Great business ideas for 2019

New year, new you. If the new 2019 is interested in becoming an entrepreneur and fulfilling your business dreams, but you’re not sure where to start, do not worry, that’s why we’re here. To help you get your business up to speed this year, here are some ideas based on current trends to inspire you and help you succeed in the New Year.

  • Professional organization

Minimalism is fashionable these days, but reduction and organization can be a great task for people, especially with busy work schedules and social life. It is more than simply putting things in order, because being organized requires developing a system that people can meet and that works for them, and downsizing can be a challenge for people who cling to their things.
If you are a well-organized person and think you are good at training people by getting rid of unnecessary items, you can turn that skill into a lucrative business this year. It definitely requires patience and understanding, so it is important to be a human being. Ask clients if they can take pictures before and after photos of their housing areas, and then create a portfolio to attract more customers and promote their business on social networks.

  • Consulting Implementation Tech

Are you an IT expert? Do your friends come to you when their computers fail or their networks are in danger? Well, technology queries can be just for you.
Great advances are made in technology, for example in the field of AI and machine learning and large data analysis. You can bet that large and small companies want to integrate new technologies into their business processes. But entrepreneurs are already on the plate and many do not have the time or energy to learn their new technology upside down. A technical consulting service that could help companies implement and operate their technology solutions could be extremely profitable.

  • Independent editor

Do you think you’re a blacksmith? Establishing yourself as a freelance writer could be a lucrative part-time job or maybe even a full-time job. Companies will spend a lot of time with someone who can write clean copies, be it for advertising, websites or blogs. Some even pay for their editing services. But think about how much work you need to work independently in your full-time job.

  • Cannabis Licensing Council

With legal and medical marijuana markets continuing their rapid growth, it’s time to start a cannabis licensing firm. Once you have become familiar with the various government regulations and the main actors in the approval process, you will be ready to assist dispensaries and obtain their licenses and permits.
According to Medical Marijuana Inc., the estimated size of the hemp market in 2016 was $ 688 million. To this is added the continued legalization of recreational use in the states throughout the country and you have a young market with room to grow. Now is the time to enter this emerging industry.

  • Home health services

Today, many companies focus on marketing for the millennial generation, but it may be worthwhile to open a business aimed at older people. People live more than ever and that opens a new clientele. According to the National Institute on Aging, the population aged 85 and over is expected to grow 351 percent worldwide between 2010 and 2050 – 188 percent for the population aged 65 and over – and the centennial world population (more than 100 years)) is expected to multiply by ten. These are many people who could use special services for their needs.
There are many ways to help seniors while building a successful business. Everything from the classroom to the service can be a success as long as you can take your skills to your homes or help the elderly who can not walk or drive to see it. Also think of a company that helps older people take refuge by living from their homes, with services such as packing, transporting, installing or storing their furniture and belongings.

  • Consultation in social networks

Sure, there are many companies that offer consulting services in social networks, but you can distinguish yourself from the crowd by focusing primarily on the networks that are still engaged in business. Facebook and Twitter remain the main networks, but companies struggle more with visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Snapchat. All these platforms have a large audience, but many companies do not know how big they really are, how effective they can be and how they can work for their niche. Snapchat has more than 158 million users a day, according to Business Insider. According to Statista, Instagram has more than 500 million active users per day and Pinterest has more than 200 million.
If you have experience in social networking and a thorough knowledge of these specific platforms, try to start a social consulting company that is less focused on the basics than helping companies use millions of people. Facebook and Twitter.

  • Healthy fast food

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening a restaurant or a food truck, maybe it’s time. People (especially millennials) are healthier than ever, but still lead a busy life. Consumers are looking for competitive prices for local and seasonal dishes they can take with them.
Fulfilling this vision by providing more nutritious fast food could become a fruitful business. According to Business Insider, several healthy fast food companies are already successful in 2017. This is a new idea that could be further improved in 2019.


  • crowdfunding consulting
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Crowdfunding allows groups of people to group their contributions to invest in new businesses. With the concept still in its infancy in the United States, entrepreneurs need help finding the best way to leverage this new source of investor finance.
Crowdfunding consultant Victoria Westcott said she helps others understand the practice and raise more money by helping to plan, strategy and conduct campaigns to attract new investors.

“The fact is, crowdfunding is not really a fundraiser, and it’s not sold at all,” said Westcott Business News Daily. “Crowdfunding is something completely new.”

With so many entrepreneurs looking for the money to make their idea a real business, Westcott believes that crowdfunding consultants will grow in the years to come.


