7 Online Marketing Trends That Might Be Useful for Your Business

Building a thriving business is not as restrictive as it once was, especially with the advent of the internet and smart technology. Without an online marketing strategy, maximizing your online reach and ability to generate sales becomes increasingly difficult, even if you run a business with growing demand. Understanding some of the most popular and effective marketing trends can drastically improve the number of sales and the amount of revenue you are capable of generating for your business.

A/B Testing

A/B split testing is one of the most popular marketing trends to implement, regardless of the type of business you are running or the purpose of your brand. A/B tests provide you with the opportunity to launch multiple advertisements simultaneously, only changing subject lines, imagery, and CTA (call-to-action) text. Using A/B testing is extremely beneficial for businesses with a marketing budget in place. Gain valuable insight into the types of messages and imagery your target audience responds to best for future digital marketing campaigns. Two of the best solutions to use when getting started with A/B testing include Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular with new social networks such as Snapchat and TikTok revolving around videos. Additionally, it is now easier than ever to upload videos to Facebook while also using Instagram to share 30-second updates or marketing clips. Did you know that 72% of businesses admit to video marketing helping with their conversion rates? The use of video media is one way to quickly convey a message to online users and potential customers, especially if they are scrolling and seeking quick advertisements and promotions.

Video media is also optimal for brands that are targeting an audience that is visual or one that skews younger in age. With video media, prevent causing boredom among users who may have a real interest in learning more about your business. Video media is also ideal to appear more professional and invested in building the reputation of your brand online.


AI Chatbots and Support Solutions

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Artificial intelligence is increasingly beneficial to businesses and the automation of managing sales, inventory, and even customer service. Consider implementing an AI chatbot or support service to help provide assistance to visitors on your website and prospective customers who have questions or concerns about the products or services you have to offer.

AI chatbots are not only a great way to provide instant support and results for your visitors, but they are also another way to collect data and learn more about your prospective customers. Any time a visitor uses AI chatbot on your website, learn which keywords and questions are asked the most to better provide results on your actual website in the future.


Email Remarketing Campaigns

While having an email marketing strategy is a no-brainer for most business owners, many entrepreneurs forget about the importance of email remarketing campaigns. An email remarketing campaign is optimal if you want to personalize your campaign messages while targeting users based on a set timeframe or behavioral triggers.

Use email remarketing campaigns to hone in on targeted subscribers based on the amount of time they have been subscribed to your business, the number of emails they have opened, and how likely they are to visit your website when viewing your emails. It is also possible to send triggered remarketing emails whenever a subscriber adds an item into their virtual shopping cart, or even when they revisit your website after spending time away. Email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective methods of keeping in touch with your subscribers and followers without becoming too invasive.


Live Streaming

Live Streaming is another online marketing trend that has become popular in recent years with the release of various social media platforms. Hosting a live stream is a great way to connect with current followers or customers while also informing newcomers of the products, services, and type of customer service you offer.

Host a live stream to promote new releases or to share contest and giveaway information to visitors and loyal followers who are interested in participating. With live streaming, it is also much easier to build a loyal and trustworthy connection with your users as they are able to interact with you in real-time.

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Work Together With Online Influencers

A new form of digital marketing involves working with online influencers. An online influencer is an individual who has garnered an impressive number of followers in a specific subculture or industry they enjoy. Some online influencers may have millions of followers who love fashion and design, while others may have millions of followers who love video games and outdoor sports.

Seek out online influencers that are well-known in your target market with the use of social media platforms. If you are targeting an audience that skews younger, networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube may be optimal for finding the right online influencers. When you want to reach older individuals who may not be as tech-savvy, consider reaching out to online influencers who are active with thousands, if not millions of followers on Facebook.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

AR, also known as augmented reality, and virtual reality marketing, are currently on the horizon and just beginning to enter the marketing realm. Brands and businesses alike are seeing the benefit of implementing augmented and virtual reality into their own websites, downloadable apps, and software solutions. Provide your online visitors and potential customers with the ability to virtually try on products such as clothing and accessories using an augmented software solution or customized app.

Taking your online marketing strategy serious is essential, especially if you intend to scale your business throughout an entire country or throughout the world. With the right online marketing strategy in place, feel confident in your ability to reach prospective customers and loyal followers without straying from the original message and purpose of your brand. Adelaide SEO JoelHouse provides online marketing services that are optimal for the everyday entrepreneur or the serial business owner looking for a way to captivate an even wider audience.



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