Cloudflare Benefits And How To Use Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare?

CloudFlare is a Content Distribution Network (CDN). A CDN is a distributed network of servers that provides several advantages for a Web network.

In the cache content, by caching the content of the site, CloudFlare helps improve page load, reduce bandwidth usage, and reduce CPU usage on the server.

High availability: In a redundant network of servers around the world, when a server is experiencing a problem, the CloudFlare CDN simply suggests another server.

Security: CloudFlare helps improve security by blocking threats before they even reach a website. The CloudFlare CDN can also provide some protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

How does CloudFlare work?

CloudFlare can provide static web content cache for visitors and visitors on the screen to ensure that they are good and no traffic from an attack, malicious bots or other bad things. Because the CloudFlare network consists of 32 global data centers, it means that we can serve their visitors very quickly, regardless of the distance between the source server and the web content viewer.

CloudFlare network map

Who can use CloudFlare?

Who has a website that wants to increase performance and security. Which can be WordPress blogs (or any kind of platform CMS), e-commerce websites, personal websites, company websites. Almost everything.

Cloudflare Benefits

There is an interesting situation caching mechanisms such as Cloudflare and many others. Where the benefit of the cache of the website comes for speed only if you have significant traffic and concurrent traffic to your site.

Some additions to caching initially takes more server resources and in fact tends to slow down your site, speed it up, increase user traffic, and then see the benefit of caching for speed.

Many security options are available free of charge for CloudFlare security. If you do not recognize the benefit of paid subscriptions, you can still enjoy the security benefits of free choice.

CloudFlare is impressive because:

  • It’s free!
  • Stores static content to reduce server load
  • It protects you against DDoS attacks
  • It makes managing DNS because many registrars do not have to use simple simple configuration.
  • Many other interesting things.

CloudFlare is a CDN and caching service. As such, it will download applications to static assets such as images, JavaScript and CSS servers will usually be closer to your own server to the user web.

This means that downloading will be faster, and the user will experience more performance perceived in some cases. In addition, you can allow the HTML output of your own site cache, assuming headers allow it, and so can serve from the same edge server, possibly reducing traffic and load on their servers.

You have other adjustments that can make over image optimization, JS and CSS minification, etc. [ Check On Page Optimization

They also host a valid SSL certificate between them and the client, and then connect to a server that has only a self-signed certificate for SSL benefits without necessarily going for their own through a CA certificate.


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How To Use Cloudflare?

Step by Step Guide:

First, create an account with CloudFlare. Activated  your account and you’re signed in, add your registered domain name.

Add Websites > Set Up Websites


Set Up WebsitesBegin Scan (Scan DNS Records)

Verify that all 

Select the “Free Website” option and click continue.

Go to the domain provider company and  choice cloudflare name servers, and change them to the name servers listed.

 name servers

How to add CloudFlare Nameservers to


We hope this article helped you know how to use Cloudflare and add CloudFlare’s FREE CDN service to your WordPress site.

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