37 Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Website Examples 2018

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Amazon Niche Website Examples

Are you looking for examples of Amazon affiliate niche website? There are many successful niche website around you, but nobody will show or tell it about you.

Why? You already know why…

So, I’m here with 37 successful niche website examples. Hope this may help you and you will get lots of ideas.

Yes! You have come to the right place…! Today, I will share with you my detailed analysis of 37 highly profitable Amazon affiliate niche website.

Successful Amazon Niche Website Examples

Who makes affiliate marketing successful Amazon most likely will not reveal your niche sites for obvious reasons. Imagine if you were making good money with Amazon Associates program, would not want to share your site link with anyone because I would fear that someone would pimp your niche and up area.

However, if with niche website you want to see some good examples of successful niche sites, that is why I decided to write this article in the first place.

37 Successful Niche website examples 2018

The following is a list of 37 Amazon Niche Website committed, which after a thorough investigation and hit up each site with success parameters test. Let’s start… 

[ Base on July 2017 Moz, Semrush data]

NoNiche Site URLNicheDAMonthly VisitorsTheme
1airfryerreviews.comAir fryer25/1003.6kPressive
2top5lawnmowers.comLawn Mower29/1008.4kRehub theme
3shredderselect.comPaper Shredder36/100158+Rise
4bestelectrichoverboard.comHoverboards50/10038.1kmts schema
5dogfoodadvisor.comDog Food66/100625k….
6babygearlab.comBaby Gear49/100127k….
9choosewheels.comTransport31/10029kRehub theme
10lucieslist.comBaby Gear43/100223kMagazine
11oomphed.comHair Dryers38/1001kNamo Child
12agreatshower.comShower Gear1/1009.6kHooray
15vacuumsguide.comVacuum cleaner37/10030.1keleven40 Pro Theme
16kitchenknifeguru.comkitchen Gear31/10022.8ku-design-child
17escooterbox.comElectric Scooter33/10038+Minus
18vacuumjudge.comVacuum cleaner27/1004.8kVacuum Judge
19massagechairland.comMassage Chair33/1008.7keleven40 Pro Theme
20podcastinsights.comPodcast Gear1/10033+digital-pro
21growabeardnow.comBeard Gear32/1007.9kPortlight
23thebestespressomachines.orgEspresso Machine31/100Fresh News
24sewingmachinejudge.comSewing Machine47/1001.2kModern Blogger Pro
25theroundingsound.comMusic Gear36/10012.7kSchema by MyThemeShop
26bestpocketknifetoday.comPocket Knife48/10043.4keleven40 Pro Theme
27microphonegeeks.comMicrophone Gear32/1006.1kProfitMag
28knifeinformer.comPocket Knife41/10034.9keleven40 Pro Theme
29carseatanswers.comCar Seats26/1002.5kSmart Passive Income Pro
30kitchenfaucetdivas.comKitchen Faucet31/100935+Rehub theme
31livelongerrunning.comTreadmill1/100660+Live Longer Running
33aquariumadviser.comFish Tank42/10023.8kDaily Dish Pro Theme
34caninejournal.comDog  Gear47/100257kSahifa-child
35bestmassagechairs.netMassage Chair21/10035+BulletPress
36best3dprintingpen.com3D Gear Reviews29/1001.4kSimple Reviews
37cooktopreviewsguide.comCooktop Reviews20/10012+Magazine Pro Theme
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What Can You Learn From Amazon Affiliate Niche website examples?

  • You need to search for the appropriate keyword.
  • Be sure to do some in-depth research on your niche before you venture into it.
  • Many websites use to classify a PBN.
  • Google sandbox is usually about 6 months, and you must be patient with your rankings. Remember to build links quality over quantity.
  • 1-5 bindings juice is much more powerful than 100’s of poor quality links.
  • Make No-follow your affiliate links.
  • Use a plugin for WordPress SEO so you can make some own SEO on-site and spot. The site structure is very important to rank a website and takes less effort.
  • Write high-quality content that is at least 2,000 words + for revisions. Point out the benefits, but no features.
  • Use pictures and links to Amazon as often as possible but not spammy. Remember the site structure.
  • Use some kind of interactive theme for better results.
  • A range plug can be very useful to create more interaction and build trust.

Now that you’ve seen 37 great examples of affiliate niche website examples, it’s time for you to take what you’ve seen here and build your own website. Do not directly copy these pages – instead, research and build your own website to make it a profitable site.

37 Successful Amazon Affiliate Niche Website Examples 2018
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