  • wheelchair repair service

With the population living longer than ever, the need for medical care grows exponentially. Currently, statistics show that more than 2.8 million Americans use a wheelchair for mobility, which allows them greater independence in their daily lives, in their domestic lives and in their work environment. All this use of the wheelchair means that there is a great need for repair and maintenance of wheelchairs, along with other medical equipment.
In a study conducted by the VA Health Healthcare System led by Michael Boninger, 53 percent of wheelchair users reported one or more failures between 2006 and 2011 that needed repair. There is a need for those who can quickly repair manual and electric wheelchairs back to those who depend on them.

Wheelchairs, especially electric wheelchairs, can be difficult to repair. Since they are also expensive and necessary equipment for people who use them, if you have the skills to repair them or if you are ready to improve them, you will probably find that your services are in demand.

  • Expert in multicultural marketing

All companies are looking for new ways to connect with their customers, but many are missing connecting with minorities. The market research firm AccurateLeads has discovered that non-minority vendors are losing $ 3 billion, proof that considered, considered and inclusive marketing can make a big difference.
The study shows that many companies do not reach minority customers because they do not take the time to get to know this audience properly. To reach these specific buyers, companies must recognize the places where the consumer lives and design a specific message not only for an ethnic group but also for cultures among those segments.

This has created an opportunity for marketers who want to stand out from the crowd. Lisa Skriloff, founder of Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc., said that minority companies that want to grow faster need to rely on minority markets for companies that want to succeed.

  • ghostwriting
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Among books, blogs and publications on social networks, it is easier than ever to communicate about written words. Viewers are ready to consume content from their favorite brands and celebrities, but producing that content can be tricky. Therefore, many companies turn to ghostwriters to express their thoughts on paper.
“Because of technology and the Internet, publishing and sharing written material is easier and cheaper than ever,” said ghost writer Melinda Copp to Business News Daily. “All these words must be written by someone.”

Beyond online writing, more business leaders use ghostwriters to write books to reinforce their credibility.

“Some of my clients have used their books to generate more and better opportunities to talk, more frequent appearances in business programs and opportunities to work with better clients,” said ghost writer Jeff Haden. “The excellent content can help create a good foundation for a commercial or personal brand.”

  • Green advice

Whether it reduces energy costs or reduces the carbon footprint, companies are under pressure to adopt green practices, and they will only grow.
Business sustainability consultant Barbara Englehart said there are many benefits for green businesses, including reduced costs, risks and responsibilities, as well as increased employee retention, productivity and morale.

“Everything is new in the business world and companies need help,” Englehart Business News Daily said. “You did not teach sustainability in business schools five or ten years ago.”

  • catastrophe counseling

The daily news is full of fires, floods and other tragedies throughout the country. These disasters can destroy years of hard work, and this reality forces many entrepreneurs to evaluate their own situation.
“Unfortunately, we are in a cycle of more frequent and severe weather events, combined with an alarming occurrence of abnormal phenomena,” said Barry W. Scanlon, former president of crisis management and security consulting firm Witt Associates for Business News Daily . “This has led more and more executives and companies to realize that their hard work and growth can be lost in a short time if they are not prepared for all the hazards and crisis events.”

The desire to be prepared for the worst increases the need for consultants who can guide disaster-prone businesses through the steps necessary to protect all parts of their business, from physical buildings to online documents.

  • Translate services

After a decline during the recession, translation services are established for renewed growth. According to a study by IBISWorld, the Internet has helped to increase the demand for translators as companies moving to new countries use services to adapt websites and marketing materials to the new region.
The study shows that companies will focus more on international growth and provide localization services in the translation industry in the coming years. It is expected that a growing immigrant population will contribute to further growth.

“The industry has grown as companies seek to pay off in an increasingly global market,” said IBISWorld industry analyst Andrew Krabepetcharat.

This need has created an opportunity for bilingual speakers with the ability to interpret speech from one language to another. Among the specific services they can offer are the translation of documents and the translation of information from the website into languages for use in other countries, taking into account the unique cultural and linguistic features.

  • car repair Concierge

Few things can be as frustrating as putting a car in service. It is a slow process that often requires the owner to make alternative transportation arrangements uncomfortable while working.
Research shows that there are more than 115,000 auto repair and service shops across the country, each repairing an average of 55 cars per week. Therefore, there is a growing need for those who can make the process as easy and painless as possible.

The car service janitors will be able to pick up your car for you, take it to repair and return it at the end. For those who can not afford to be without a car, while the vehicle receives the service, the porters can also provide a car available.

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