? If you make your blog post viral!

It is about winning readers and keeping them interested. Your blog should be well written and informative, but first you have to get attention. 

How To Make A Blog Post Go Viral

Here are few simple tips to make your blog viral. ( I personally do all step after post a blog )

1. Keyword Optimize your post

A little bit of keyword research goes a long way when you use it to optimize your content for search engines.

Keyword Optimize your post


2. Make it easy to read

The main reasons why any virus information is that people are interested and is easy to access and enjoy.

When it comes to blog posts, you want to include user contributions, short paragraphs, phrases, bulleted or numbered lists and lots of white space.

You do not want to read through long and boring sections do not testify concise and make interesting points.

Make A Blog Post Go Viral


It should be understood that many people read the blog entries on their phones or tablets. You’ve hooked them, and curious about your post, so you will not get lost because of the large pieces of text.

Make it easy to read


3. Be Funny

The great thing about blogs is that it is a more personal way of communicating like periodic reports. Just be careful not to overdo it. Always remember that your main goal is to move information, do not laugh people do with any other phrase.

Be Funny Make A Blog Post Go Viral

4. Make your posts with related images

People are visual creatures. When we see a tempting or reflective image, attention is paid to attention. Get the attention of a potential reader with an image that attracts you to read your post

related images Make A Blog Post Go Viral

5. Proof Read

Error costing clicks. Its contents are less profitable and kill any possibility of being viral. Leave your content for a day or two and then go carefully and correct any errors or readability issues that I encounter.

Even better, get a new pair of eyes to check it out before posting. You may be surprised at what they find.

blog proofreading Make A Blog Post Go Viral

6. Promote it

There are tens of thousands of blog entries on the internet. To get the audience noticed that one of them share talent, work hard and a lot.

PromoteMake A Blog Post Go Viral

Promote top list to your blog and make it go viral:

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You do not have to do any of these things all the time, but the more places your mail goes, the more eyes they see. You will quickly see what really works.

Yes, it would be surprising that their messages are viral and they share the Internet, but they let us pass in the right way.

The more you are creating valuable content, the easier it will be to beat your next goal. Comment below and let us know what works for you!

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