Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Starting a business is challenging. Starting an online business is doubly challenging, but easier with WordPress eCommerce themes. Running an online store requires every ounce of your attention, energy, and effort. Business is often much about listening as it is doing, learning from the success and the failures of others.

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Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

You start asking yourself if you’re doing everything right. Not sure what works best? No need to wait for inspiration, go after it with a club. Below you can find Best 30 e-Commerce Inspiration Tips that can make a huge difference in how you do your online business.

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Inspirational Tip #1 Get Inspiration

It sounds weird, but the first thing you need to do is to get inspired. Trying to copy big guys doesn’t always seem like a bad idea. Go, find those appealing websites and try to get inspiration form it. Focus on the big picture and you can make the smart decision.

Inspirational Tip #2 Pick Your E-Commerce Platform

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

It’s not a secret, there are lots of popular e-Commerce platforms offering tons of customizable options for launching an online store. But, in fact, choosing the correct one can be a daunting task. What’s more, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that will work for every business. Lucky we are, we have a choice. These are WooCommerce, VirtueMart, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, ZenCart, and more. It takes time to make an informed decision, but keep in mind that even a little practice makes a huge difference. By the way, Shopify members can get any Shopify template for $2 only. Looks like a great way to go.

Shopify Subscription

Inspirational Tip #3 Advanced Web Design Features like Parallax Scrolling and Video Backgrounds

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Don’t underestimate the importance of using Parallax scrolling effect to guide your users through your online store. Create an element of surprise for them. Tell your unique story that engages customers through a creative experience. Parallax works well for products with a visually designed component or a story behind them.

Inspirational Tip #4 Product Catalog

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

A product catalog is a key to converting potential customers into loyal shoppers. Build a product catalog spreadsheet first. Thus you can treat your products as data assets that can help you run your e-Commerce business. Check it to see how many products the online catalog is able to manage.

Inspirational Tip #5 Shopping Cart

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

As a rule, shopping carts’ features vary considerably. It’s simply a matter of preference and business strategy. Do it right, help the customer understand where he/she is in the checkout process, automatic calculation of tax or shipping. Design it the correct way to persuade a user to hit the add to cart button and speed up the order fulfillment system.

Inspirational Tip #6 Killer Storefront

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Among thousands of beautiful e-Commerce templates on the digital marketplace, it can be challenging to narrow down the choice. This, however, is a great option for you if your time is limited and you have no prior programming or coding skills. Make a great first impression. Showcase your new and bestselling items in the first fold, giving the visitors a sneak peek into your online store. So what’s holding you back with all the advantages?

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Inspirational Tip #7 Unique Story for Every Product

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Once a shopper lands on your product page, it’s important to capture the user’s attention. Have a succinct product description with all the vital information to make the purchase here and now. Keep a balance between simplicity and creativity, without overwhelming text.

Inspirational Tip #8 Individualized Product Page for Every Item

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Invite your customer dive deeper into the story of every item. Invite them to virtually experience the thrill of creating your unique products. Use all necessary design elements to make their purchasing decision emotionally. This can be done using discounts, different views of each product, color options, materials used, and more. Experiment to make a compelling case.

Inspirational Tip #9 Share Your Customer’s Photos

It’s not a secret, that very often products from the touched up picture differ in real life. Customers want to see and give a sense of what the actual product looks like. So, contact your customer and ask them to share their pictures with you on social media. What’s more, give your customer credit by tagging them in the photo. For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs.

Inspirational Tip #10 Automate Your Social Networks and Blog Posts

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Scheduling a month of Facebook, or Instagram posts in advance can give you a better ‘big picture’ perspective of your social media. Save your time, increase your productivity, and make your life easier from the start. Choose the order of your photos and rearrange them to design the perfect Facebook or Instagram feed.

Inspirational Tip #11 Freshen Up Your Pages Regularly

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

If the content is the king, then your words are the best tool you have to sell your brand. Invest time, effort, and finance into making them the best they can be. Having a blog for your e-Commerce site is key. It needs to be regularly updated with insightful content and answers to your customer’s questions. Your content is your unique brand voice. It must be strong and consistent, too.

Inspirational Tip #12 Diversify with Social Media

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

When you say something to your customers – it’s marketing. When your customers say – it’s social proof. Promote your online store via social media and email marketing to attract natural traffic and help Google find it. In addition, it’s important to create Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ accounts to give your customers a way to contact you.

Inspirational Tip #13 Personalization Strategy

Personalization is a quite useful tip as it can help customers see the ‘face’ of your brand or company. Brand your company with a person, meaning you build trust with your clients. When sending emails or messages, address people by their names. Make them feel like they are valuable to your brand or company. Show images and videos of your staff, giving them insight into your company.

Inspirational Tip #14 Consider Your Payment Gateways

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Another tip to consider is about payment gateways, especially on ones that work best for your website. PayPal is far not the single option available. It’s just the matter of your business strategies. Be aware of the currencies the payment gateway can operate. Make sure you can get the money without running into too many problems. Keep in mind, preferred payment methods differ from country to country. For example, cheques are still commonly used in France.

