75 Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List

Many bloggers just keep looking for dofollow blogs to make use of, if you are the one that strives to get dofollow blogs.

Then you do not have to go and search for each site, We have done your work on behalf of you.

So all you have to do is sit on my blog and take a list of some useful and best dofollow blogs in 2016-2017.

Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List and How to Find More

Dofollow blogs means you only have the dofollow attribute and that attribute will help you boost your backlinks and gives you the juice link to your blog. It’s nothing more than sharing your links on your blog to increase the rank of your blog page.

Nofollow blogs are blogs that have an attribute on their link “rel = nofollow” now that the command simply says they will not pass any links to your site. As a result, you can not increase your backlinks and google page rank without tracking links.

Go to Google.com and type

keyword “comment here” (e.g. SEO tips “comment here”)

keyword “add comment”

keyword “submit comment”

keyword “add url”

keyword “submit url”

keyword “submit a site”

The keyword should replace with your keyword as “SEO tips”. Here you will get many blogs to comment. Check your follow up check and start building links again.

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Note: I usually ignore the ‘do not follow’ and ‘follow’ thing when commenting. Provide quality feedback and build your authority. Failing to follow trusted domain links will help you increase your page rank and you will also get quality traffic.

How to find blogs to comment on for Niche Sites

Go Here and Drag “SERPS ’16” link to your bookmarks toolbar.

Helpful point on blog commenting

  • Always use a good ton and easy to use in the comments of your blog.
  • Never comment as anonymous, because if you do as anonymous most blogs will not accept your blog comment.
  • Never add links in your promotional comment only because people will know you are spamming and will mark you as a spammer.
  • Use your own image to express that you are human or use your company logo to represent that you are the name of the company.
  • Do not just comment without reading the blog and without knowing anything about it.
  • Do not make comments that are irrelevant to the topic.
  • Do not just bluff in your comment, instead, make a polite comment that comes with heart as you read the message.

75 Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List

These are “dofollow blogs” that we found in our research, here all sites are tested and used by my team and me. So you do not have to worry about them,

1 http://Sylvianenuccio.com/
2 http://Trafficcrow.com/
3 http://Poweraffiliateclub.com/
4 http://Davidmerrill101.com/
5 http://Shermansmithblog.com/
6 http://Trainingmlmsecrets.com/
7 http://Monnaellithorpe.com/
8 http://www.woblogger.com/
9 http://blondish.net/
10 http://www.imjustsharing.com/
11 http://selectivemomentsintime.com/
12 http://suejprice.com/
13 http://barbaracharles.org/
14 http://www.avdhootblogger.com/
15 http://www.ttmitchellconsulting.com/
16 http://kikolani.com/
17 http://wassupblog.com/
18 http://lovechicliving.co.uk/
19 http://kopiaste.org/
20 http://freebloghelp.com/
21 http://www.blogengage.com/
22 http://pulkit.me/
23 http://anokhimedia.com/
24 http://bruno-buergi.com/
25 http://www.leannechesser.com/
26 http://andylockhart.com/
27 http://leslyfederici.net/
28 http://www.johnthornhill.com/
29 http://mandyallen.com/
30 http://www.bloggingtechniques.com/
31 http://thehappyguy.com/
32 http://www.timemanagementchef.com/
33 http://www.homenotion.com/
34 http://farsideof55.com/
35 http://andrewstark.com/
36 http://www.miraculousladies.com/
37 http://imlesliez.com/
38 http://workwithrichardp.com/
39 http://aks-blog.com/
40 http://monnaellithorpe.com/
41 http://rebootauthentic.com/
42 http://makemoneylessons.com/
43 http://brianoliverblog.com/
44 http://lindagraceonline.com/
45 http://www.bloggershike.com/
46 http://www.bloggingwp.com/
47 http://www.successfulblogging.com/
48 http://www.annieandre.com/
49 http://thedogladysden.com/
50 http://blogsnewsreviews.com/
51 http://www.ramblingsofawahm.com/
52 http://www.ihelpc.com/
53 http://ivinviljoen.net/
54 http://pickdigest.com/
55 http://www.adjuvancy.com/
56 http://www.geekandblogger.com/
57 http://www.bloggingtips.com/
58 http://www.thesitsgirls.com/
59 http://www.intenseblog.com/
60 http://blog.2createawebsite.com/
61 http://freebloghelp.com/
62 http://growmap.com/
63 http://www.technikant.com/
64 http://azblogtips.com/
65 http://tech4world.net/
66 http://techchunks.com/
67 http://www.earningguys.com/
68 http://collegefallout.com/
69 http://crunchynow.com/
70 http://moneyctl.com/
71 http://thenextgoal.com/
72 http://www.makemoneymax.com/
73 http://webincomejournal.com/
74 http://www.innovativepassiveincome.com/
75 http://randolfsmith.com/
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This is all about the dofollow blog that reviews the list of websites. This massive list will help your SEO sites and make your website grow with regard to domain authority and Google page rank as well.
If you have a few more sites that are not on this list, let us know in a comment to add to this bulk message. I would love to hear suggestions or questions from you.

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