10 Actionable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Technique 2017

SEO-The race is on! The SEO career has started and everyone is trying to go beyond their competitors in order to come out as a winner in the ranking game organized by the search engines.

One might be thinking of the skills needed to win this game! Do not worry!

There is no need to think much, as they do not require a single skill, it requires a set of skills known as SEO!

Actionable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Technique

Search Engine Optimization is the activity of using different SEO techniques to rank a higher website in the search engines.

1. Write Quality Content

When it comes to SEO and the creation of content that will be at the forefront of search results, I want to make sure that I’ve covered all my angles.

The first thing I will do is to find a topic or a search phrase for which I would like to apply. Then I analyze the competition and the quality of the sites that are currently classified.


2. Interview Influencers

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, everyone seems to have an opinion. The problem is that many techniques serve the search engines and not your audience and readers.

Text transcripts of the interviews you do with leaders in your focus theme are a great way to get keyword rich content on your site.

Most bloggers find it difficult to create long blog posts that have the right percentage of keywords that are highly indexed by Google.

The beauty of a transcript of an audio conversation is that you will naturally have a lot of the keywords you want to rank for, and you do not have to manually insert them into your blog posts in a way that may seem forced.


3. Optimize for Google Questions

Many people enter questions into their search engine. How can you be optimized for these questions? Ask the questions, then type the answers. That’s right, a mini FAQ at the bottom of each page.

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If the site is for a pet store, collect the types of questions ask customers, and sort them by page. For example, if you have a page for goldfish, assign these questions to the Goldfish page. Ask the question, then answer it.


4. Use SEO Spider’s

There are many factors that consider the major search engines when evaluating your content. The good news is that you do not have to concentrate on all.

Instead, you should focus on the real game changer, with the greatest impact on the search ranking:

  • Incoming links from relevant pages
  • Content and much of it – full of helpful information and a consistent share of keywords
  • User experience including website architecture, internal linkage and bounce rate

These are the SEO game changers, and they are all influenced by a strategy that I call the SEO Spider’s Web.


5. Do On-Site Optimization

Before you go into the details on which SEO techniques to use to improve your on-site SEO, we start with some basic terminology.

To achieve maximum exposure in the search engines and keep your users happy you need both off-page SEO and on-page SEO.

In my opinion, SEO is more important (at least for new websites), and I will explain below why.



on page seo infographic by backlinko.com


6. Analyze Competitor Links

At the beginning of an SEO campaign, thorough competition analysis is crucial to give you an understanding of what keywords you can target realistically, and whether your site is pretty well ranked.

It is important that you inspect the SEO strategy of your top competitors to find their weak strong points and use both to your advantage.


7. Link from Blog Pages to Internal Pages

Internal linking is important for any website because it helps to develop site architecture and spread the link juice. Simply put, the internal link refers to links from a page of a domain that is linked to another page within the same domain.

There may be a link to categories or main site navigation, within articles related to related content or the footer, etc.

For the needs of our article, we will mainly focus on editorial links because they are the ones that will improve your content marketing strategy and, of course, your SEO.

Internal link building has several advantages as it helps to build site management, usability, links between websites, user experience and potentially your rankings. This article aims to provide useful tips on why you should focus on your internal linking.


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8. Check & Fix Not Indexed Pages

One of the most common issues when trying to rank in Google is that your site is currently not indexed correctly.
If this is the case, Google does not access your web pages to effectively index the content of your site.

To verify that your site is crawled and listed efficiently, you must log in to your Google Webmaster tools and check the Google Index tab.

There you will find the total number of pages that the search engine has indexed. If you see a drop in the number of these pages, you will probably experience a reduction in the traffic level.


9. Use Broken Link Building Strateg

Broken Link Building Strateg

In essence, it catch link building opportunities that arise from some links on a site, hence the name arise.

While it was increasingly moved by a white-hat SEO technique, broken link building moved from periphery to center stage after Google Penguin update. So far, there were simpler and faster ways to get links.

Post-Penguin, the SEO community began in less popular, but more legitimate link acquisition methods. This is how broken link building suddenly got momentum.


10. Focus on Long-tail Keywords

target long tail keyword

To truly benefit from a keyword strategy with a focus on long-tail keyword, you should have a clear vision of your business, your product, and your website. In this post I would like to help you understand the importance of understanding your own product and the efforts that you should make to rank for long tail keywords.
Focusing on long tail keywords is one of the best ways to bring qualified traffic to your website, and staying ahead of the curve can only give you a leg on your competitors.


More 12 Actionable SEO Techniques to Use in 2017 Infographic

12 Actionable SEO Techniques to Use

Infographic by xcelance.com


So, What are SEO techniques that you use? What do you think best? Share with us in the comments below!

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