Inspirational Tip #15 Provide Different Ways to Find Products

Intuitive and easy navigation is the key to success. Provide multiple ways of finding the same product. Avoid making assumptions about your customers and how they look for products. Some of them know exactly the name/brand of the product they’re looking for and they simply type it into a search bar to jump straight to the product page. Others, in their turn, have only a vague notion of what they’re looking for. It means they are eager to explore lots of browsable content to get a better sense of what’s available.

Inspirational Tip #16 Include Some Advanced Features for Product Promotion

This may include discounts, coupons, discount pricing, volume pricing, or cross-selling functions. In addition, many people purchase products as gifts for other people. So, help them – provide gift certificates.

Inspirational Tip #17 Highlight: Show Products to Scale

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

The next tip belongs to usability. All products need at least one ‘in scale’ image, which, however, can be tricky to discern online. Give the customer a clear sense of scale. Add a helpful line of text to the description or different product shots.

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Inspirational Tip #18 Price and Add to Cart Buttons

This inspirational tip is so simple but very crucial. Make it easy for shoppers to find the price and add to cart buttons. Display it next to the product. Transparency is the key. Clearly, express that the product has been added to the cart.

Inspirational Tip #19 Make Your Online Store Local in Every Way, Shape, and Form

Make it as easy as possible for world’s online customers to shop in unfamiliar territory. What’s more, help them do it successfully. Your site needs to be local in every sense, including the visitor’s native language, verbiage, and currency.

Inspirational Tip #20 Make Shipping Terms Affordable

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Well, efficient shipping is some kind of the first physical touch point with a new global customer. This, however, can be a considerable cost, but staying competitive is just as crucial.

Inspirational Tip #21 Don’t Ignore SEO

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Without SEO, you can’t expect the natural traffic and sales to come flooding you. Pick SEO-friendly e-Commerce templates for your online business. Simply put, your regular sticky content with the right keywords and backlinks can increase your brand ranking on the search engine results. SEO has become extremely important because of the way modern consumers shop. As a rule, an average customer journey begins with a Google search or while browsing Facebook. Make sure you devote attention to reaching prospects where they are. So, go there and drag them back to your online store.

Inspirational Tip #22 Trust is Key

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Trusting you is my decision. Proving me right is your choice. Customers do not buy from brands they don’t trust. Build a product around your customer, pack it in a package he/she wants, and give the user a quick win that continues provide value over time.

Inspirational Tip #23 Reward Your Customers with a Loyalty Program

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Loyalty programs can keep existing customers happy. The goal is to grow and encourage repeat business. Over the long-term, the more customers you can keep the more your unique business will save and make.

Inspirational Tip #24 Privacy Laws

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

It’s safe to say, that most countries have privacy laws. The best way to ensure your customers have seen and agreed your Privacy Policy is to use a clickwrap method, meaning to hit ’I Agree’ button before they can create an account or make a purchase.

Inspirational Tip #25 Unsubscribe Links

When sending hundreds of simultaneous emails – include an unsubscribe link at the bottom. This is, by the way, one of the most common mistakes in marketing strategy. Include it at the bottom of every email you send out in order not to become a subject to large fines and penalties. You can also use a link to redirect a customer to his/her account page with subscription preferences.

Inspirational Tip #26 Don’t Mislead Your Customers Using False Advertising Tactics

Check your advertisement carefully. Make sure it includes an accurate price only. It’s better not to use deceptive sales tactics in order not to become open to penalties. Carefully check wording in comparative advertisements and make sure you do not mislead your customers.

Inspirational Tip #27 Minimize ‘Shopping Cart Abandonment’

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

With process indicators on screen, help visitors know where they are in the transaction process. Keep it streamlined. Make sure all the shopping cart buttons are visible and clearly indicate the next steps like Continue with Checkout, Finalize Purchase, etc.

Inspirational Tip #28 Website Analytics and Reporting Features

This tip is important to keep track of your sales, pages viewed by customers, referring sites and keywords customers use to find your brand or products. Besides, you can get feedback on your online store using Peek User Testing.

Inspirational Tip #29 Affiliate Marketing Module

Best 30 E-Commerce Inspiration Tips for Your Online Business

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost way to advertise your online store. Thus, affiliates earn a commission on each sale they generate. Build links from other high-quality and relevant sites.

Inspirational Tip #30 Payment Processing Options

This includes third party payment processing, merchant account, cheques, money orders, debit card or RFID (radio frequency identification) technique. With these smart solutions, you can monitor the whole logistic management process in a dynamic way.

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Final Thoughts

Anyway, there is always room for improvement. Hope these best 30 e-Commerce inspiration tips will give your online business the fuel it needs to scale. The longer you wait, the more competitive your niche gets.

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