Benefits of Using Google Rich Snippets

Schema marking also allows users to see the value on your site even before clicking. This eventually leads to more qualified organic search traffic. What SEO does not want that?

However, simply adding structured data alone will not directly influence your organic ranking, but the indirect effect of higher CTRs and less Pogo stuck will help you rank better.

What is Google Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets is the few additional lines of text / graphics that accompany some search results. They are designed to give users a better idea of ​​the content that contains the search result, as well as its relevance to your query.

The schema tag, also known as rich snippets or structured data, is a way of sorting and identifying important information on your website. Search engines favor additional HTML markup because it makes it easier for them to identify that key information.

Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets Types

There are many types of Google Rich Snippets you can choose from. Here are some, but check out for a more complete list. But seeing that Google is the prevailing search engine in the world right now, it might be better if for the purposes of this post, we stick to the types of rich snippets they support. These are as follows:

  • Recipe: List of ingredients, calories, cooking time, etc.
  • Author: This tag adds your Google+ profile image right next to your SERPs result. If you are not already using this as part of your SEO strategy, it should be and here is why.
  • Star Review Ratings: Average user rating for user comments
  • Product: Show availability, price, weight, qualifications, etc.
  • Breadcrumbs: Set of links that help a user navigate your site. They also help search engines better understand the structure of your page.
  • Events: Highlight the time, date, place, etc. Of an upcoming event.
  • Location: Mark your business address, phone number, hours of operation and more.
  • Video: Add a thumbnail of your video right next to your result in SERPs.

There are numerous benefits to using this technique. For one you can greatly improve your visibility in SERPs. The results of a search query take up more space on the page when you have more bread crumbs, photos, classifications, etc. That surround her, leaving less room for those pesky competitors.

Having structured data also improves click rates. Adding a photo, a video thumbnail or a star rating attracts much more attention to your result compared to one with only a title and description.

And, with the vast amount of information available in SERPs, there is a greater likelihood that the user will click on the enriched fragment that is most relevant to what they are looking for. The more information you can provide in advance that is relevant to your search, the more likely the user to click on your page.


Rich Snippets are a fantastic way to improve click through rate by search engines. One of the most recognized ways to acquire these fragments is to review the products, but as I showed today, the Rich Snippets are for everyone.

Regardless of whether you periodically review content and / or products, you’ll still find a schematic type that is right for you, and that is done manually, or by one of  the wordpress add-ons highlighted in this publication.

Do you use rich snippets on your site? If so, how did you implement them and how was the experience? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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