Be On Top: 5 Powerful Tactics In Shaping Up Your SEO Google Snippets

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When you try to ask something in Google you noticed that there are few lines included after the suggested topic. Ever wonder what are these called? They are called meta descriptions or Google Snippets. These are paid advertising descriptions placed in a snippet box generating the most relevant, beneficial, and direct organic results to all users.

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In the recent news confirmed by Google, they have reduced the number of characters that you may include in all your meta descriptions to be included in the snippet box. The traditional meta description usually includes around 300+ characters; however, the newest Google update had reduced it at least 160 characters.


That said, 160+ characters may somehow your limit of advertising your brand. In this article, we would like to give you a straightforward and practical technique you can apply in making an effective meta description for Google snippets. These ways will surely help you get noticed and helps you to cope up with the tight competition in every site search rankings.

Seek, Search, and Answer Exact Questions

Most search engine users normally ask direct questions when they search for answers online. According to Google, almost around 19 percent of users use a question when they search on the web. In this case,  it is suggested that in order for your website to get featured, you have to make sure that you uncover these questions giving out a direct and relevant meta description.


Typically, these questions are normally asked starting with a Why, What Is, How, How Does, and so on. Moreover, there are also tools you can use that helps you determine what are the type of prospective queries the users are usually searching.


The other option you can take is to try asking Google and type a particular phrase in the search result box. When you type a certain question, Google normally auto fills the potential type of interrogative results and the snippet box it includes.

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Select High-Ranking Pages

When you have existing pages that currently ranks high in all search engines, then you can utilize them. You can use this as a startup point you can use so you can get featured in Google Snippets. Make sure you identify the type of keywords that you previously used that ranked high and use it to leverage in a Google Snippet.


Moreover, studies have also shown that once your page has been successfully ranked for some keywords that you have consistently used, they have higher chances to land in any given Google Snippets.


Lastly, once you have successfully identified and collected high-ranking pages, work on determining possible questions that every user might ask. You may go back to the tools you will be using so you can restructure your content, rework your tags, and include relevant words to the projected queries you may generate.

Fabricate High-Value Contents

The same thing with the conventional SEO rankings, Google Snippets works on having the same idea. You do not only produce meta descriptions that are irrelevant and full of flowery words. Remember that you only at least 160 characters to work on and you have to be very efficient that the content you produce should be practical, beneficial, and catchy.


The following are some few tips you can use in order to boost in fabricating a high-value content.

Respond Variety of Related Topic Queries

When a user asks a general question, you do not only feed them with basic answers. You have to also touch base on possible subtopics to a general query being asked.

Infuse A Direct Topic

Injecting a realistic story-based examples captures interest and increases the ability of every user to like your site. You can also add interesting videos and images that are relevant to their questions.

Attach Additional and New Sections

One major feature that a Google Snippet allows to every site owners is the ability to expand their content to attract more visitors to their sites. This is the ability to add additional sections which focus more on asking questions.

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Additionally, these are normally generated on a “How To” question suggestions added to a certain query. For example, a user tries to ask a direct question, you can add additional question phrase after the topic so that the user will be directed to an additional that opens a different relevant idea to their query allowing them to stay in your website.


By using this technique, you can have a section on your website that you can devote which provides a full Q&A page to all possible queries your users might ask.

Leverage with YouTube

Traditionally, most brands who want to promote their products and services tend to focus more on contents and forget one ingredient that mostly catches the attention of site users and that is leveraging on videos.


Certain websites like suggest that demand of including videos all Google Snippets increases your sites chance of being engaged to the users making it more open to users to utilize your brand. Studies have also shown that when you use relevant videos to your Google Snippets, your content would likely be featured.


Here are some ideas you can use to include in your video so you can get featured easily.

Video Title

The title of the video should have an exact name to your projected user queries.

Generate Voice Transcript

Google has been utilizing results to voice transcripts; thus, including it may increase your chances of being featured.


Technically, Google Snippets helps your website to be ranked in all search engines. Besides, meta descriptions also serve as a game changer in marketing your brands reaching a wider and broader type of audience.


Therefore, you have to think that these meta descriptions in a Google Snippet are marathons and not a sprint. By considering the techniques outlined above in making an effective meta description for Google Snippets, your chances of getting featured in all search engines will be a piece of cake.




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