7 Clever Ways to Use Social Media to Find New Business Ideas

Social networks are no longer just a way to waste time. These platforms can help you find a job, market your products, connect them with valuable contacts, and can even generate business ideas.

7 Clever Ways to Use Social Media to Find New Business Ideas

Instead of moving aimlessly through your Facebook and Twitter history, you’ll find seven ingenious ways to find new business ideas on social media.


  1. Find questions in subreddits.
    If you are looking for a new product or service idea related to technology, visit the Reddit news and entertainment website on social media and start exploring subtopics or topics. In particular, people looking for new business ideas should read the sub credits and use the Ask Me Anything feature, which allows users to ask questions of experts and celebrities who reveal potential ideas for small and medium businesses.
  2. Look at the comments on Pinterest.
    If your talent is to identify or create the next essential product, get a Pinterest account. The image-based social media site provides a constant flow of new images that allow you to think creatively about new business ideas.
  3. Discover social networks and applications below the radar.
    To get another largely untapped source of rich social media content, use your smartphone to navigate through one of the lesser-known mobile social networks, or visit a social shopping network. If applications are not your thing, try visiting some niche sites.
  4. Check your competitors.
    One furtive way to find new business ideas is to keep a watchful eye on the social media activities of the great players and competitors in the industries that interest you.
  5. Pay attention to the complaints.
    Social networks are the focal point for complaining about everything, including products and services. While reading complaints does not promise a fun afternoon, when several people complain about the same issue, you can see the gaps in a market.
  6. Look for trends.
    As you move through your social media feeds, you will see what you see and start looking for trends. When Lilia Karimi, co-founder of Wardwell, searched the Internet for ideas for weddings, she realized that most of the wedding industry focuses on planning and weight loss, rather than on well-being and emotional health. Then he decided to close the gap in the market and found a company that provides well-being to the wedding industry.
  7. Search for hashtags and keywords.
    Barua suggests looking for hashtags and keywords related to an idea that you’re passionate about. This feedback could trigger a new idea.
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